How to change your ticket with Ryanair within 24 hours, without penalty!

We have all been there, hit the confirm button only to realise you have done something wrong. Sometimes you book the wrong date, or forget your passport is in a different name. Find out how to change a Ryanair ticket without penalty below.


Did you know that Ryanair have a 24 hour grace period?

You can change a Ryanair ticket free of charge if you contact them.  This is clearly stated on their website:

“Don’t worry, customers who have booked their flight directly on the Ryanair.com website have a 24 hour grace period from the time of original booking, to correct any minor errors (i.e. incorrect routings/dates/times) free of charge. If you are changing your flight date, time or route, we will waive the flight change fee.


However you will be charged any price difference between the original fare paid and the lowest total price available on your new flight. Please note that if the fare/fees on the new flight is lower, no refund will be made.”

To find out more please contact their call centre or chat online to one of their team.

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how to change a ryanair ticket




How to change a Ryanair flight that was made more than 24 hours ago:

If you wish to change your Ryanair flight more than 24 hours after the booking was made, charges will apply. These are calculated per one way flight/per person and vary season to season. Fees begin at €35, and vary depending on the route and travel dates selected. Higher flight change fees apply on all flights on the following routes: International Canary Islands (excl. Spanish domestic) and all international Greek routes. You can see a list or Ryanair fees here.




How to change your Ryanair flight:

If you need to change your flight – click ‘Manage my Booking’ and then ‘Manage your trip’ on the Ryanair website.  Select ‘Change your flight’ option and choose the flight you wish to change. You will the need to ‘Search new flight’ and select the new flight and then amend the flight date. If you are happy with the new flight price, click ‘Confirm change.’ Once you enter in your credit card details and select ‘Pay now’ you will receive an updated email itinerary with your revised flight details.



Are there any Ryanair flights that can not be changed online?

If you have booked a domestic flight and wish to change it to an international one, or if one person in your party wishes to change their flight, but the others do not, you will need to call the Ryanair helpdesk or use the online chat service to change this. If you have already checked-in and wish to change your Ryanair flight, you will need to contact Ryanair reservations.

Click here for more details on changing a Ryanair flight. 




So there you have it, there are many ways to change a Ryanair ticket. There is no longer any need for panic when you hit the confirm button!


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