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Multi-Generational Holidays – 7 Reasons To Go On Cruise Holidays With Your Parents!

Royal Caribbean’s latest research has revealed that Irish families like to holiday together. With multi-generational holidays on the rise, is it time to think about booking a cruise holiday with your parents?


Did you know that half of Irish adults* still go on holidays with their parents? And 39% of Irish adults between 25-34 prefer to holiday with their parents rather than their friends! I have cruised with Royal Caribbean with my family and think it is the perfect choice for multi-generational holidays. Check out seven reasons why below and get planning your next big trip.

multigenerational cruise holidays

1. Royal Caribbean cruise holidays offer activities and destinations to suit all tastes and ages.

Royal Caribbean cruises are the ideal choice for multi-generational holidays, as they offer facilities and entertainment for all ages. From kids clubs to water-slides, spa treatments to West End-style shows, and dining options to suit all tastes, a Royal Caribbean cruise has something to suit everyone. As well as offering world-class facilities across 26 cruise ships, they cruise to 260 destinations on six continents, so you are bound to find a cruise to suit all the family.

perfect day at coco cay with royal caribbean cruises


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2. Multi-generational holidays allow you to spend quality time with your family.

For many families, ‘time’ is the new poverty. Trying to juggle work, after school activities and housework, it can be difficult to find time for a walk or indeed a social life! Kids love their grandparents, but telling your teenager that they have to visit them every Sunday, chances are you won’t get the response you were hoping for…

Once you are on holidays, all of the work and home life pressures get left behind, everyone is happy and quality family time kicks in. It is great to see children and grandparents interacting, visiting new destinations, enjoying pool-time and evening entertainment – things you would probably never do at home. 

multigenerational holidays - enjoying family shows



3. 58% of parents pay for their adult children to come on holiday with them.

While this shouldn’t be a deal breaker, it probably is for some! 80% of parents pay up to €1,000 for the pleasure of their children’s company – clearly they really want to holiday with them! If you can’t afford to go on holiday and your parents have extra money they want to spend, should you refuse their generosity?

family fun on royal caribbean cruises

4. Seeing the look on your parents’ eyes when they see a destination for the first time.

Although 58% of parents pay for their adult children’s holidays, it can also work the opposite way. I remember bringing my elderly mother to Rome a few years ago. She had always wanted to visit the Vatican but was not able to travel alone. I will never forget the look in my Mum’s eye when she walked into the Vatican for the first time, that memory will stay with me forever.

vatican excursion on cruise holiday



There will be plenty of babysitters available!

As well as parents paying for their adult children’s holidays, this research from Royal Caribbean International also showed that 48% of adults aged between 35-54 brought their younger children with them too. As I now fall into that age bracket, I can’t help but think how great it would be to be able to visit the spa or have a date night, without having to worry about babysitters. When you go on a multi-generational holiday, there is always someone there to help out if you fancy some adult-only time.

cruise holidays are great for multigenerational holidays




FOMO, or ‘fear of missing out’ for anyone who doesn’t know the acronym, can really set in if all of your family are away together and you are at home glued to the various social media posts. If you get a chance to go on a multi-generational holiday – don’t risk FOMO – go with them!  


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It is far better to spend your money on experiences than material things – I think we all know that. Multi-generational holidays are something that you, your children and your parents will never forget. For many grandparents, it will be the highlight of their year. Enjoy holidaying with them while you still can.



View market research and press release including a comment from myself.  




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This post was sponsored by Royal Caribbean International, but all views, as always are my own.





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