Zootropolis – The ‘Zootopian’ holiday destination!

Imagine a holiday destination where predators and prey walk side by side, where anything is possible, where you follow your dreams and they DO come true – that’s Zootropolis, the latest feel good movie from Disney!


The movie brings you through a large city of four boroughs were both predator and prey live in harmony. It is one of those places where there is something for everyone, complete with a transportation system to die for! You can sunbathe, snowboard, gamble and even trek through the rainforest. Now if only I could find such a place and sell it – now there’s a thought! A word of warning though! Please be on the lookout for isolated incidents of crime. The police departments are investigating some ‘violent’ crime on ‘prey’ victims in some areas. Investigations are ongoing…

This is where little Judy Hopps (aka a bunny rabbit voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin) fits in. She always wanted to be a police officer and decides to take the high speed train to the big city where ‘anyone can be anything’ – Zootropolis, to fulfil her dream. Discounted by the chief of police, a buffalo (Idris Elba) and her colleagues, she is reduced to traffic duty on her first day. Determined to prove everyone wrong she sets out to solve the case of the missing mammals. Judy meets Nick, the sly fox (Jason Bateman) who eventually agrees to help her, after some clever hustling on her own part.

A review of Zootropolis by the travel expert.

A clever movie ensues as Judy and Nick meet all sorts of interesting characters. With help from the hilarious sloths (my kids favourite), the naked elephants and the rodent Godfather, they attempt to solve the case and explore the lands of Zootropolis along the way….

Little Rodentia:

First off you definitely will not be staying here. Little Rodentia is a only twenty one inches tall and located in Savanna Central Park, a gated community to avoid large mammals mistakenly entering the area. The district is based on Greenwich Village, New York,with a wealth of restaurants and shops (especially cheese shops!!). It’s also home to a terrific transportation system modelled on tubes normally reserved for hamster cages!



Tundra Town:

Tundra Town is a district for polar mammals in the city of Zootropolis. A district conceived with those who enjoy a colder climate and is twinned with Moscow. A great place for the adventure skier or snowboarder to visit. Once again, prey and predator live together in harmony here so you need not worry about the large population of polar bears.



Sahara Square:

If you are a bit of nightowl, this district is the one for you! Sahara Square was built for animals who live in the desert, with strong influence from both Monte Carlo and Las Vegas. Sahara Square would very much remind visitors of Dubai – literally coming alive at night with bustling clubs and casinos.



The Rainforest District:

And finally, the Rainforest District. A place for those seeking adventure and also spa treatments! The climate is humid and can be particularly wet during the rainy season, but beautiful nevertheless. The lush vegetation and scenery will keep you coming back for more but if you are looking for the elusive tan, perhaps best stick to Sahara Square!



Getting to visit Zootropolis before others was a treat that I really enjoyed, so many thanks to my friends at Disney, from my family and I! You too can visit Zootropolis from March 18th where the good people at Disney make dreams come true. To this day, my kids are still singing the theme tune, Shakira’s ‘Try everything’ – if only they came back from holidays feeling the same way….




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