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Top 10 Reasons To Travel More!

Trying to persuade yourself or your partner that you need a holiday? I’ve got 10 great reasons to travel more.

I recall my first holiday abroad when I was 18, and the excitement I felt when I booked it. Fast forward 30 years and that still happens to me today. I start to read up on the top things to do, search where to dine, and start browsing the shops for new clothes. I’ve listed 10 great reasons to travel below, but the pleasure we get from having a holiday to look forward to is also a great reason to travel.

trying new experiences are one of the many reasons to travel

We are all craving new experiences, and travel has never been so accessible, so it’s no surprise that we are travelling more. I am delighted to team up with Irish owned and operated, Travel Department, who have been providing guided group holidays to Irish people for over 25 years.

If you are looking to travel overseas but want to take the hassle out of planning your trip, let the experts do it for you. Travel Department staff have travelled extensively and have curated superb itineraries in Europe and throughout the world for you to enjoy.

Travel Department guided group tours from Ireland

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Some tours have daily activities planned, while others include free days to explore at your leisure, so you are bound to find one to suit you on their website. If you prefer to discuss your requirements with one of their expert sales team, please call Travel Department on 01 6371650.

Hopefully these 10 reasons to travel will inspire you to book a holiday overseas soon.



1. Travel is good for your mental health

Top 10 reasons to travel more

We all know how important it is to look after our mental health, and holidays are a great way to do just that. We need to escape the stresses of every day life from time to time, whether that is work related issues or school runs.

Holidays allow us to switch off, whether that means relaxing by the pool, climbing a mountain, or dancing the night away – we leave our worries behind, let off steam and enjoy ourselves. There are no time pressures in the morning, no traffic, and some days the hardest decision to make will be where to dine in the evening!

A healthy glow, a good nights sleep, fresh air, laughter and relaxation are all great reasons to travel, and visiting a new destination will provide a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Hopefully you will return home feeling refreshed with a new lease of life.



2. Travel allows you to spend quality time with your partner or family

top reasons to travel abroad

I hear it regularly from friends and family how busy their lives are, and I’m sure you do too. Whether you are working long hours or dropping children to activities, for most of us our idea of relaxation is sitting down in front of the TV after a long day, where there is limited conversation involved.

Finding ‘quality’ time to reconnect with our partners or family is a lot easier on holidays and is a great reason to travel. You dine together with no distractions, chat about your experiences that day, and there is no where to rush off to, and no office calls to get in the way.



3. Travel has never been so accessible  

new holiday destinations from Ireland in 2023

Did you know that there are over 26 new holiday destinations from Ireland this year? As well as new services to Egypt, Israel and Norway, there are also many new destinations in holiday favourites such as Italy, Spain and Croatia.

Have you always wanted to visit Vietnam, or see the sunrise over the Taj Mahal? Places like India and Vietnam have never been so accessible – with countless daily flights available with just one short stopover. View all Travel Department destinations here:

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4. There are holidays and travel experiences to suit all tastes and budgets

escorted tours to Lake Garda from Ireland

As well as better accessibility, there is a wider choice of holiday styles available now. Choose a fully escorted tour, or combine a beach holiday with excursions, book walking, yoga or photography holidays, or a simple city break – there are holiday options to suit all tastes and budgets now. 

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5. Trying new experiences is one of our favourite reasons to travel


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Travel trends show that we are craving new experiences and want something more than just lying on a beach. Go on safari in South Africa, try wine tasting in Puglia, chase the Northern Lights in Iceland or marvel at the Treasury in Petra – the possibilities are endless.

Escorted tours make these bucket list experiences so accessible, and regardless of how well travelled you may be, there are some destinations that are best discovered on an escorted tour. 

Travel Department bucket list tours

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See more here



6. Travel broadens your mind

holidays to Jordan

There is no doubt that learning about different cultures broadens our minds. Most cultures and wonders are best experienced first hand, rather than read in books. No image or book prepares you for that feeling when you stand in the centre of the Colosseum or climb down into the Pyramids of Giza.

Smelling lavender from the fields in Provence, enjoying Greek salads with home made olive oil, or enjoying street food in Vietnam are simple pleasures that feel extraordinary when experienced in their native country.

Travel Department cultural tours

Travel can inspire creativity too and allow us to explore new interests. You may try something new abroad and want to continue it at home, or discover a new product or business idea to bring back home with you. Travel can also enhance our way of life and help with self discovery.

See Travel Department’s cultural holidays here:

See more here



7. Meeting new people is one of the best reasons to travel

meeting new friends is one of the best reasons to travel
Photo by Felix Rostig on Unsplash

What was once a travel trend for the young, free and single, solo travel is now one of the fastest growing sectors in the travel industry. 

Travel Department’s solo group tours are a great opportunity to meet like-minded people. Whether you are travelling with a friend but prefer the comfort and security that a group tour brings, or want to travel with fellow solo travellers – Travel Department have a wide selection of tours to suit you. 

solo travel with Travel Department

You don’t have to cycle through the rice fields of the Mekong Delta, they provide authentic experiences in some of Europe’s most popular destinations too. I love how their solo prices are easily visible online on all tours. 

All of their tours include flights, transfers, accommodation, and activities with a local guide or expert. Travel Department do all the hard work, so you can simply go and enjoy it!

See more here



8. Travel is good for the body


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Research shows that we exercise more on holidays than during a regular working week at home. Walking, cycling and hiking holidays are becoming more and more popular, but exploring a new city will certainly increase your daily steps too! Even a regular swim in the pool or a stroll around a holiday resort is more exercise than walking from the car to the office each day.

Vitamin D from the sun is beneficial to most of us, but let’s face it, it is not in abundance in Ireland. So that occasional week in the sun (once you are careful with sunscreen!) can also be very good for you.



9. Travel helps local communities


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We only have to look to our own country to see how much tourism impacts local businesses. As well as creating jobs, it gives a sense of purpose to individuals and helps preserve traditions and local cultures. Those handcraft souvenirs that you bring home can make a massive impact on a small business. 

Travel Department always use local expert guides who bring you to family run restaurants and local businesses to enrich local communities, and where possible, they use local independent hotels rather than massive world-wide chains.

Travel Department also believe in Responsible Travel and have gained a Sustainable Travel Certification for their efforts. They ensure that the places you visit will not negatively impact the local wildlife.

See more here



10. Travel creates lasting memories


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Travel is all about trying new experiences and making lasting memories. With over 30 years in the travel industry I have been very fortunate to travel to many destinations around the world. Climbing Sigiriya in Sri Lanka, going on safari in South Africa and seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland were all bucket list travel experiences, but I also have lasting memories from places closer to home.

Travel Department European tours

Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb once said

“Repetition doesn’t create memories, new experiences do”

But I think Jack Kerouac said it best: 

“Because in the end you won’t remember the time you spent working in an office or mowing your lawn. Climb that damn mountain”

Travel Department offer fully guided holidays to 100’s of destinations in Europe and around the world. Return flights, hotel accommodation, guided transfers and expert local guides for all excursions are included in all of their holidays.

Visit Travel Department


Hopefully these 10 reasons to travel will inspire you to book a holiday overseas soon. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, prices and itineraries are subject to change. Some of the links in this post contain affiliate links where I receive a small commission if a booking is made. This post was sponsored by Travel Department, but all views, as always, are by own.

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