Travel Confirms Covid-19 Travel Insurance Cover For Green List Countries

shutterstock_travel-insurance-compressor have confirmed Covid-19 travel insurance cover for Green List countries. This will be added to new and existing policies.


The government has finally announced the list of Green List countries that will allow people travel to, without having to restrict their movements for 14 days on their return. The official travel advice to Green List countries has been relaxed to ‘normal precautions’, although the government are still asking us to holiday at home this year. The change in advice means that you can now obtain Covid-19 travel insurance cover to travel to Green List countries.

Instagram have confirmed that they will cover cancellation as a result of positive Covid-19 diagnosis and cover medical expenses abroad resulting from Covid-19. This will be added to new and existing policies.

The Green List of countries is as follows (22nd July 2020 ) and will be reviewed every two weeks:

Italy, Greece, Slovakia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Monaco, Gibraltar, Estonia, Greenland, Norway, Hungary, Finland, Malta, San Marino.

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The new Covid-19 travel insurance benefits for cancellation include:

1. You, a travel companion or any person you have arranged to stay with during your trip receiving a diagnosis of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) within 14 days of the start of the trip or in the case of being admitted to hospital with a Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) diagnosis within 28 days of the start of the trip.
travel insurance cover for Covid-19

2. Your close relative or close business associate being admitted to hospital with a Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) diagnosis at the time of the trip.


The policy will also cover medical expenses abroad relating to Covid-19 and this will extend to covering additional accommodation and transportation costs if required, providing the Department of Foreign Affairs advises it is safe to travel.
covid-19 travel insurance cover


Moratorium applies for 7 days after purchasing the policy

The policy will exclude claims arising within 7 days from the date you purchased this insurance or the time of booking any trip, whichever is the later, except where the insurance is purchased within 48 hours of booking the trip. Cover will not apply for persons who are required to self-isolate without a positive Covid-19 diagnosis.

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Ciaran Mulligan, Managing Director of says, “We are delighted that the government/Department of foreign affairs has changed their advice following pressure from the insurance industry and have given clarity on travel advice for the green corridors list. Irish Holidaymakers can now travel with peace of mind knowing that they are covered by their travel insurance if they travel to the countries on the green list. We would also call on the government to review regions as well as countries when they are updating their list in the next two weeks”



Note: This post on Covid-19 travel insurance cover was published on 23rd July 2020. Travel advice and updates are changing on a daily basis. It is important to check with the company / airline / travel insurance provider you are booking with before taking any steps to cancel or travel abroad. 


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