Suncream failed tests. Sarah Slattery, The Travel Expert

Top branded sun creams have failed protection tests!

According to Which?  two of the top branded suncreams have failed protection tests. One of the Boots Soltan range & a Hawaiian Tropic suncream fail to offer the protection advertised.


Suncream fail protection tests, Sarah Slattery, The Travel Expert

Boots Soltan Protect and Moisturise Lotion ( SP30) and Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion (SP30) only offer two – thirds of the skin protection stated on the bottle.

I am a bit shocked to be honest, you would think that you could trust what it says on the bottle, especially with brand names such as these. I personally have used both brands so like many of you I am anxious to see some proof of these claims.

Both companies have rejected the claims but Which? are advising consumers against buying these products. Some how I imagine there will be a lot more to say on this subject, watch this space…

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