HolidayGuru’s Tips For Cheaper Travel In Ireland & The UK.

HolidayGuru’s Tips For Cheaper Travel In Ireland And The UK

I have had many requests for help finding holiday deals a little closer to home so I am delighted to bring you a guest post from one of the leading bargain travel sites. Check out HolidayGuru’s tips for cheaper travel in Ireland and the UK – and just in time for the bank holiday weekend too!


I always rave about how travel opens your eyes, fills you up with all the best vibes, and makes for some of life’s best memories. Inspiring people to explore different corners of the world is all well and good, but with that you need to find prices that can fit a budget…

When the wanderlust kicks in, there are always deals to be found, once you know what you’re doing. So I thought I’d give all you Travel Expert readers a few of my tips and tricks on finding the best deals across Ireland and the UK!

HolidayGuru’s Tips For Cheaper Travel In Ireland & The UK.

Be Flexible with Dates

When I say be flexible, I mean, of course you’re going to have an idea of when you want to or are able to travel, but try to be as flexible as you can with a day here or there. You’d be amazed how much cheaper you can get the same flights and/or hotel for on a weekday rather than a weekend. So, for instance, if it’s possible for you to take a Friday or a Monday off work and travel a day or two earlier or later than just a Friday to a Sunday, you’ll most likely find yourself open to a lot more options and possibilities within your price range. Essentially, it’s all about avoiding peak times and predictable travel patterns amongst the majority wherever possible. For example, you can see in the screenshots below, that just by adjusting your travel dates by a few days, you can really grab a bargain price.

Holiday Guru's tips and tricks for finding holidays in Ireland & the UK


Holiday Guru's tips and tricks for finding holidays in Ireland & the UK

Be Open-Minded & Flexible with Location

When it comes to the location and destination for your getaway, it’s important not to put all your eggs in one basket. If what you’re looking for out of a particular getaway is just a change of scenery, a weekend away somewhere new, and some quality time with good company, then just try to keep your options open and don’t limit yourself to just one place. Prices will fluctuate all the time, and places that might be super cheap in February can go way up in price by March, and others will be significantly lower. So if you’re willing to have a look at three or four different locations and go with whichever is cheapest, for equal quality, then you’re going to bag yourself a much better deal.

Of course, by saving money on this trip by choosing somewhere cheaper, you can always use those saved pennies for another trip, and check out your original preference on a whole new getaway when the price is a bit more attractive. So, if anything, you’ve just found a way to see more of the world!

Holiday Guru's tips and tricks for finding holidays in Ireland & the UK
You can see above that depending on the month you’re looking to travel, flights to particular destinations can be cheaper or more expensive, so just do your research and planning and don’t be afraid to change it up a little!

Holiday Guru's tips and tricks for finding holidays in Ireland & the UK

How Important is Luxury?

Now, this one will obviously depend on the type of holiday. But it’s something to consider. Of course, if you’re looking for quality relaxation on a spa break, you’re going to want 5*, lush scenery and a full service, snazzy treatment-offering spa hotel… that’s a given! But, I’m talking a weekend in London for a bit of sightseeing, or a night in Galway to hit the nightlife and just have a bit of banter… that’s when it’s time to start thinking “do I really need a 5* all-inclusive with a private balcony and luxury cotton sheets?”… ‘cause most likely, you’re paying for a couple of hours in it!

HolidayGuru’s Tips For Cheaper Travel In Ireland & The UK.

The thing is, when it comes to UK city breaks, flights definitely aren’t the issue. It’s the hotel that brings the damage right up from something comfortably under €50, to something around the €200 – €250 mark. But, if you’re realistic about what you actually need and what the purpose of the trip is, you’ll be surprised how much you can save. I’ve left below just a few examples of regular hotels that I feature in deals for handy UK city breaks. Hopefully they’ll help you when planning your next trip, or just give you an insight into what you can actually get for not so much money. I usually find city breaks across the pond for well under €100, and that’s for two nights, flights and a hotel. So, if you’re after a bargain…!

Tune Hotel, Edinburgh

For a central hotel, in the heart of Scottish culture, with breakfast available, you can’t go wrong with this spot! You can get it from only €44 per person per night. A real bargain!

Lucky 8, London

A 4* property in a really nice location in London. Quiet enough for you to get a decent night’s sleep, and convenient enough for you to wake up fresh and hop into the centre of the buzz in a flash 🙂

The Nadler, Liverpool

We all know about the Liverpool buzz… so to be right in the heart of it all, this is a perfectly central hotel, 4*, and you can get it from only €37 per person per night. You can’t really go wrong!


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