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  • Hi Sarah,
    I have a scenario where my 5 weeks holiday to Africa in Dec has been affected by current situation I am in. And now I am required to travel for only 2 weeks. I have three children aged 8,8 and 5 …
    I am in Europe
    Do you think it will be a tough for the
    children or 2 weeks are in to be with our family back in Africa.
    2 weeks I mean….we leave day 1 and we be back day 14???

    • Hi Solata

      We travelled to Africa for two weeks and had no issues. I think because the time difference is similar there is no jet leg – that certainly helps. I would go again in a heartbeat!



  • hi sarah I am traveling to Newyork in February.
    Can you suggest the best city pass to buy or is it better to pay for individual attractions, also should I book the popular obes before I go ie ellis island ect.

  • Hi Sarah,

    Am heading to Rome very soon and looking for something perhaps a bit different to do – have been a few times so have done most of the main tourist attractions.

    Many thanks in advance

  • Hi Sarah
    Four of are booked to fly to Lanzarote on 22nd February with Ryanair but at the moment because of the present rules we are unable to even travel to the Dublin airport….is there anything we can due??

    • Hi Liz

      Sorry to hear this but if the flight is still operating the only options are to change your dates, or check with your travel insurance to see if you are covered for cancellation due to government advice. Unfortunately Ryanair will not offer a refund if the flight sill operates. Best of luck, Sarah

  • Hi Sarah,

    Do you have any information on how to get a refund from teletext holidays. I cancelled my holiday in March,due to covid. I paid a €450 cancellation fee. They then proceeded to take €800 from my account in April.
    Any advice.

    • Hi Linda

      Sorry to hear you are having difficulties. If the flights / holiday was cancelled by Teletext or the airline then you should be entitled to a refund. You can contact if you are having trouble. If you decided to cancel but the flights were still operating, then that is a different issue and you would have to take it up with Teletext directly. Hope that helps, Sarah

  • Hi Sarah
    Where can I read the post about the Spanish Tourist Info please ?
    I am booked to fly to Spain 28th Dec – not the Canaries !

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