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12 Things to Do in New York With Kids

one world observatory with kids

Wondering what things to do in New York with kids? I’ve got you covered! Find out my top family attractions, where to get the best views and top food spots in this post.


New York with kids, is not something that you usually see side by side! But if I still feel wonder after countless visits, ask yourself what must a child think? Whether it’s feeling like Kevin Mc Allister in Home Alone 2 or Giselle in Enchanted – New York is a place that transports kids into a fantasy land.


They will recognise the skyscrapers that Spiderman swung from and the streets where Annie sang Tomorrow, even the yellow cabs will bring back movie flashbacks. If you really want to immerse yourself in all things Hollywood, you can even be a part of ‘Night at the Museum’ and organise a sleepover at the National History Museum!

things to do in New York with kids


We brought the kids to New York for the first time a few years ago and they loved it! Alex asked if we could live there – a surprise question from someone who likes to travel, but always loves to go home. Most of the reasons that I fell in love with New York the first time I visited, were the same for my kids.


They loved the gruff New Yorker taxi drivers yelling at tourists in Times Square, going uptown or downtown on the subway, and the overall feeling that they were inside a movie, in a galaxy far far away from everyday life.

Just being in New York with kids is an attraction in itself, but while you are there you may as well take in some of the highlights! If you are planning on visiting a few attractions it might be worthwhile getting a sightseeing pass as it offers up to 42% off New York’s top 6 attractions, including Top of the Rock, the Statue of Liberty and the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. There are so many things to do in New York with kids but here are some of my favourites.



1. Visit Central Park

Central Park is one of my favourite places in New York and is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy some quiet time. The newly opened Highline may be the trendy park to visit but personally I think nothing compares to Central Park. Take a row boat out for only $15 per hour and dine at the Boathouse. We had Sunday brunch here and it was amazing.


If you arrive before 930 you should have no problem getting a table, but any later and you may have to queue. There are turtles and large fish swimming in the lake and they come right up to the restaurant, so try to get a table at the waters edge. See for more details.

things to do in New York with kids



2. Take a cruise to Liberty Island

Boat trips are always a good idea and kids will want to see the Statue of Liberty that they have seen in countless movies. Whether you choose to get off or not, it is worth the trip for the photos alone. You can take the Staten Island free ferry but remember it is a public service so don’t expect to get a seat or a perfect view.


If you do decide to take the Statue Of Liberty ferry make sure you buy tickets from the authorised ticket booths at the terminal. We fell for a hustle in Battery Park and ended up on a bus to New Jersey!

things to do in New York with kids



3. Go to the Top of the Rock

The views of the New York skyline from the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Centre are superb, and I would choose this over the observation deck at the Empire State Building. 

If travelling during the winter you can see the ice-skating rink and maybe even the massive Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza too. I love the open air observation deck at the top, it is perfect for selfies! See for more details.

There are five observation decks in New York, although some may not be ideal with younger children. I have compared them all in my post on Top things to do in New York.



4. Visit the National Geographic Encounter.

Newly opened, this is the first National Geographic encounter in the world. Instead of taking animals from their homes, National Geographic have used ground-breaking technology to transport you to their world. The tour started dramatically with a battle of two giant squid. This was followed by a 3D interactive experience where fish appeared to be swimming all around us in a luminous coral reef. My kids we hopping up and down with delight as the animated fish swam beneath them.


They also loved playing with the life-like sea-lions and getting lost in the kelp maze! Located just off Times Square, this is very easy to get to and is something that can be seen in about 90 minutes. See for more details.

things to do in New York with kids



5. Visit the One World Observatory.

The area around the World Trade Centre is a must see if going to New York. The moving memorial pools, the architectural masterpiece of the Oculus building and the mesmerising World Trade Centre museum are all remarkable. Ok so younger kids will not appreciate the gravity of what happened here, but older children will, and you will be surprised how much they will learn from the experience.


If like us, you want to go but need to convince younger kids to come along, add in a trip to the One World Observatory while you are there. This not only has a superb viewing point but its SkyPod elevators climb 102 stories in 47 seconds. As you climb you will see how New York has transformed over 515 years – the lift is an attraction in itself. 


There is also a Sky Portal, a 14-foot wide circular glass floor that offers footage of the streets 100 floors below. Not for the faint hearted but my kids loved walking across it and posing for selfies!  See for more details.

things to do in New York with kids



6. Shop at the Lego Store

Located at the Rockefeller Plaza, this is an ideal shop to visit if you happen to be doing the Top of the Rock tour or if you have lego fanatics, like I do!  Be warned, it is huge! Kids can design their own lego minifigures and at a cost of 3 for $10.


They are handy souvenirs, especially the lego characters with the I ❤️ NY tee-shirt! Unlike most things in New York, prices are pretty good, about 10-20% cheaper than in Ireland. See legostores-us/ for more details.

things to do in New York with kids



7. Have breakfast at Ellen’s Stardust Diner

This is a must do with kids! Ellen’s Stardust Diner off Times Square, is one of New York’s oldest restaurants and is home to the famous singing waitresses. I was amazed how talented they were, the staff sang hit after hit to a roaring crowd. It turns out you have to have a performing arts degree to work there and it is a stepping stone for many careers on Broadway.


The food is your typical American diner style and pretty poor at that, but the atmosphere makes up for it and our kids loved it. Make sure you go early though, we went at breakfast time and there was no queue, but lunch and dinner is a different story. Milkshakes and musicals – what better when in New York? See for more details.


Well that’s one #happyboy 😆 Thanks to everyone who recommended @ellensstardust diner – I have been to NYC a few times but never heard of it before. It is one of the busiest restaurants in the world, located on #timessquare that has singing waitresses who all have performing arts degrees. They are really good singers and the kids loved it. The food is’nt the best – well except for the Cookie Monster shake that Luke got 😍 but the atmosphere is amazing. Definitely worth a trip for breakfast, especially with kids 👍 See more on my highlights 👆 . . . . . . . . . #newyorkcity #newyork_instagram #newyorknewyork #newyorkphoto #citiesoftheworld #cityscape #instatravel #travelblogger #travelpics #travelgram #iphonepic #happykids #familyfun #familytravelblogger #family #newyorkpictures #familytrip #icecream #milkshake #diner #newyorkdiner #newyorkrestaurant #milkshakelover #foodporn #icecreamlover

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8. Take the Subway

Contrary to what you might think, the Subway is a great way to get around New York. It is cheap, efficient and kids will enjoy the thrill. By design, New York is one of those cities where you tend to walk a lot. Kids will get tired and instead of always hopping in taxis, live like a New Yorker and take the Subway.



9. Have lunch in Brookfield Place

After a visit to the World Trade Centre or One World Observatory, pop across the road to Brookfield Place. From the outside it looks like a regular shopping mall, but walk through to a trendy outdoor area lined with cafes and restaurants. Located on the Hudson river you can watch the boats go by and even catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty!


We ate at PJ Clarkes, which is located right on the waters edge. An American style restaurant with Irish roots, it is a great family choice serving good quality food and they even have Guinness on tap!

things to do in New York with kids



10. Visit Times Square

Depending on the age of your kids, most will love wandering around Times Square. They will have seen it in movies and will appreciate the dazzling lights, street artists and their favourite cartoon characters dressed up. There is a Disney Store located here as well as numerous American diners and street food vendors.


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11. Visit the USS Intrepid

Perhaps one for boys of all ages more so than the girls, the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid is harboured since 1982 in New York City and is officially titled the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum. Unlike most museums, kids are encouraged to sit in the Captain’s chair, climb inside the numerous jets on board and into the submarine adjacent to it!


There is also a flight simulator on board where kids (and maybe Dads too!!) can climb into a real cockpit of a fighter plane and see if they can land it on the deck of the Intrepid.  See for more details.

things to do in New York with kids



12. Order in Pizza

A family trip to New York is absolutely wonderful but beware the kids will be exhausted by day two! If like us you are travelling from Europe, the time difference will be five hours at least. You will wake at 4 am and want to sleep by 7pm. After a long day’s sightseeing why not live like a New Yorker and order in a take-away pizza to your hotel room. Dining out in New York isn’t cheap so this is also a great way to save those extra dollars for shopping!

things to do in New York with kids



Where to stay in New York with kids:

We stayed in The Beacon Hotel, ideally located close to Central Park on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The rooms are so spacious and all have kitchenettes, perfect for those early morning wake ups.  Read five reasons to chose the Beacon Hotel for a family stay in New York here.


There are so many things to do in New York with kids that I couldn’t possibly fit them all in. I’m looking forward to bringing them back to try the rest!  For more ideas, including shopping, dining, tours, museums, sightseeing, green spaces and more, see



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