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How To Get Your Money Back For Missed Flights at Dublin Airport

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This handy guide will show you how to get your money back for missed flights at Dublin Airport.

Sunday the 29th of May 2022 is a date I am sure Dublin airport, and passengers travelling through it, would like to forget. Over 1400 people missed their flights due to security delays. Fortunately the daa have advised how to get your money back for missed flights at Dublin airport and I have it outlined the details below.

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The daa “are aiming to reimburse the first tranche of passengers discommoded as a result of the queues experienced last Sunday week, for which we have unreservedly apologised, by the end of this week” – date refers week ending 12th June 2022.


The daa have confirmed that they will re-imburse passengers for any “reasonable out-of-pocket expenses”. They have included  re-booked flights, extra accommodation and transport costs in this statement. Each claim is being investigated on a case-by-case basis, so it is important that you have as many receipts or proof of travel to back up your claim.


If you are struggling to find proof of the time you arrived in the airport, perhaps you arrived at the car park at a specific time, or have a taxi receipt showing when you arrived.

Did you take a photograph of the queues with your phone? – this may have a time stamp on it. The more proof and receipts you have, the more straight forward your claim will be.



I have outlined in easy steps how to get your money back for missed flights at Dublin airport below:

1. Your first step is to download the daa Passenger Expenses Claim Form

2. Fill out your original date of travel, flight number and the time you arrived at Dublin Airport.

3. Provide a brief description of your claim.

4. If travel was re-booked, you will need to include the date and details of your new flight.

5. If you have travel insurance, you will need to confirm whether you have pursued a claim with your insurer.

6. Once you have filled out this form and attached receipts / evidence for out-of-pocket expenses, you can return them to


The daa has asked passengers in advance for their patience, as they are dealing with a large volume of correspondence. 


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