The Definitive Guide To The Best Leaving Cert Holidays!

Leaving Cert Holidays

Now is the time to plan your leaving cert holidays. The promise of all night parties in scorching hot sun should be enough to get you through the tough year ahead! But where to go? Check out my top 5 leaving cert holiday resorts and get planning!

Magaluf, Majorca

Despite some bad press over the last few years, ‘Shagaluf’ is still the most popular destination for leaving cert students. You can try to persuade your parents that you will stay in Santa Ponsa instead (lively but no way near as crazy), but realistically you will end up taking a taxi into Magaluf every night. Parents if you are reading this they might as well stay here and avoid late night taxis and the expense! It has some of the best clubs in Spain with celebrities like Calvin Harris and David Guetta playing there regularly. BCM is the most popular night club and once you go you will see why, there is no place like it! Foam parties, half naked bodies, pyrotechnics, its all here. Prepare to party all night and sleep all day although you may venture out one day for the popular booze cruise! Popular complexes like Mallorca Rocks include concerts in the price of the accommodation but there is no doubt the place to be seen for 2016 is BH Mallorca. This 4* hotel comes with the world’s first over 18’s water park, an upmarket beach club and most importantly the BEST open air festival venue in Majorca. They also throw in free wifi & air conditioning too!

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Leaving cert holidays by The Travel Expert

San Antonio, Ibiza

This has been the number one party town for many years now. Clubs like Es Paradis and Eden are household names but its the luxurious Ocean Beach pool party venue that is getting the massive crowds lately. Ibiza Rocks is also popular with the cost of live music included in the price of the accommodation. And of course a visit to the original sunset bar Cafe del Mar  just has to be done! Remember although there are lots of great clubs in San Antonio, the super clubs like Pacha and Space are 20 minutes drive away. They do offer a great ‘disco bus’ every night though so no need for expensive taxi fares. Like Magaluf a boat party is a must so make sure you at least surface from your bed one day to do this!

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Leaving cert holidays by The Travel Expert

Laganas, Zakynthos

Laganas is becoming more and more popular with leaving cert students for a few reasons. Although it has loads of nightlife too, it is more low key than the Spanish islands. It still offers fantastic clubs like Rescue ( famous for paint parties!) and Zeros which are open till sunrise so no need to worry, it is a serious party town. Prices are cheaper than Spain too, so plenty of money available for partying! You can also go swimming with the turtles or take a trip to ship wreck beach – make yourself do this while you are there, trust me it’s worth getting up for!

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Leaving cert holidays by The Travel Expert

Hersonissos, Crete

This has been a firm favourite for many years, in fact up to recently leaving cert students didn’t go anywhere else! Maybe it was the inbetweeeners movie or maybe it was the great nightlife, but there is something about Hersonissos that keeps people coming back for more. They have disco bars, super clubs and chill out bars, you name it its here and lots of them are free in! Amnesia in Hersonissos and the Banana Club (located in nearby Malia) also attract world class DJ’s so you can still enjoy the celebrity lifestyle.

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Leaving cert holidays by The Travel Expert

Albufeira, Algarve

This is the dream destination for parents, they will love you when you say you want to go here!  Although still a serious party town, you are less likely to see naked bodies or fall over people asleep on the street!  It is a good choice for those of you who want a lively holiday but without the madness of Magaluf or San Antonio. The old town is quite civilised and pretty but the nearby strip in Montechoro is where it all kicks off. A 2km strip of nothing but bars, restaurants and discos, there is plenty here to get the party started. Don’t worry Albufeira has super clubs too! Kadoc houses 7,000 clubbers but is located outside the town centre, probably to keep the madness away from the many families and couples who also holiday here.

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Leaving cert holidays by The Travel Expert

Where ever you decide to just remember a few top tips!


1. Book with a trusted ITAA travel agent. If something goes wrong you will have someone to call and it will keep your mammy happy!

2. Don’t forget lots of sunscreen! If you are able to get out of bed to hit the beach, you will inevitably fall asleep. Make sure you put your suncreen on before you leave the hotel.

3. Drink lots of water! No doubt you will have plenty of booze but at least if you drink water too you will probably be able to stay awake and enjoy the end of the night.

4. Text home when you arrive back to your hotel each morning to say you are home safe and sound. At least you wont get loads phone calls while you are trying to nurse your sore head.

5. Remember the age we live in, everyone has a phone with a camera, don’t do anything you don’t want to see on youtube the next day!

6. If you are going to get a tattoo, make it a henna one….

8. Don’t come back whiter than you left! Find some time to catch some much needed vitamin D!

9.  Make sure you have travel insurance. offer a yearly policy from only €15.95 – don’t risk going without it.

10. Stay safe. Don’t go anywhere alone and just use your head!



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