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Top 10 things to pack when travelling abroad.

Most of us forget at least one thing when we travel! Read my top 10 things to pack when travelling abroad, bookmark this list, add your own ‘must haves’ and refer back to it before you travel – simple!


1. Travel documents.

These are THE most important thing, without them and of course money, you will be going nowwhere! Check you passport is in date, photocopy all documents and make sure you have all tickets, vouchers, insurance and visas if necessary.

2. Carry on bag.

Regardless of whether you need a carry on bag or not, bring one. You may feel it is handy to check in all of your luggage but having a carry on bag is handy to carry the much needed items required for the plane journey itself.  This will also double up as bag to bring with you when sightseeing or going on a day trip. You dont want to bring a large handbag on a boat trip or a local excursion, a small backpack or tote bag will go much better with your shorts and teeshirt!

3. Moisturiser, lip balm etc.

The lack of air on the plane dries your skin and lip balm and hand cream can be a lifesaver especially if on a long journey. Make sure you have it in your hand luggage but ensure it is less than the allowed carry on allowance of 100ml.

4. Books, magazines.

Holidays are meant for relaxation, bring that book you haven’t got around to reading or the magazines that you don’t normally buy. Try not to rely on Ipads or phones that you use daily at home.

5. Chargers , travel adaptors.

Notwithstanding the above if you are bringing  iPads and smartphones makes sure you bring the correct chargers! Travel adaptors are also vital, they are inexpensive and last forever so buy a few, not just one! You dont want to be arguing over whose phone to charge at night time. If you are travelling with children, bear in mind you will want to charge their DVD players or consoles too.

6. Medicines

Although easily purchased abroad, having your own with you can be easier than looking for pharmacies and hoping they will speak English. Bring anything that you may think you will need as well as plasters, ear plugs, eye masks and any other sleeping aids you may need for the plane journey!

7. Suncream

So this may sound obvious but make sure you bring it with you rather than buying it abroad. When you arrive and the sun is shining, the first thing you want to do is head to the pool – there is nothing worse than having to go searching for suncream before you can do this!

8. Sunglasses.

These are something that SO many people forget, especially if travelling during the winter time. They are often left behind in the car so make sure you remember to pack them.

9. Research material.

Bring guide books, maps and any other printed pages with to things to do in the particular destination you are going to. Tripadvisor is great for this, you can also print out the top restaurants in the area, this saves looking them up on line while you are abroad. For the tech savvy traveller download the latest app from Lonely Planet or Tripadvisor and save the rainforest!

10. The right frame of mind.

Holidays are fun times and special times. Try to switch off relax and enjoy them. Try to adapt to their culture, don’t let small things bother you, like waiting an hour for a meal. Realise that this is the norm, accept and embrace it. Remember you are the tourist…


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