top 10 accessories for travelling with pets

Top 10 Accessories For Travelling With Pets

Safety harnesses, travel beds, feeding bottles, life vests, seat protectors, first aid kits and lots more – I’ve hand picked 10 accessories for travelling with pets.  

One of the benefits of holidaying at home is that you can bring your four legged friend along with you. I was surprised to discover just how many accessories for travelling with pets were available in Ireland. 

With this in mind I have teamed up with Irish owned, who are Ireland’s number one online store for all your car and travel essentials. They have a wide selection of camping equipment, bike racks, roof racks as well as pet travel accessories – many of which are available to order with next day delivery. There are so many pet accessories to choose from, but I have highlighted ten of my favourites below.

1. Seat protectors and covers

car accessories for travelling with dogs

Seat protectors are essential accessories for travelling with pets. There are many varieties to choose form but most are heavy-duty, water repellent and tearproof. Boot covers are also available, as well as pet hammocks!

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2. Safety seat belt harnesses

safety harness for travelling with pets

Irish pet laws state you must restrain your dog while driving, so it is vital that you invest in a good safety belt harness. There is a wide selection to choose from depending on the size and weight of your dog.

The Trixie Car Safety Belt Harness is comfortable to wear and contains soft inner cushions on the chest area to alleviate any unnecessary discomfort or irritation to your dog when they pull on a leash, or if you need to brake suddenly. This also comes with a tape leash and be used when walking – and can be more comfortable for your dog than a leashed collar.

It is important to note that this Dog Car Safety Belt and Harness is designed to prevent the movement of your dog in your vehicle and provide an increased level of protection if an accident occurs. However, it does not guarantee safety during an accident. Please drive with care while transporting animals and help protect your pet while on the move.

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3. Pet life vests

life jackets for dogs

If you are planning on bringing your dog to the beach, or on a boat or paddle board this summer, a life vest is essential. Strong currents are common and your pet can get caught out easily. This pet vest is bright and comfortable and comes with a zipper and handle on the back, in the unfortunate event that you need pull your dog from the water. 

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4. Travel feeding and drinking kits

 accessories for travelling with pets

Your pet will love the selection of water bottles and feeding sets available. I like this Travel Food and Water set because it can be used for food storage and feeding – there are two separate bowls for feeding, one for water and one for food. This is a great space saver and ideal for road trips and hiking.
Priced at only €7.99, this is great value  – and the bowls are dishwasher proof too!

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5. First aid kit for travelling with pets

accessories for travelling with pets

Splinters and cuts can happen easily when travelling with pets, as animals are not used to the territory, and make find themselves in places they shouldn’t be! The Trixie First Aid Kit for Cats and Dogs is a handy kit that comes in a portable pouch that can be attached to a belt or rucksack, and is ideal for hiking, or walking.

The kit includes a wound compress, bandage packs, adhesive tape, alcohol swabs, a disposable syringe, a tweezers for removing ticks, gloves, a muzzle loop, flea and lice comb, and a book with tips for administering the correct first aid to your pet.
This is a steal at just €9.99 – and is an essential accessory for travelling with pets.

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6. Car seats and travel beds

pet travel accessories

MicksGarage have a selection of car seats and travel beds to keep your pet comfortable when you travel. This handy 2 in 1 pet carrier and seat protector can be attached to the car seat using strong straps. It is easy to clean, and waterproof and is suitable for most cars. It is also great value too, priced at just €25.87.
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7. Herbal anti anxiety kids – accessories for travelling with pets

travel tablets for pets

Calm-Eze Anti Anxiety Travel Tablets are ideal for use with anxious or nervous dogs and cats. These tablets are a natural dietary supplement that were designed and created by veterinary practitioners. They help to calm nervous pets when travelling, and can also be used during thunderstorms, fireworks, or stress caused by separation anxiety.
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8. Pet carriers and crates

pet carriers for travel

MicksGarage has a selection of pet carriers and crates to suit dogs of all sizes. Choose crates that are designed to be used in the boot of the car, or heavy duty canvas carriers that are ideal for indoor, outdoor and travel use.
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10. Pet door anti-scratch protectors

car accessories for travelling with pets

This two pack of anti-scratch protectors is suitable for most cars and is fitted with multi-function pockets. Protect your door panels from scratches and dirt while on the move, and they can be easily washed with water and a brush.
See more here are Ireland’s number one online store for all your car and travel essentials. They have a wide selection of camping equipment, SUP boards, bike racks and roof racks, many of which are available to order with next day delivery. Rated 4.7 on Trustpilot, should be your first port of call for staycation essentials this summer.

This post on accessories for travelling with pets was sponsored by I hope it helps you plan a trip away with your four legged friend soon. 


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