Top 5 Stag Party Destinations

Top 5 Best Stag Desinations by the Travel Expert

So lets face it, this may be the last time a large group of you will get together for such a crazy weekend – why not have a stag party to remember!


Yes, there may be football and golf trips, but if kids are on the horizon, believe me they won’t be the same. There is a likely chance that you will ‘crash and burn’ in the early stages of the lads weekend – or so I’m told!

So where to go? Well that depends on what exactly you are looking for and what budget you have. If you want sun – there is only one place – Benidorm! If you want to see some sights, a city break is a good idea, Berlin perhaps? If you are football mad then you could go to Liverpool or Barcelona and if money is no object then it has to be the party place to end all party places, Vegas Baby! Here are my top five recommendations. There has to to be one here to suit you.

1. Berlin

Berlin is so on trend at the moment and it is perfect for a lads trip away.  Not only has it one of the best clubbing scenes in Europe, and the best beer, but you also have a bit of culture thrown in. From what I hear, lads like the ‘war’ stuff, and seeing the highlights like Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall will keep you sober for a while – well hopefully!

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girls weekend away

2. Barcelona

Another great option for a city break and if you like football, a trip to the Nou Camp is a must. Take in a game or just do the tour either way, it’s worth it. Barcelona has so much more to offer though, great nightlife, great tapas and of course it’s on the beach!

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Sarah Slattery, The Travel Expert reviews Barcelona

3. Amsterdam

Ok, so I know what you are thinking, sex, drugs and rock n roll – well actually yes, that’s pretty much it! So for many people Amsterdam offers so much more but honestly, the likelihood is you are not going to visit Anne Franc’s house or the Van Gogh museum! If Amsterdam is on the radar for a stag do, it’s probably for the “nice cakes” and “red lights”! And sorry boys but Im guessing if your fiancé is reading this – you wont be allowed to go anyway!!

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4. Benidorm

Ok! So this might sound cheesy, but believe me Benidorm is great craic.  It’s a holiday resort like no other – you will be rocking to the U2 tribute bands, before taking in one of the ‘other’ shows and enjoying 5 beers for €5! For a crazy scene on the beach, you can’t beat it.

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5. Las Vegas

Vegas Baby – the city that never sleeps! If you want to smash the budget, then Vegas it has to be! Enjoy the pool parties! Try your luck in the casinos and enjoy the free drink all night long! Take in a fight or even a show, before flashing the cash at the MGM Grand! Anything goes in Vegas, you can get what you want, 24/7 – just make sure you don’t get married while you are there! Go see the Grand Canyon by helicopter, cruise along the strip in a Ferrari. At least it will look like you did something worthwhile!

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Weekend in Vegas

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