The Best Places to Visit in Nevada – Besides Las Vegas!

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Visiting Las Vegas? Don’t miss the opportunity to visit more of Nevada. Check out 8 great places to visit in Nevada to make the most of your trip Stateside.


Nevada is a beautiful state nestled between California and Utah, but for most tourists, visiting Nevada means going to Las Vegas. Of course you should visit the state’s most popular destination, however, this state has a lot more to offer. I teamed up with, a fast-growing outdoor blog, to write a guest post for me on the best places to visit in Nevada. These are their highlights:

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1. Las Vegas

Sin City, The City of Lights, The Entertainment Capital of the World, are just some of the names attributed to this world-class destination. In fact, Las Vegas is more recognisable and better known than the State of Nevada itself! Its amazing nightlife, shopping centres, casinos, restaurants, hotels and countless entertainment features mean there are always lots of things to do in Las Vegas. Enormous hotels and casinos line the Vegas Strip and form the classic view that so deeply appeals to visitors.

las vegas - the best place to visit in nevada
Many hotels offer some remarkable attractions like the volcano in Mirage, fountains at the Bellagio and an enormous shark tank inside the Golden Nugget. Make sure to visit Fremont Street in the evening to enjoy the canopy of LED Lights and the light show. While Vegas can be as expensive if you are attending top-class shows or gambling to excess,  it can also be remarkably modest in pricing. On average, the city and its hotels can be cheaper than other major American cities like Los Angeles or New York – just set a budget for the casinos!

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2. Lake Tahoe

Sparkling blue water and spectacular hiking trails make the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe one of the best places to visit in Nevada. The 22-mile long Lake Tahoe is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains at the border of California and Nevada. Several campgrounds dot the area and those who love the outdoors can enjoy the beauty of the lake and its surroundings. Hiking trails in the area are suited for experts as well as beginner hikers, but for those who prefer to relax, there are many hotels options to choose from in the towns that surround the lake.


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3. Reno

Driving to Reno from Lake Tahoe takes less than an hour. This is the second-largest city in Nevada and titles itself as “The biggest little city in the world.” The city is a popular destination for tourists from San Francisco. Situated at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains, the city is well-known for its casinos, night-life, and marvellous buffets. Overall, it is a well-developed city and you will  find plenty of things to do in Reno, including the National Automobile Museum.


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Reno is enjoyable , but in some ways it can seem like a watered-down version of Las Vegas. That is perhaps not a kind or flattering description, but several tourists do feel that way. My suggestion would be to combine Lake Tahoe and Reno into your visit. Enjoy the calm of the lake during the day and then drive on to Reno for fun in the evening.

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4. Valley of Fire State Park

Many people say that the landscape of the Valley of Fire State Park looks more akin to Mars than Earth. This unique, desert landscape is just 50 miles from Las Vegas and is unlike anything you would ever encounter at home. There are plenty of opportunities and locations for photography, and it is a Mecca for Instagrammers. Popular locations within
the park include Rainbow Vista and White Domes.


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5. Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Hoover Dam

Lake Mead is an artificial lake created by the construction of the Hoover Dam. The cool waters of this lake are a welcome reprieve from the warm climate of Nevada. This lake is amongst the largest artificial lakes in the USA. Marinas offer all kinds of water sports equipment for rent, including boats. If you enjoy kayaking, a good option is to paddle to the lake from the Colorado River.


The Hoover Dam and its bridge have made appearances in several Hollywood movies and the 726-feet high dam is a marvel of engineering. Tours of the Hoover Dam power plant are also available. The Hoover Dam less than an hour’s drive from Las Vegas and is definitely one of the best places to visit in Nevada.


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6. Black Rock Desert And Burning Man Festival

Black Rock Desert is a semi-arid conservation area in Northeast Nevada. It’s a tolerable place to visit for most part of the year but best visited during the Burning Man Festival, which happens every year towards the end of the summer. The desert turns into a temporary city that can house tens of thousands of people. Once the art and music festival that is Burning Man is over, the city is burned down…


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7. Great Basin National Park

Located near Nevada’s border with the state of Utah, the Great Basin National Park protects 80,000 acres of pristine natural beauty. The park offers some spectacular views and unique attractions. Notable amongst these are the groves of the ancient bristlecone pines, the oldest known non clonal organisms. The Lehman Caves and the towering Wheeler Peak are must-sees, with Wheeler Peak and Baker Creek Road offering some of the best scenic vistas.


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And don’t miss the Grand Canyon, Arizona

While the Grand Canyon is actually located in Arizona, it is so close to Nevada that you have to visit! One of the world’s seven natural wonders, it certainly deserves the title – and then some. Despite seeing countless images on social media, or photographs from friends who have visited, nothing will prepare you for the sheer size of it, or its immense beauty. It looks completely different at various times during the day, and there are so many areas to visit that you will only scratch the surface. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long x 18 miles wide so your hardest decision will be which spot to visit. Many say the South Rim offers the most dramatic views, as it is closest to the Colorado River, but the popular Sky Walk is located on the West Rim. Perhaps you could visit both? If possible visit at sunrise or sunset for most dramatic photographs.


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Top Tip:

Keep in mind that Nevada has a dry climate, and is largely a desert. Keep sunscreen along wherever you go, and make it a point to drink lots of water.  Don’t let sunburn or dehydration run your holiday…


I hope you enjoyed this post on the best places to visit in Nevada. Please let us know if you visit by commenting below.



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