The Trvel Expert and Airport Wifi passwords

Airport WiFi Passwords From Around The World In One Brilliant Map

When you are in an airport Wi-Fi passwords are always an issue. You check to see if there is Wi-Fi and inevitably you are presented with a list of networks and you never know which one to use, or which one is free!

Well no need to worry anymore – finally a map of the world that you have always wanted! For most of us, data roaming whilst abroad is not really an option so we always like to use airport Wi-Fi before we board the plane ( to let everyone know you are going away ) and also when we land, to check email, or announce on your social media channels that you have arrived in a foreign country!

A huge thanks has to go to Anil Polat of the Fox Nomad travel blog who has compiled a list of airport WiFi passwords from all over the world. You are going to want to bookmark this post! Regardless of where you are flying too, simply click on the map below, find you airport and it will tell you the requirements to get online. It even tells you where best to sit for the strongest signal in some airports.

The map of the world that you have always wanted!

Source: Fox Nomad – Travel Smarter



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