Five Great Reasons to visit Disneyland Paris in 2022

Disneyland Paris is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, so pack your bags and join in the celebrations! I’ve got five great reasons to visit Disneyland Paris in 2022.

On April 12th 1992 Disneyland Paris opened for the first time, and it has been creating magical memories for visitors ever since. In true Disney fashion, you can expect lots of new experiences to coincide with Disneyland Paris 30th anniversary celebrations, including a new theme song, new parades, a new Avengers land and lots more. I asked the experts at Disneyland Paris Tips for Irish to outline their top reasons to visit Disneyland Paris this year. 

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1- The Revival

Disneyland Paris 30th anniversary - reasons to visit Disneyland Paris in 2022

Une monde qui s’illumine! The world lights up! The moment you hear Disneyland Paris’ 30th Anniversary theme song, you know this is not just another tick-the-box anniversary ran by executives.

Europe, like the rest of the world, needed something big after the pandemic, and this anniversary feels like a celebration of Disney’s past, while confidently pointing towards an exciting future.


Everything Disney has introduced or updated for 2022 is now world-class, from the amazing Downtown Restaurant in Hotel New York, to the state-of-the-art drone show – which happens to have been produced by an Irishman.



2 – The Decor

Disneyland Paris

Walking through the Disneyland Hotel ticket gates (the hotel itself is under major refurbishment and will be a Disney Princess Mecca in 2023), you are greeted with spinning gold medallions adorning the Main Street USA Railroad station.

Peeking through the station, you can spot the refurbished bandstand in Town Square, dripping in EARidescent drapes topped by a spinning 30th Anniversary logo, cleverly mixing the famous Mickey Mouse ears with the numbers 3-0.


Turn around! Mickey and Minnie regularly greet park-goers in their brand new outfits. Like most things at Disneyland Paris, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle has also been restored to its original glory and looks better than ever. The shops, cafes and restaurants are bursting with anniversary clothing, merchandise and delicious treats.



3 – The Energy

reasons to visit Disneyland Paris

The standout addition for the Anniversary is the daytime parade/show titled “Dream… and Shine Brighter!” Picture your favourite Disney characters, dancing to a remix of your favourite Disney songs to a backing of Disneyland Paris’ 2nd Anniversary song “Ready for the Ride”.


Yes, Disney creatives found two songs worthy of headlining their biggest anniversary, and HAD to include them both! This show is truly seen to be believed, I’ve been known to watch it multiple times in a single day.

Following each show, some of the most colourful cast members (Disney Employees) lead a flash mob in front of the Castle. This energy transcends everything that happens during the anniversary season.



4 – Unique Experiences

night time at Disneyland Paris in 2022

Over the years, Disneyland Paris may have been seen as a little too close to home, lacking the wow or the draw of the American parks, but no more.


It’s a little known fact that Disneyland Paris has the fastest Space Mountain, the fastest Big Thunder Mountain (and the only one on an island), the creepiest Haunted Mansion, the most terrifying Tower of Terror, the original Ratatouille ride complete with Bistro Chez Remy for afters, the longest Pirates of the Caribbean, and the most beautiful Disney Castle.

Not enough? How about 30th Anniversary flutes of Champagne on Mainstreet USA.



5 – Avengers Assemble

The recently reopened Hotel New York: The Art of Marvel, is a reimagining of the classic hotel. The walls are adorned with Avengers Art and it offers some of the best food options at any Disney park worldwide. Avengers Campus (opening July 20th 2022) is the biggest addition to Disneyland Paris in 20 years.


The new land is set to be an immersive training facility for the superheroes of tomorrow, where you can ride the Iron-Man/Captain Marvel rollercoaster, shoot webs with Spiderman, see the Avengers Quinjet in person, or try some of Ant-Man’s unusually sized food in Pym’s kitchen. This will surely be one of the best new attractions in Disneyland Paris this year. 


The story of Disneyland Paris in 2022 is one of unbridled joy in a new world where it is ok to be happy again. Not like before, but better! Une Monde Qui S’illumine, and it’s not just a song.



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