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Top 10 Tips For Travelling To Lapland – What to Wear and What to Bring.

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From long johns to power banks, check out my top 10 tips for travelling to Lapland and see Santa in style!

I am often asked about what to wear in Lapland and if there are any specific items to bring to Lapland. Lapland trips are action packed and in many cases you don’t return to your hotel until evening time. It is important that you have all the essentials with you at all times. Most package deals to Lapland will include snow wear, boots and gloves, but I always feel it is no harm to some spare items with you. I also picked up some tips for travelling to Lapland from our trip to Santa in Lapland a few years ago – here are my top 10.

trips for travelling to lapland

1. Thermal underwear

The key to staying warm is lots of layers and you can’t beat old fashioned long johns and a thermal vest! Marks & Spencer have tight fitted thermal pyjamas for adults and children which I found great for underneath snowsuits. If you don’t have these, wooly tights are a good alternative.



2. Underarmour / base layers

Base layers from outdoors shops are ideal but sports tops such such as Underarmour are a good buy too and you may find you already have some of these at home.



3. Snow / ski suit & snow boots

A good ski jacket, salopettes and snow boots are essential. Most package deals will provide these, but if you are travelling independently make sure you bring these with you.

tips for travelling to lapland

4. Normal clothes

A jumper/ fleece over your base layer is ideal and jeans / trousers in case you are going out to dinner.



5. Hats, Gloves, Socks & Scarf

Gloves are supplied with most package deals but I would recommend bringing spares. Gloves have a habit of getting lost, wet, or both, and it is always handy to have spares. Make sure the gloves you buy are waterproof.  Bring a hat that covers your ears or even ear muffs – if they take your fancy! Thick ski socks are essential and a scarf that you can pull up over face to keep your nose warm.

tips for travelling to lapland


One of my top tips for travelling to Lapland is to watch out for the Aldi and Lidi ski sales in November. You can pick up all ski gear including base layers, ski socks and snow boots for a fraction of what they would cost in a ski shop. Sign up for their newsletter now, so you will get advance warning when they are going on sale. You will need to be in the store the day they go on sale, in order to get your choice of sizes. I picked up salopettes and snow boots for my kids last year for €9.99 in Aldi and they were really handy when we had the heavy snow in Dublin.



6. A good camera

Remember a trip to Lapland is a once in a life time opportunity, make sure you get the best photos you can. The light is very low, with limited daylight hours so the camera on your phone may not be good enough to capture the best images. Taking your gloves on and off to use your phone is not ideal either!


If you are using your phone make sure you bring gloves that you can use with a phone (iGlove or similar ) and a good power bank to charge it on the go. You will be out from early morning till late at night and you don’t want your battery to run out. It is also a good idea to delete some of your old photos and videos before you go so you don’t have storage issues, or bring a spare memory card if using a camera.

tips for travelling to lapland


7. Snacks

Days are long and with scheduled times allotted for lunch and dinner, snacks can be a lifesaver. I find TUC snack packs so handy and six-packs of hula hoops are smaller to carry than other crisps. Kids are always hungry!



8. Back pack

A back pack is handy for spare gloves and snacks and is easier to carry than a hand bag, especially when you are going on husky and snowmobile rides. If you are bringing a baby with you, a baby carrier can be a Godsend.



9. Moisturiser

The cold air can be very dying on your skin. Bring a good moisturiser as well as hand cream and lip balm.



10. Christmas jumper

No trip to Lapland would be complete without the obligatory Christmas jumper! These are great for the airport selfie and for your photo with Santa.

tips for travelling to lapland


So I hope you liked my top tips for travelling to Lapland and they help you with your travel plans. Have I left anything out? Please comment below if I have and I will add it into the post.


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