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Visit Malta in 2018 – Valletta is the European Capital of Culture

Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with 320 historic monuments and a stunning natural harbour. There are a staggering 490 cultural events planned for 2018. Need I say more?


Valletta has been gearing up to be the European Capital of Culture for the past six years, with ongoing projects and developments taking place as well as a massive cultural programme planned throughout the year. The opening ceremony will take place on the 20th of January with a bold and beautiful carnival planned for February. Valletta’s Pageant of the Sea festival takes place in June, where you will see the Grand Harbour full of fireworks!


Let’s not forget, Valletta is worth visiting at any time! With stunning baroque architecture, incredible history and a natural harbour that is often compared to Sydney’s, Valletta is an ideal choice for a city break, or as part of a holiday in Malta. Built by the Knights of St. John, UNESCO described it as ‘one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world’. Valletta is a compact city where 320 historic monuments are located within a third of a square mile! One of the advantages of being a ‘small’ city is that rather than being full of massive international hotel chains, you can expect to find chic boutique hotels within the city walls. You will also discover trendy shops, bars and restaurants, and a lively atmosphere.


Valletta 2018’s cultural programme will reach 1 million people in 2018 with  80,000 locals expected to join the opening celebrations. With flights from Dublin to Malta from €28.99 with Ryanair, why not be a part of it? 

The 2018 Cultural Programme Preview can be found here  or visit  for more details. 



The Travel Expert Sarah Slattery


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