Tips to have a tech free holiday by The Travel Expert

Top tips for a digital detox on holiday!

How many of us look at our phones just before we go asleep and first thing when we wake up? Ok, so we may not admit that to many people, but in reality, many of us do….


Why do we obsess so much about what others do? Why do we spend so much time watching other peoples lives and then moan that we don’t have enough time to do anything? Before we know it, it becomes a habit and it’s something we just ‘do’.

The beauty about holidays is that habits go out the window and everyday is a new experience. We can literally forget what we do at home, sit back, relax and immerse ourselves in a different culture. In order to really do this properly, and return from holidays feeling like we have really switched off, we need to do just that – switch off.  It may seem hard at first but trust me, you can see the latest picture of Kim Kardashian’s ass or the Sport Bibles latest football video when you get back, along with the post about the top 10 best burger joints in Kazakhstan!

Tips to have a tech free holiday by The Travel Expert

So I’m assuming if you have got this far you are looking for some inspiration to help you along the way.  I’m not an expert on avoiding email or social media but I have learned a few tricks during my travels! Here are my top tips for a digital detox on holiday.


1. Let people know you are away.

Make sure you turn on your ‘out of office’ on your email and leave a voicemail on your phone saying you are on leave. This may not stop the first email or phone call but it will certainly stop any future calls from the same person. Also if you decide not to answer your phone and they call again, well at least you will know its urgent! If they don’t call back – it can wait till you get home!


2. Leave your devices at home.

Ideally leave everything at home but let’s face it, we are not that brave! You can however limit yourself to one device, this works great with kids too, tell them they can only bring one thing, phone, ipad, console or laptop. At least when the battery dies, you will have some free time!

tips to avoid a stress free holiday by The Travel Expert

3. Research before you leave.

Check out the best restaurants as well as the top attractions at your destination and print these out before you leave. This may seem a bit antiquated but it will save you going online when abroad.


4. Avoid additional wifi charges

If there are additional fees for wifi in your hotel room – don’t pay them! If you really need to go online, go to the designated wifi area which should discourage excess use.


5. Bring the latest ‘must read’ book.

Once you start reading a good book, its hard to put it down and it will make the withdrawal symptoms much easier to manage. This also works with kids, bring a book they are interested in reading and hopefully they wont miss their Ipad or console as much!

Top tips for a tech free holiday by The Travel Expert


6. Engage time limits.

If you can’t manage to be without your device at least limit it to a particular time of day. Personally I think night time is easier, if means you have to be outside during the day and enjoy the sunshine. This also works well with kids too, if out for a meal at night time, they can enjoy some time on phones or consoles while you enjoy a nice bottle of vino!


7. Go old fashioned

Bring back the old times and play cards and boardgames. If travelling with kids hunt for crabs along the beach, try deep sea fishing or relive your youth and try a waterpark. If you are a little adventurous you will be surprised how much fun you can have going outside your comfort zone.

Tips to have a tech free holiday

8. Ban headphones!

This for me is the most annoying habit. If your teenager wants to listen to music, try to listen together, as a family. This works really well if hiring a car or playing some music before you go out in the evening. Take turns in introducing various music, I’m sure they will love to hear some old Beatles classics as much as  you will love the latest Beyonce number but hey, its educational for all!


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