Venice Lido, 19th July, Flights & Hotel, 1 week, €546!


Enjoy the best of both worlds with this seven night holiday to Venice Lido. Choose to relax on the beach in Venice or hop on the water bus and explore the magical canals. Of course you can always do both!

Did you know that Venice is made up of 118 islands? This unique floating city simply has to be visited at least once in a lifetime. It is romantic, captivating and will inspire you at every corner. There are so many iconic sights that I think this seven night break is just the ticket to experience the city properly. Sipping a latte on St Mark’s Square and taking a gondola ride through the canals, both cost a small fortune, but simply have to be done! There are plenty of things you can do for free though. Visit the Basilica di San Marco, cross the famous Rialto bridge or simply wander through the back streets and alleyways and see every day Venetian life.

Venice Lido

I found a great deal staying in Lido di Jesolo. It is an 11km sandbar where the Venice film festival is held each year. It is perfect for culture vultures and beach lovers!  You can enjoy a day at beach and hop on the vaporetto (water bus) and take the ten minute boat ride to Venice. The Atlanta Augustus hotel receives great reviews on tripadvisor and centrally located in Lido.

Venice Lido

Fly from Dublin to Venice Treviso on the 19th of July and enjoy a seven night stay at the Atlanta Augutus hotel for only €546 per person.


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Top Ten Romantic Destinations


It wasn’t easy trying to come up with a list of the top ten romantic destinations – let’s face it Italy probably has ten on it’s own! I had to narrow it down to my personal favourites so I hope you like them…


The world is full of romantic places but sometimes it’s what happens in a particular place that makes it romantic. Let’s face it The Eiffel Tower doesn’t look particularly romantic, but proposing in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the distance, is one of the world’s most romantic places to propose. Hopefully you can take some inspiration from these romantic destinations and plan you own romantic getaway.






It is impossible not to fall in love with Paris. Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and sip champagne from the bar at the top. As I mentioned previously, it is one of the most romantic places to propose! If that’s not your thing, take a stroll around Montmartre and enjoy the views from the Sacré Coeur, or relax and absorb the city from a boat trip on the Seine. Finish off your day with some classic French cuisine in one of it’s many brasseries – formidable!

Paris one of my top ten romantic destinations by The Travel Expert

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Whitsunday Islands

My trips around Australia led me to some pretty spectacular places, but the one place that stands out in my mind is Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsunday Islands. It is still probably the best beach I have ever seen, and one that I will find it hard to beat. The sand is amongst the purest in the world, it is so fine you can even use it to polish your jewellery!

Whitsunday Islands one of my top ten romantic destinations by The Travel Expert

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The Ponte Vecchio bridge n Florence is full of couples browsing it’s jewellery shops – just looking for the right one, and Florence’s Duomo is one of the most impressive I have ever seen.  The city is so easy to navigate, and even a casual stroll taking in the Italian style is enough to bring out the romance in you. If you have time, take a trip to the Tuscan countryside and visit Siena, San Gimignano or the Chianti wine region. In fact Im struggling to decide which is more romantic, Florence or the surrounding countryside…. For more info on Tuscany, read my blog.

Florence one of my top ten romantic destinations by The Travel Expert

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A trip on a gondola and a coffee on St Mark’s Square – it has to be done right? Ignore the expense (they both cost a small fortune) – the views from both are breathtaking. The small winding streets and bridges are a pleasure to explore. Where else will you find a city of such scale and beauty built on water?

Venice one of my top ten romantic destinations by The Travel Expert

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White powder beaches, year round temperatures of 30 degrees, each resort is on its own island and you generally arrive at your hotel by seaplane – the Maldives is pure paradise! The laid back atmosphere means that even in deluxe hotels, the dress code is casual – so girls, no need to pack ten pairs of heels!

Read about my magical stay in the Maldives

Maldives one of my top ten romantic destinations by The Travel Expert

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This multicultural paradise is vastly different from the paradise islands of the Indian ocean or South Pacific. You will see college students on gap years, mingling with honeymoon couples in five star resorts. There are six main islands, each offering something different. The combination of rugged landscapes, waterfalls, volcanoes, superb beaches, and the relaxed vibe, ensures a holiday in Hawaii will leave you wanting to come back for more.

Hawaii one of my top ten romantic destinations by The Travel Expert

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Bora Bora

I debated between Bora Bora and Tahiti – both in French Polynesia and both absolutely world class romantic destinations. No matter which island you choose, you just have to have an overwater bungalow. I think it was the Four Seasons Hotel in Bora Bora that won it over for me –just take a look!  

Bora Bora one of my top ten romantic destinations by The Travel Expert

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Lapland is not all about Santa you know! If you like the snow then there is nowhere better. It really is a winter wonderland and will definitely fill you with child like wonder. From late August to late April this is the best place to watch the Northern lights. Why not stay in a glass igloo and watch the Northern lights from the comfort of your cosy bed.

Read: How to see the Northern Lights through your own glass igloo.

Lapland one of my top ten romantic destinations by The Travel Expert

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Santorini has to be on everyone’s bucket list. That picture postcard that you see on almost every advertisement for Greece – how could you not want to go there? Every time I see it, I picture myself sipping a cocktail in a small Greek taverna, watching one of the most amazing sunsets. One of the world’s most romantic destinations – absolutely.  Top Tip: Try to avoid peak summer months, the crowds might ruin the romance…

Santorini, one of the top ten romantic destinations by The Travel Expert

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Despite travelling to over 50 countries in 30 years, our holiday in Tanzania is still my favourite travel experience. The deluxe tented safari camps and the most spectacular game viewing – we experienced nature at it’s very best. And then we finished off our trip of a lifetime by relaxing on the beach in Zanzibar – pure bliss! 

Read about my safari in Tanzania here

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I would love to hear your favourite romantic destinations – please comment in the box below.






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The Ten Best Movies To Showcase Italy


Planning a holiday to Italy? Check out the ten best movies to showcase Italy, to get you in the mood!

Italy is a country that is brimming with culture and stunning places just waiting to be explored. Over the past one hundred or so years, we have been blessed with some truly brilliant movies which showcase its beauty perfectly. Take a look at my favourites and see if they whet your appetite.

Roman Holiday | Under The Tuscan Sun | Only You |

Eat Pray Love | A Room With A View | Life Is Beautiful | The Talented Mr Ripley

 Letters to Juliet | Quantum Of Solace |The Godfather

Roman Holiday

Although set in the 1950’s, Roman Holiday is one of the best movies to showcase the magic of Rome. You will follow the stunning Audrey Hepburn around Rome as she explores top sights including The Spanish Steps and The Mouth of Truth for the first time.

The Travel Expert finds a great deal to Rome


Under The Tuscan Sun

Diane Lane, recently divorced, renovates a run down Tuscan villa to help transform her life. A romance and journey of self discovery ensues and the Tuscan countryside is the ideal place to make this happen.



Only You

This romantic comedy staring Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr is the perfect movie for anyone who is looking to see Italy’s highlights. Set in Rome, Venice and Tuscany this movie is an Italian lovers dream. The ride along the Amalfi coast and the hotel stay in Positano (Le Sirenuse) is a spectacular advertisement for this coastline.

Sorrento, 24th October holiday by The Travel Expert


Eat, Pray, Love

A divorced Julia Roberts takes a trip around the world to rediscover her true self. A three month start in Italy where she learns the language and some Italian cooking has inspired many people to copy her journey.

Pescheira de Garda Italy



A Room With A View

Florence is the setting for this romantic period drama. Helena Bonham-Carter is perfect as the impressionable,  young English lady. Florence and the Tuscan countryside combine to make this a worthy award winning movie.

Florence by The Travel Expert

Life Is Beautiful

This oscar-winning, foreign language film is about a Jewish book keeper in wartime Italy. Set in Arezzo, this Tuscan masterpiece sees Guido protecting his son from the horror of the holocaust by cleverly using his imagination.

The ten best movies set in Italy by The Travel Expert

The Talented Mr Ripley

This moody thriller is set all over Italy. It is one of the best movies to showcase various Italian cities with Venice,Rome, Palermo and Naples all featured. The scenes along the Amalfi coast are enough to tempt you to book a plane ticket!



Letters to Juliet

Although most of the film was shot in Tuscany, Verona is home to Juliet’s balcony and where Amanda Seyfried finds a 50 year old love letter. Of course she has to trace its owner and hence the Italian journey begins.

The ten best movies set in Italy by The Travel Expert


Quantum of Solace

No one could forget the opening scene of Quantum of Solace. A car chase around Lake Garda followed by the dramatic Palio race in the Piazza del Campo, Siena. This race is held twice a year. Entrance is free but if you want to see the race properly, book a room at least a year in advance, over looking the square.

The ten best movies set in Italy by The Travel Expert


The Godfather

Part of the iconic Godfather is set in rural Sicily. Unlike my other choices, this doesn’t show Sicily at its best! There are no stand out sights and no glimpses of the cliff top town Taormina. However, somehow the countryside is fascinating. The movie is such a classic that it has been the reason for many visits to Sicily since it’s opening in 1972.

The ten best movies set in Italy by The Travel Expert


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