Top 10 Reasons to Visit SeaWorld Orlando

Ride Orlando’s fastest, tallest and longest rollercoaster, get up close to amazing marine animals and take on the world’s tallest river rapid drop. There are so many great reasons to visit SeaWorld – here are my top 10!


I have teamed up with Attraction, the theme park experts, who offer the best value tickets to SeaWorld and all major theme parks. There are so many theme parks and attractions in Orlando that it can be difficult deciding which parks to visit. Some parks are renowned for having the best rollercoasters, while others have great shows. SeaWorld just happens to have both, with the added advantage of getting up close with amazing marine animals. You should know that I spent a lot of time on research before writing this and learned so much about SeaWorld’s marine conservation, some of which I have listed below. So if you are struggling to decide which parks to visit in Orlando, here are some of my favourite reasons to visit SeaWorld.

10 reasons to visit SeaWorld Orlando


1. Meet amazing marine animals

At SeaWorld you can get up close to dolphins in Dolphin Cove, see stingrays in Stingray Lagoon and view walruses and beluga whales in the Wild Arctic. You can also meet rescued pelicans in Pelican Preserve and step behind-the-scenes at the working Manatee Rehabilitation Area. There are several aquariums. You can see orcas and mantas underwater as well as a dedicated shark encounter. This has one of the world’s largest underwater viewing tunnels and a touch pool where you can learn all about sharks from SeaWorld’s experts.

reasons to visit SeaWorld

2. Ride SeaWorld’s thrilling coasters including Mako, Orlando’s fastest, tallest and longest coaster!

I had the pleasure (not sure I should really call it that) of riding Manta three years ago. It is a rollercoaster like no other, as you lie face-down and nosedive like a manta ray at incredible speeds! SeaWorld is also home to Journey to Atlantis, a water coaster ride, and Kraken where you you ride a floorless coaster to heights of 150 feet! Mako is SeaWorld’s newest coaster. This is now Orlando’s fastest, tallest, longest and only hypercoaster – need I say more? 

top 10 reasons to visit SeaWorld Orlando

3. Ride Infinity Falls, a new river rapids ride with the world’s tallest river rapid drop.

I love water rides and this looks brilliant! It’s a family ride but looks pretty scary at the same time! There is a vertical lift that leads you to the world’s tallest river rapid drop! I can’t wait to try it, it opens this Summer.

4. Be like to be a penguin in Antarctica

Seaworld’s Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin ride, shows you Antarctica through the eyes of a penguin named Puck. This family ride is suitable for younger children too as you can select a ‘mild’ or ‘wild’ version of the simulator experience. When the ride is over you will exit straight into the penguin colony, where you will see hundreds of penguins in their icy habitat. It might be a good idea to bring a jumper for this one! SeaWorld also has another icy family ride, Wild Arctic. This simulator is a helicopter ride through icy landscapes, where you see beluga whales, walruses and other polar animals.

top 10 reasons to visit SeaWorld Orlando



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