Sarah Slattery, The Travel Expert reviews various mosquito bands and repellents

The Travel Expert Reviews The Top Mosquito Repellents.

For many people, getting bitten by mosquitoes can ruin a holiday. I’m often asked what are the best products to buy. I decided to test the leading mosquito repellents while on holiday in Egypt – here are my results!


 1. Boots Repel Once Spray Tropical Strength – €13.99 Boots stores nationwide

Boots Repel once mosquito sprayI found this very effective and I used it for most of my holiday. Although it did work, I did find it a nuisance having to spray myself regularly and the smell was very strong. Although it states it provides 8 hours protection and you only need to spray once per day, I felt if I was in and out of the swimming pool or sea that surely this must wear off? I found myself spraying more than once and with a long list of cautions and hazards on the back of the can – I am not sure how wise that really was!

My rating ***



2. Boots Repel Once Cream, Light Fragrance – €9.99 Boots stores nationwide

Boots Repel once light fragrance creamI preferred this to the spray, the smell was not as strong and was a nice texture on your skin. You also got the feeling that it stayed for longer than the spray, although I have no proof of that! You need to allow it to dry before applying sunscreen. The whole sunscreen and insect repellent application can take quite a lot of time each day! You also feel it needs to be re applied after swimming, yet it states on the bottle not to apply to kids more than twice per day.

My rating ***



3. Buggabandz – €9.99 McCabes Pharmacy Stores nationwide

Buggabandz, Mosquito RepellentThese were a bit hit with my kids, they are very comfortable to wear and come in various colours (even pink for girls). They can be worn on wrists or ankles and suit adults and children.  They look like a surf anklets so my son thought they were quite cool to wear! They come in a reusable pouch so if returned to this each night they should last for seven days. Most importantly they worked, not one bite.

My rating *****



4. Bugband Insect Repellent Band  – McCabes Pharmacy Nationwide €6.99

Mosquito Repellent BandAlthough the cheapest of all the bands it was also the poorest in quality. It didn’t tie very well around my wrist and I lost it within 24 hours. Luckily I had brought some spray and cream with me so I used both of those instead for the rest of the week.

My rating *




5. THEYE Mosquito Repellent Band.  Pack of three £9.99 on

Theye Mosquito Repellent Bands, Sarah Slattery, The Travel ExpertThese worked very well, they looked like a watch so personally I felt they looked odd around your ankle, although they could be worn there. We wore them on our wrists and although they come in small and large sizes, the smaller size were still a little big on my kids wrists. They are supposed to last up to 2 weeks if placed in the resealable bag after use and they come in five different colours. These were very effective, not one bite while they were worn.

My rating ****



Buggabandz were my personal favourite and were a big hit with all the family. I would also bring some of the Boots spray or cream too as a back up, they were very effective, just not as handy to use. Alex wearing Buggabandz, Sarah Slattery, The Travel ExpertYou never know, you may loose a band or one could break – better be safe than sorry! If you want to keep them on at all times, even at bed time, buy a second pair and replace them after 4-5 days and hopefully stay bite free for your entire holiday!


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