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10 Reasons Why A Mums Weekend Away Is Good For You

Trying to justify a girls trip away without the kids? Here are ten reasons why a Mums weekend away is not only good for you, but is also good for your family.

Girls weekend’s away shouldn’t stop when kids come along, in fact they are probably needed more than ever! Juggling motherhood, work and a social life is not easy, and invariably your social life is what suffers the most. It is important to take some time out to relax, to put yourself first for a change and escape the groundhog day of broken sleep and school lunches. Here are ten reasons why a Mums weekend away needs to be part of your yearly travel plans.

1. A Mums weekend away will give you something to look forward to.

Having a trip planned will give you something to focus on and put you in a positive frame of mind. Imagine the chats and plans with your friends beforehand. It may even encourage you to start a fitness plan and buy some new clothes for the trip.

mums weekend away

2. It will be the easiest flight you will ever take.

Walking through airport security without kids in tow and a half a dozen bags, is reason enough to travel solo! I love pottering around duty free too, checking out the latest cosmetic trends.

Trust me, you will grow to love the airport again, but that’s not even the best part… When you are on the flight you can sit back, relax, enjoy a glass of bubbly and have the best chats with your girlfriends – a far cry from the usual holiday flights with kids.

3. Absence makes the heart go fonder.

This is my favourite excuse – I mean who can argue with this, right? Not only will you miss your children and probably your partner too, but more importantly they will miss you. When you return from your Mums weekend away there will be hugs and kisses all round!

4. Everyone needs ME time.

As parents, we spend most of their lives putting our children and our partners first. A Mums weekend away gives you the chance to put yourself first. Your hardest decisions are pool or beach, cocktail or wine. It is pure escapism from everyday life and it will help you destress – sure it’s practically a wellness trip!

mums weekend away

5. Your children will appreciate you more

The first day away is the easy one. The kids are spoilt, probably eat McDonalds for dinner and invariably will get to stay up late. Fast forward to day three and they soon crave your cooking and your partner sends them to bed early because they are all exhausted! Suddenly they crave your roast chicken dinner and the fact that you had a uniform hanging in their wardrobe each day…….

6. Talking is therapy

A few days away with your girlfriends can be a bit like therapy. Whether it’s lying by the pool or chats over dinner, suddenly you realise you have the time to really talk to your friends. You may have something you wanted to talk about, but never found the right time. It’s amazing how much more you talk when you are away.

7. Your partner will appreciate you more.

Personally I think the longer you are away the more your partner appreciates you – well that’s my excuse anyway! Everything usually runs smoothly for the first day or two, fast forward to day three and believe me they will really appreciate you. The house suddenly starts to look grubby, they realise how much you actually do, and suddenly 5th class homework is a real struggle!

8. A Mums weekend away is good for your body!

Relaxation, laughter, fresh air, swimming and lets not forget Vitamin D – a Mums weekend away is good for the body!  I’m sure copious amounts of alcohol or late nights are not, but lets pretend that these won’t happen!

mums weekend away

9. Travel broadens the mind

No matter where you travel on a Mums weekend away, you will experience different cultures, foods and maybe see some of the top attractions. I always recommend you do something you wouldn’t do at home, whether that is para-sailing, visiting a cathedral, eating unusual foods – let your trip broaden your mind.

10. Coming home is pretty cool too!

As much as you will love your Mums weekend away, knowing your partner and kids can’t wait to see you is a great feeling. You will receive a great welcome when you burst through the door. Get them to pick you up from the airport if you really want the full effect!

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