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Why Every Home Should Have A Canon Selphy Photo Printer!

Check out my review of the Canon Selphy photo printer and find out why every home should have one!


I bought a new phone about a year ago, and I already have 18,488 photos on it 🙈. Ok I know I probably take more photos than the average person, but I’m guessing if you look at your phone now, you will be amazed at how many photos you have stored. I think when most of us get a new phone, we download our old photos on to a laptop or desktop somewhere and tell ourselves we will go through them some day. And then the inevitable happens, we never look at them again….

canon selphy photo printer

I know ‘time’ is the new poverty but why is it that I can’t find five minutes to print my photos?  There are apps where we can create photo books and they will be delivered to us. Harvey Norman is constantly bombarding the airwaves with yet another special offer for photo printing in store. Yet I do neither. I leave them all on my phone, which is killing my storage, glance at the most recent ones and forget the rest. Even when I see my Facebook memories pop up a year later, I tell myself I must print those photos, but alas, it never happens. In fact, until a week ago I am ashamed to say that there were no framed pictures from the last two years, anywhere in my house! I have been fortunate to visit some amazing places in the last two years, Malaysia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and California, yet I had not one picture showing any of these!

cape town

I happened to mention on one of my Instagram posts how I need to start printing photos again. Lo and behold a courier arrived at my door with a Canon Selphy photo printer! I couldn’t believe it, what an amazing gift to receive! I was thrilled but also amazed how compact it was.

canon selphy photo printer

It is SO easy to use, honestly I had printed my first picture in minutes. You just need to download the Canon Print / Selphy App from the App store and connect to the WiFi. Once you open the app you select ‘Photo Print’, ‘CameraRoll’, select a picture and press print. It is that easy! It only takes about one minute to print a picture, just watch my short video below. You can also print from cameras or other smart devices and it is portable. You can even bring it with you to parties and print up to 54 photos from its high capacity battery!

Luckily I had most of my favourite pics saved as favourites in my phone, so it actually didn’t take as long as I thought to find some nice ones to print. I asked the kids to tell me some of their favourite memories from the past few years and I also printed out some photos for them. Luke was thrilled to replace the photos from when he was in Thomas Land (7 years ago!) and Alex from her days playing dress up in the creche! In no time at all I had loads of my favourite photos printed, framed and hanging on the wall for us all to admire! I also bought a photo box for Luke and Alex and will continue to print photos from all our trips and life experiences. Now when they are older they will have their own box of photos to look back on, and hopefully share with their own kids. This is something I said I would do when they were born. Sadly I never did, but better late than never right?

canon selphy photo printer

I can’t recommend this Canon Selphy photo printer enough, it is so easy to use, takes up very little space and only costs £109.99! Thank You Canon, from now on we really will have memories that will last a life time…

See more details on canon.ie or shop here.



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I was given this camera as a gift from Canon but was not asked to write any review or post. All views, as always, are my own.

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