travel insurance for cruise holidays

Cruise Connection Cover – Travel Insurance for Cruise Holidays

Booking a cruise holiday? Make sure you have cruise connection cover, the travel insurance for cruise holidays.  


Cruising is one of the travel industries hottest trends, with 18 new oceangoing cruise ships launched this year alone. It seems that cruise holidays are growing at a rate of knots – no pun intended! The way travellers book cruise holidays has changed too, so it is vital that we have the right travel insurance for cruise holidays.


Many cruisers don’t necessarily book a ‘cruise package’, with flights and transfers included. Cruise-only prices are advertised with all cruise lines, and savvy travellers think nothing of booking a weeks cruise around the Med, and then searching for flights to coincide with it. While there is nothing wrong with doing this per se, it is important that we realise that if you miss your flight due to adverse weather, strikes, or because of a flight delay, the cruise company, well to put it bluntly, won’t really care… Unfortunately they wont ask 5000 passengers to wait until you arrive at the embarkation point.  

travel insurance for cruise holidays


Ireland’s leading travel insurance provider,, were quick to spot the growing cruise trend and the need for specific travel insurance for cruise holidays. They are now offering cruise connection cover as an add-on to all of their travel insurance policies.


The beauty of having cruise connection cover is this; if you have booked a cruise holiday but happen to miss your flight to the original cruise embarkation point, will cover you for reasonable travel and accommodation expenses to meet your cruise’s next embarkation point. Similarly if your cruise fails to meet its intended disembarkation, you will be covered for any reasonable travel and accommodation expenses incurred to get you home.

travel insurance for cruise holidays


We all know that flights can be delayed at any time, but we are also in an unfortunate age of air-strikes, airline failures and adverse weather conditions, so having the right travel insurance for cruise holidays is vital.
It is also important to bear in mind that if you are booking a cruise holiday with a travel agency, they may be booking the cruise and flights separately, so it is important that you ask your travel agent to add cruise connection cover to your travel insurance policy.


At the time of issue, the add-on fee with was just €12 to a single-trip travel insurance policy or €20 for a yearly policy. A small amount that could save you a fortune in the long run…

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