Top Tips for holidaying while pregnant.

Top Tips for holidaying while pregnant.

Taking a well deserved break when pregnant is not only good for your body but some would say it is absolutely necessary!


Life moves so fast and it is very important that you get the required rest while pregnant. For some people they would rather holiday at home, take a mini break to a country hotel or relax at one of our coastal towns and that is great, but for others some guaranteed sunshine is the perfect tonic!

Many experts suggest that if you are to plan a holiday abroad try to avoid the first trimester. You may have morning sickness and at the very least you will be feeling more tired than at other times during your pregnancy. Generally speaking most airlines will not allow you to travel once you are 36 weeks pregnant and will require a letter if you are between 28 – 36 weeks. This really means that the second trimester is the optimum time. I travelled during the latter half of my second trimester and it was perfect. I had lots of energy, was able to lie on a sun lounger comfortably and found the whole experience fabulous.  Your skin tends to tan more easily so travelling at this time will let you have a nice glow when the baby arrives! Be careful though, while it tans easily it also ‘burns’ easily so make sure you have a higher factor sunscreen than you would normally use.

Top Tips for holidaying while pregnant.

I really enjoyed relaxing days, strolling on the beach and laid back evenings with nice food. It may be a different holiday experience to one you would normally have, but when you are pregnant having early nights and early mornings is bliss! I would recommend choosing somewhere close to the beach. It feels incredibly therapeutic lying at the beach listening to the waves or swimming in the open sea. Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do while pregnant as the water supports your bump perfectly. I would also suggest you choose somewhere where temperatures are not too high. Your skin can be sensitive to prickly heat while pregnant and you will usually feel hotter too as your body temperature increases. The Algarve and the Canary islands are good choices as they usually have a nice cool breeze which makes it feel very pleasant. Try to avoid rainy seasons where mosquitoes are prevalent, bites are not pleasant at any time but will feel worse during pregnancy!

Your circulation is generally not as good while pregnant too so if you want to fly long haul it is essential that you discuss this with your doctor. Deep vein thrombosis is generally a result of poor circulation so shorter flights are more suitable if possible. Drink plenty of water on the airplane to avoid dehydration, mind you we should all do this whether we are pregnant or not! Walk up and down the aisle and make sure you wear comfortable clothes for travelling, it may seem obvious but your body may swell so high heels and jeans with tight belts are a no no! Make sure you notify your travel insurance company that you are pregnant, while most airlines policies are 28 – 36 weeks, some insurance companies may be less. They will usually see a pregnancy as a change of circumstance and they will need to be notified, more than likely there will be no additional charge but it is something you need to do.

Top Tips for holidaying while pregnant.

Choose your accommodation wisely, make sure you are within walking distance to the town without any steep hills. Ensure there is a hospital close by, not that you should need it but it gives you peace of mind. A hotel with a spa on site is a great choice, spoil yourself with a well deserved spa treatment, most have special pregnancy treatments now that will make you feel fabulous, for a fraction of the cost you would pay at home. Get a pedicure as painting your toes will get harder and harder and come home feeling pampered, relaxed and fresh faced. One final tip, take pictures, this is probably the time you will look your best while pregnant, take advantage of it, there will be no place better to take nice pictures of you and bump than on a glorious sunny beach.



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