Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations.

Sarah Slattery, The Travel Expert talks about honeymoon destinations

We all have different tastes and different budgets so I think it is fair to say, that there are no perfect honeymoon destinations that suit everyone – well maybe Bora Bora 🙂


Lets face it, if we had unlimited holidays and unlimited cash we would probably all like to stay in a beach villa in a six star hotel! To be realistic though we need to remember not everyone can take three weeks off to travel the world and many of us have limited means. You also have to make sure to check the weather before you book as it could be the rainy or even hurricane season when you are getting married. Here are my top suggestions – there should be one here to suit you.


1. Short on time – The Amalfi Coast

top 10 honeymoon destinations

For those of you who only don’t have lots of holidays to take, a week in Italy is the perfect choice. Stay in a deluxe hotel in Positano or Ravello and live like a celebrity. Visit the isle of Capri, take water taxis along the coast and soak up the Italian atmosphere.  Bellisimo! Visit


2. Short on cash – Greece

top 10 honeymoon destinations

I love the Greek islands and if you are getting married during the summer months, then Greece is a great choice.  Swim with turtles in the turquoise waters of Zakynthos, explore the hilltop town of Lindos in Rhodes or enjoy the busier towns of Kos or Corfu if you are looking for a little more action. Visit 


3. Like All Inclusive? –  Cancun or Dominican Republic.

top 10 honeymoon destinations

If you want a luxury hotel with all meals and drinks included then Cancun or the Dominican Republic are best for value.  These are perfect for anyone who just to be pampered without moving too far from the hotel resort.  Many honeymooners feel exhausted after the wedding and these holidays suit them perfectly.  You could however, mix it up a little and add in a few days in New York or Vegas on the way back…. Visit


4. Play it safe! – The Maldives

top 10 honeymoon destinations

If you want pure luxury, idyllic beaches and to wear flip flops for the week, the Maldives is for you. It is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations but can still be affordable. Combine with Dubai for a great combination of city and beach. Visit


5. Tick all boxes – Island hopping in the Caribbean.

top 10 honeymoon destinations

This is a great choice for couples who primarily want a beach holiday but want a bit of adventure thrown in. Barbados, The Genadines, St Lucia and the Cayman Islands, it’s hard to believe they are all so close  – yet so different. If you don’t fancy to much packing and unpacking, try a Caribbean cruise and see them all on day trips! Visit


6. Like adventure? – South Africa

South Africa safari,the travel expert,sarah slattery,wildlife,trip of a lifetime

This would be one of my favourite choices but it’s not for everyone. When in Rome and all that – you will feel you have to travel a bit. Drive the garden route, go whale watching, take in a safari before chilling out in one of the top hotels in Capetown. Visit


7. Road trip? – California

top 10 honeymoon destinations

There is nothing like the wind in your hair as you drive the Pacific Coast highway in a convertible. Combine San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas and if  you have three weeks to spare, try to take in the national parks too. Drive from LA to Scottsdale, on to Vegas before hitting Death Valley and Yosemite. From there drive to San Francisco and hit the pacific coast back to LA. For a two week trip, make it simple, fly to San Francisco and drive the PCH to San Diego. For more info on my trip read my blog here. Visit


8. Adrenaline Junkies – Florida

top 10 honeymoon destinations

Surprisingly this is a really popular honeymoon choice. If you are looking for non stop action, then Florida is hard to beat. Mix it up a little and combine with New York or Vegas and add a few nights on the beach in Florida or even Mexico to finish off the trip. Visit


9. A bit more exotic – Thailand

top 10 honeymoon destinations

Thailand is a place where you can simply relax on a beach or push the boat out ( excuse the pun) and be really adventurous.  Most of us tend to do a little of both. Stay in one of the islands and get chilled out before taking a trip up North for some elephant trekking.  Finish the trip off with a few days in Bangkok, it’s a feast for the senses. Take in the sights, shops and even the shows! Visit


10. The world is your oyster – Australia

top 10 honeymoon destinations

If you have plenty of time on your hands, and plenty of cash – then it has to be Australia! See the sights in Sydney, marvel at Ayers Rock and chill out at the Barrier Reef. There is actually so much to see and do here – way to many to mention! And if you manage to tour this massive continent and still want some more action – there is always it’s nice neighbour – New Zealand! Visit


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