top tips for maintaining habits on holidays

7 Top Tips to Maintain Habits on Holidays

Whether you are travelling with family or friends, hitting the beach or slopes, these top tips will help you maintain habits on holidays.

While your annual holidays are undoubtedly a break from the daily grind, it doesn’t mean your simple daily habits have to take a backseat the moment you close your front door. If you’re someone who finds comfort in routine even amid sun-soaked, ski-sloped adventures, fear not, I contacted Linda Monahan, AKA The Habit Boss and owner of Corporate to Calm, who has shared her top tips to maintain habits on holidays below.

The Habit Boss gives her top tips for maintaining habits on holidays

Linda left a six figure salary to go from Corporate to Calm. Through her website, podcast and weekly newsletter she helps people plan better, reduce stress and find their calm both professionally and personally. I am delighted that she took the time to share some of her top tips for maintaining habits on holidays.

Sometimes, the truest form of relaxation comes from embracing the familiarity of your favourite routines, even when surrounded by the allure of a new destination. However, every holiday is unique, so, before deciding whether to stick to your habits, consider the purpose of your time away.

If you only have four days in the sun you’ll probably not venture far from the sun lounger. In contrast, if you are hitting the slopes for the week, staying healthy during holidays will probably be a lot easier, and blending your habits in with the thrill of the mountains may seem effortless.

Regardless of how long you’ll be away and where you’re headed, these simple ways will help you maintain habits on holidays.

1. Reduce and Maintain

Yes, you are away, yes you should switch off, but many of us like a little routine, and positive healthy habits on holidays are important. Let’s face it, reducing certain habits during holidays is the purpose of a holiday, and can create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Grant yourself permission to enjoy the spontaneity of your trip, letting go of any unnecessary pressures. The reduce and maintain method is brilliant. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

maintaining habits on holidays

There are five habits I live my life by:

  • Getting up early
  • Drinking water
  • Moving with joy
  • Gratitude
  • Letting things go

Let’s take Moving with Joy for example: On a sun holiday I may get up around 7.30 and go for a walk. I don’t go to the gym or class while I’m away, so there’s my Reduce, and my walk is my Maintenance. If I’m skiing, I probably won’t walk, but I know I’ll be joyful on the slopes. It’s all about adapting to your surroundings.

Another daily habit I practise is Letting Go. I like to let go of a thought or an item every day. I try to switch off on holidays, so I’m not focused on letting thoughts go, however, I will look at what I’ve packed in my suitcase…

Are we all guilty of bringing that one thing that we NEVER wear every year? One of my favourite holiday habits is leaving a few items behind that have served me well, and others where I really need to question my sanity when I buy them! I’m still practising the habit of letting go but in another form.

2. Balance Consistency with Flexibility

Maintaining habits on holidays involves striking a balance between consistency and flexibility. Consider simplifying your routines to make them more travel-friendly, allowing you to incorporate them into your holiday schedule.

maintaining walking habits on holidays

While your environment may change, try to maintain the structure of your habits. If you enjoy journaling, find a scenic spot at your destination to capture your thoughts. Adapting your rituals to the new setting can make them feel like a refreshing and relaxed part of your travel experience.

Flexibility allows you to enjoy your holiday without feeling confined by rigid routines. Giving yourself permission to change your habits to suit the flow of each day will ensure they enhance rather than hinder your experience. So what if you miss a day, or three, you’ll find joy and routine in whatever you are doing.

3. Incorporate Habits Into Your Plans

If you’re a fan of exploring local cuisine, you might like to find healthy options that align with your dietary preferences. I’m not a big fan of watching what I eat in general, however, last year I was away for a month. I simply would not eat for a month the way I normally eat on a week-long sun holiday.

healthy food habits on holidays

Its normal for our weight to fluctuate at various times during the year, including holidays, so enjoy yourself and don’t over think it. While healthy holidays are great for the body, there will be plenty of time to eat ‘healthier’ when you are back home.

Planning activities that naturally complement your habits makes it easier to sustain them while enjoying your time away. Create portable habits – if your routine involves reading books, bring an e-reader. For fitness enthusiasts, check out online bodyweight exercises that require minimal or no equipment. This way, you can seamlessly integrate your habits during the holidays.

4. Create A Space For You

Wellness holidays are one of the fastest growing trends in the travel industry, and for good reason. It is important you create space and time for you while you are away. Some people may stay in massive villas, others in small apartments, but no matter where I stay, I always feel a little claustrophobic at some stage, especially if I’m with the family.

alone time on holidays

This is why my morning walk is so important to me, it really provides great space for my mind. If you spend fifteen minutes with YOU everyday, you will notice a difference.

You can also create new routines and rituals for you. If it’s a pool day maybe find a quiet cafe for a coffee or a glass of wine. Honestly, if we don’t take our time, someone else will.

It’s up to us to create our own space to enjoy things we like to do. You don’t have to go by anybody else’s time, anybody else’s clock, only those who you are with, so it’s important to grant them space and time too.

5. Community Creates Accountability

Share your habits with travel buddies – but this obviously depends who they are. It’s unlikely your kids are joining for a morning yoga session or an evening reading routine, but the ladies might if you are on a girls trip.

girls holiday

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Involving others not only makes it more enjoyable, but also creates a supportive environment for sticking to your habits on holidays. You never know, you might inspire the kids to go on your morning walk and create some happy holiday memories.

Involving others in your habits also provides a level of accountability. Knowing others are expecting you at the morning walk can serve as a powerful motivator, increasing the likelihood of everyone turning up.

I’ve been around the block in relation to sun holidays, and many resorts provide some sort of exercise class. Last year, I stayed in a place that held pilates, yoga, zumba and even a spin class in the pool. Get yourself familiar with the class schedule and sign up to increase your accountability, practice mindfulness, or relax with a glass of sangria by the pool – spend your time how you want to spend it.

6. Stay Hydrated At All Times

It doesn’t matter what type of holiday you are on, water is always a priority. Focus on getting your water in, whether you are on the slopes, by the pool, or recovering after a few too many cocktails, water is always a priority habit on holidays.

drinking water is one of the top healthy habits on holidays

One of the biggest holiday wellness tips I have is bringing a reusable water bottle with me. There are so many hydration stations in all airports now, not only is it sustainable, but it will save you money too! I bring the kids water bottles out for dinner too – the nights I don’t, I may spend up to €20 on water alone!

A hangover is dehydration, and it can hit differently in the sun. There are so many rehydration products available too, Dioralyte or O.R.S for example – these can be useful if you are travelling on long bus journeys, where you may need to limit your water intake!

7. Download a Free Digital Habit Tracker

Everyone is at a different life stage, so create time and space that works for you at home and away. I developed a digital morning habit tracker which tracks 12 habits for the body, mind and soul.  It made a huge difference to my morning, so maybe it can do the same for you. Click here for free access

mums weekend away

Remember, maintaining the action will maintain the habit. There are no rights or wrongs when you are away, and always be gentle on you and your decisions. The only priority is focusing on you, your travel buddies and enjoying your holiday.

You can find Linda across most social media at The Habit Boss and

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