Get 50% Extra Avios With SuperValu When You Convert Your Money Back Vouchers or Real Rewards points

Collect 50% extra Avios with SuperValu when you convert your money back vouchers or Real Rewards points to Avios, before the 13th of September!


SuperValu have just sent out their money back vouchers so the timing couldn’t be better for their latest Avios promotion! I am delighted to tell you that you can collect 50% extra Avios with SuperValu when you convert your money back vouchers or Real Rewards points to Avios, before the 13th of September. Instead of collecting the usual 100 Avios for every 100 Real Rewards points converted with SuperValu, you can now collect 150 Avios. This means that if you have accumulated 1000 Real Rewards points or have received €10 in money back vouchers, you can get a whopping 1500 Avios!  You need to convert your money back vouchers online and you can use the SuperValu app to convert any new Real Rewards points accumulated before the 13th of September. You will collect 50% extra Avios either way! See here for more details or check out this short video.

How to spend Avios?

There are many ways to spend Avios. You can spend them on flights with Aer Lingus and partner airlines, and there are thousands of destinations to choose from. When you have accumulated 8,000 Avios you can book a return flight to Paris, while 26,000 will give you a return flight to New York. Note these exclude taxes, fees and charges and are based on off-peak travel. If you don’t have quite enough Avios for a flight, you can pay the rest in cash. For a full list of destinations and how to spend your points, click here.

extra avios with supervalu

You can also use Avios to upgrade economy tickets to business class or book hotels, car hire or travel experiences. Read this post for five ways to spend Avios. For those of you who have been following me on my journey, I am delighted to say that I have accumulated 55,000 Avios now and I plan on spending some of them on car-hire later in the year. Most of my Avios were collected by shopping cleverly and taking advantage of the many promotions that Avios run during the year – such as this one! For anyone who is not familiar with Avios, read my first post about how to get flights and upgrades with Avios points and start your journey now.

extra avios with supervalu

Looking to sign up?

If you are already an AerClub member, your existing log in and password will suffice. For those who have not yet joined, join Aer Lingus’ frequent flyer club – AerClub. Why not download the free Avios app too, it will allow you book flights on the go, check your Avios balance and find out where to collect.


This post was sponsored by Avios, but all views, as always are my own.



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