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Top 10 mistakes we make on holidays!

No matter how organised you think you are, when you are in holiday mode, barriers fall down and mistakes are made! Here are my top 10 classic mistakes we make on holidays!


1. Don’t know the exchange rates.

This is a very common mistake. If travelling outside the Euro zone make sure you know exactly what the local currency is worth. There are many stories of people hopping in a taxi from the airport and paying exorbitant taxi fares because they didn’t actually know what they were handing over. Likewise there have been many porters who received very handsome tips from the ‘newbies’ at the resort!


2. Have only large notes

We are all guilty of this one! We arrive at a nice hotel where the porters will expect to be tipped and all we have are €50 bills. When changing money ask for small notes or if travelling within Europe make sure you have some small notes or coins with you.


3. First day syndrome!

We are so relaxed on the first day, we see the sunshine and all we want to do is jump in the pool! This means we leave activating the safety deposit box until later and leave money and valuables unattended. The first day is prime time for thiefs in resorts so don’t say you haven’t been warned!


4. Get sunburnt.

This can happen on the first day too when all you want to do is get out in the sun. The other most likely time is your last day, when you HAVE to get the tan before you go home!


5. Eat bad food.

How many times do you walk into a restaurant because a local is asking you to come inside? Ask at reception in your hotel for recommendations or check tripadvisor for restaurant reviews before you go out.


6. Get sick.

Sickness on holiday is very common, the chemicals in the water or the sudden change in temperatures can cause a sick tummy. Wait for 10 minutes before turning on the air conditioning in your room and like wise turn it off 10 minutes before leaving. Drink bottled water and have a bottle beside the sink for brushing your teeth. Be careful where you eat and drink, many drinks will contain ice made from local water and salads may not be washed in bottled water. If you are unfortunate to have a tummy bug, the last thing you want to do is rush down to the local pharmacy. Bring small packs of immodium and motilium with you, they will take up no room in your suitcase – you will be really glad you brought them!


7. Try to cram everything in.

This happens to most of us, we read the top 10 things to do in a particular place and try our best to fit them all in. You will end up needing another holiday when you come home. Remember to relax on holidays and enjoy the rest. Choose one thing that will leave a lasting memory, and leave the rest to chance. If you get to see everywhere great, but don’t fret if you don’t – you can always come back!


8. Don’t check the weather

Remember although your iPhone may say that it is 20 degrees, you need to check what the ‘feels like’ temperature is! A cool breeze in the Canary Islands for instance can mean you will need cardigans during the day and even coats at nighttime! You may also experience some tropical storms so a lightweight waterproof jacket can be a Godsend.


9. Think you don’t need travel insurance

People always think the horror story wont happen to them! You never know when you will need travel insurance and it is so inexpensive,  it makes no sense to travel without it.


10. Don’t respect the local culture.

Remember you are the ‘intruder’! If the local custom means shoulders must be covered when entering a temple for instance, you need respect this. Likewise topless bathing may be forbidden – make sure you check the pool or beach rules before you strip off!


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The Travel Expert Sarah Slattery



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