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Top 5 Reasons Why We Need Travel Insurance


“It will never happen to me” – the old fashioned cliché is more prevalent than ever. We hear about flight cancellations and holiday accidents all the time, yet many still believe that it will never happen to them.


My feeling is why take the risk? Travel insurance is so affordable now (from €15.95 for an annual multitrip policy) that it just doesn’t make sense not to have it.  Here are my top 5 reasons why we NEED travel insurance.



1. Cancellation

You have paid thousands for your holiday only to find out that you, or a family member, is sick and you can’t travel. This could be anything from a broken leg to a serious illness. Although missing out on that well deserved holiday might be heartbreaking, at least if you were able to claim for a refund – it might soften the blow.

Top tip: If booking expensive holidays check that the cancellation cover is adequate. Some policies have a limit of €1000 per person, you may find that for an additional €5 you can be covered for €5000 per person. Make sure you take out cover at the time you book your holiday to ensure you are fully covered for cancellation.

top 5 reasons we need travel insurance

2. Medical Cover

This is the number one reason why people take travel insurance, however the key is to make sure you are adequately insured. Medical bills in the States can be colossal and in some countries public hospitals can be in poor condition. Ideally you want a full medical travel cover so that you are covered in a private hospital and for air ambulance, should you not be able to fly home on a commercial flight. Remember the European Health Insurance Card ( formerly E111) only covers you in a public hospital, not private, and in European countries only.

Top tip: If you or a close family member, have a pre – existing illness you MUST disclose this to the insurance company at the time you book your policy, otherwise you may not be covered. This also applies for cancellation purposes too.

5 reasons why you need travel insurance

3. Travel Disruption

No one could have foreseen the extent of flight disruption when 10 million people were stranded and 100,000 flights were cancelled due to the Icelandic ash cloud. I always recommend that you add travel disruption cover to your existing policy (extra charge applies). You will be covered for additional expenses if your flight is cancelled or delayed for more than 12 hours. You can also claim back expenses due to flooding, earthquakes or if you are advised against travel to a specific country due to unrest.

top 5 reasons why we need travel insurance

4. Theft

Every holiday destination has it’s tourist trap. Pickpockets and robberies are not uncommon in large cities and holiday resorts, particularly during the peak season. Although expensive items need to covered on your house policy, travel insurance will cover you for loss of money and even replacement passports. Amounts covered vary depending on the policy you choose so make sure you read your policy document to see how much you are covered for.

Top tip: If you are unlucky to have items stolen on you, make sure you call the police. Travel Insurance companies rarely refund expenses without an official police report.

The Travel Expert's Top 5 reasons why we need travel insurance

5. Peace of mind.

All of the above are good reasons why we need travel insurance but for me the most important one of all is peace of mind. Holidays are great to plan, fun to go on and hopefully will be full of good memories. Make sure you head off on your holidays without any necessary worries. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have the right travel insurance.


At the time of issue was offering annual multi trip cover from €15.95 per person, click here for more details.



The Travel Expert Sarah Slattery


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