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Top Tips for Visiting the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s top attractions and a wonder of the world! Here are my top tips for visiting the Blue Lagoon.


We visited during the winter time and the combination of snowy mountains and the roasting hot lagoon made for a magical visit. The water is approximately 38° Celsius / 100°Farenheit so it feels like a really hot bath. It is suitable for children too (over 2). I brought my two kids and they loved it. The deepest point is only 1.6 meters so you never feel out of your depth. It is a fantastic experience and a ‘must do’ if visiting Iceland. There are a few things you should know however, so check out my top tips for visiting the Blue Lagoon before you visit.

1. You have to pre book.

Don’t expect to arrive at the Blue Lagoon without a prior booking, you are unlikely to find a time slot available. You can pre book online or with your local travel agent. The lagoon opens from 8 am till 10pm (midnight during the summer) so you can choose to catch the sunrise, sunset or the hottest time of the day. Once you choose your time, you can stay as long as you like in the lagoon. Most people tend to spend 3 – 4 hours.

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2. Prices are dynamic.

Prices vary depending on how long in advance you book, the time of day you visit and which option you choose. The standard entry is approximately  €47 per person but there are packages for over €200 depending on the level you require. We opted for the standard plus which includes a towel but you can bring your own too. This includes a silica mud mask which you can get from the mud mask bar inside the lagoon. Children from 2 – 13 are free. Visit Blue for more details.

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2.  Consider going straight from the airport.

The Blue Lagoon is located beside the airport so depending on flight times it might be a good idea to book your tour when you arrive. This will save you  money on transfers and save you time going back and forth to the airport. It is also ideal if you are arriving into Iceland early in the morning, as many hotels don’t allow you check in until 2pm.

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3.  Don’t wear any jewellery.

White gold and silver reacts with the sulphur in the water so better be safe than sorry. Don’t wear any jewellery. Lockers are provided free of charge with standard entry, and are very secure with keyless entry.

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4. Don’t get Blue Lagoon hair!

No matter how good you are at keeping it tied up, it will eventually get splashed, so you might as well go for it and dunk down! However, the high levels of silica in the lagoon reacts badly with your hair, so make sure you follow these steps.  Use the conditioner provided, cover your hair completely and don’t rinse it out before entering. Bring a clarifying shampoo with you and wash it thoroughly when you get out. They have powerful hair dryers on site so once you follow these steps your hair should be ok. You may need to use the clarifying shampoo a few times to ensure all the silica is removed from your hair completely.

5.  Buy a waterproof cover for your phone

You can take pictures with your phone but be prepared to get splashed so a waterproof cover is a life saver. You can of course use a Go Pro or other waterproof camera but I find the Aquavault waterproof phone case invaluable for any water activities. You can even post selfies from the lagoon using the WiFi – you may be there a while! There is no visibility underwater so underwater cameras, or goggles for that matter,  are not necessary.


So there you have it, my top tips for visiting the Blue Lagoon, the only other thing to say is – enjoy!




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