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My Love Affair With Club Med Val d’Isere


There are ski resorts, and there are Club Med ski resorts. Check out my review of Club Med Val d’Isere below.

Sitting in the chair lift felt surreal. The scenery was like something from a movie set. I skied a few times, but I never experienced anything like the conditions when I holidayed in Club Med Val d’Isere. The area is so vast, there are so many different mountains and when you think you can’t possibly see anything more beautiful, another majestic peak appears.


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Val d’Isere is located in one of the world’s best ski areas, Espace Killy. With an altitude of 3480 meters, over 300km of runs and 96 different lifts, the conditions are perfect. You are almost guaranteed snow from late November to April, and 50% of the slopes are suitable for beginners and intermediates. I was lucky to be brought on a four day ski trip to Club Med Val d’Isere, thanks to Sunway Holidays, who are the agents in Ireland for Club Med.


Twelve years had passed since I skied, so I was a little apprehensive. Many told me it was like riding a bike. In the gondola going to the top of the mountain, I prayed this was true! There were eight in my group and I hoped I wasn’t going to be the one holding them back…

I need not have worried, our Club Med ski instructor made me feel completely at ease and within minutes I was skiing like a native. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you get the idea. What I loved about Val d’Isere was that there were so many green runs (easy runs for those who don’t know the lingo) at the top of the mountain. Regardless of your ability, beginner or advanced, you can experience the thrill of skiing from the top to the bottom. It is exhilarating.


For many years Everest Base Camp has been at the top of my adventure bucket list, I hoped I would get there one day. Riding a chair lift over 3000 meters, with Mont Blanc in the distance, I actually felt like I was there. I know it might sound like a cliché, but honestly there were times when I felt genuinely overwhelmed. 


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From a personal perspective I normally find it hard to ‘switch off’. I’m not one for yoga or meditation. In fact even when I am lying on a sun lounger, I’m constantly checking my phone.  I’m always thinking about what I have to do, and when I can do it. When I skied down the mountain in Val d’Isere, all I thought about was skiing, controlling my speed and the beautiful surroundings. My time on the mountain was my own and for that brief moment, nothing else mattered. I wondered was this what meditation or mindfulness was all about, something that never worked for me in the past.



By day three I was able to ski from Val d’Isere into the nearby resort of Tignes. I downloaded the ski app (ski tracks) which measures altitude, speed and distance. I felt a tremendous sense of pride and achievement knowing I skied 14 km from 3000 meters, and even reached a max speed of 45 km per hour – not bad for a relative beginner!



Ski Facilities at Club Med Val d’Isere

I stayed in Club Med Val d’Isere where unlike most ski holidays, ski lessons are included in the price of your holiday. Lessons are twice per day, two and a half hours per session. Club Med Val d’Isere is an all-inclusive resort, so not only are lessons and lift passes included, but meals and drinks are too. Lift passes and tuition are an expensive part of any skiing holiday, so to have these included is a massive bonus.


The hotel is a ski in – ski out resort (in fact almost all Club Med ski resorts have this facility) so you can ski directly from the hotel to the slopes, something I had never experienced before. I can’t stress enough how great this is.

There is no need to carry heavy boots and skis, to the slopes, and you can put on your ski gear and be on the mountain in minutes. The lockers are situated next to the ski slopes and they are heated – warm ski boots each morning are better than coffee, trust me!


Club Med organise a great send off too, with drinks and snacks outside. When you come back from your lessons, the après ski kicks off, with a DJ playing tunes and friendly staff waiting to greet you with more drinks and hot snacks.




Food at Club Med Val d’Isere

The all-inclusive arrangement with Club Med is excellent. They pride themselves on their extraordinary buffets, with various cooking stations and a variety of choices. This was my second time in a Club Med resort. Although I found the variety in the buffet better in the Algarve, the standard was still far superior to anything I have seen in other all-inclusive resorts.


Every day there are numerous choices of fish, meat and vegetarian options, as well as a separate room with fresh pasta sauces, pizzas and even burgers. For those who don’t like buffets, there are cooking stations, where chefs plate your dish in front of you. This avoids crowded plates, piled high with food – a pet hate of mine.

Wine is served by the bottle at your table and the staff are always on hand for top ups if needed. The staff overall are very attentive. The manager greets guests at all meal times, a rarity nowadays. Deserts are delicious too and so is the selection of home made ice creams. Thankfully most of the excess calories are burned off on the mountain…

I really liked the bar in Club Med Val d’Isere – it is modern with a great atmosphere. There is a wide choice of cocktails available, included in the price of your holiday. Drinks were served in large glasses too, tiny wine glasses are a common sight in all-inclusive resorts – another pet hate of mine!


There is entertainment every night, from musicals to magic shows, followed by a DJ until the small hours. Guests love to get involved in the entertainment at Club Med Val d’Isere, and the dance floor was packed every night with rows of people following the entertainers dance moves. This is typical of what you can expect at all Club Med resorts, a friendly fun atmosphere throughout.




About Club Med Resorts

I should point out that Club Med have a staggering 70 resorts worldwide. Although the name suggests the Mediterranean, they have resorts in the US, China, the Maldives, as well as cruises and adult only resorts. A massive bonus for families is that children under 4 stay free at all Club Med Ski resorts, and under 6 years stay free at Club Med Sun resorts.


Club Med have 23 ski resorts in France, Italy and Switzerland. Club Med Val d’Isere, although suitable for families with teenagers, doesn’t offer lessons to children under 12. For that reason it tends to attract more couples and groups rather than families. However if you are planning a skiing holiday with young kids, some of the other Club Med resorts are perfect for families and include lessons to children from age 4.


The combination of the excellent tuition, great food and the ski in ski out facility, makes them hard to beat. I have seen many parents try to carry their children’s skis and boots as well as their own. The difference between skiing directly from your hotel, versus getting on a ski bus, carrying skis, boots, hats and gloves, is priceless.


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Après ski in Val d’Isere

If you fancy taking a day off skiing, you can use your lift pass to take the gondola to the top of the mountain, and enjoy a coffee on the slopes while taking in the views. The town of Val d’Isere is worth exploring too, there are plenty of good shops and lots of great après ski bars. However, the best après ski bar is located on the mountain.


Part of a chain of French après ski bars, La Folie Douce has to seen to be believed. We went one afternoon and discovered hundreds of people drinking beer and dancing on tables to the latest tunes. It felt like a nightclub at 2am but it was only 4pm – it was crazy but fabulous at the same time! Thankfully it is situated right beside the gondola station so if you have one too many, you don’t have to ski down the mountain – although I’m sure many have tried…

If you don’t want to venture too far, you can always chill out at Club Med Val d’Isere and enjoy the on site facilities. Club Med’s stone and wooden facades fit in perfectly with Val d’Isere’s traditional chalets, and there is a great outdoor terrace with views of the mountain. If you are feeling energetic there are daily fitness classes as well as a large indoor swimming pool, sauna and spa.

I have some some amazing holiday experiences over the years. Skiing down the mountain in Val d’Isere is up there with the best of them. All Club Med Ski holidays include flights, transfers, all meals, drinks, lessons and lift passes so if planning a ski trip make sure you take this into account when comparing prices. For information on prices and Club Med resorts visit


Like Club Med resorts? Read my post on Club Med da Balaia in the Algarve.


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The Travel Expert Sarah Slattery


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Club Med Da Balaia, Algarve


Fois gras, beef tartare, oysters, beef wellington, all cooked and plated in front of you. This surely isn’t a ‘buffet’? At Club Med resorts, it is!

Once I had kids, Club Med was definitely on my radar. I had heard about the excellent facilities and the fact that it was French owned gave it a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’! However, recently Club Med was sold to a Chinese billionaire (for a staggering $1.3 billion) and I wondered whether service or standards would change. Luckily for me I got the opportunity to visit Club Med da Balaia in the Algarve to check it out.

Club Med da Balaia, Algarve review by Sarah Slattery, The Travel Expert
The fire show at Club Med da Balaia, Algarve

With subtle jazz music playing in the background, the first thing that struck me was how quiet and relaxed it was. Although fully booked the resort is so spacious with massive grounds that it almost feels empty! I was told that Club Med resorts are all similar in this way, lots of wide open spaces, no scrambling for sun beds in the morning and certainly no loud pool games or pub quizes. Hearing ‘bonsoir’ from dashing french waiters, helps too – so far so good! Personally all inclusive resorts are not my thing, in fact I usually run a mile from them, but Club Med is not the same as other all inclusive resorts…

Club Med da Balaia, Algarve review by Sarah Slattery, The Travel Expert
The flying trapese at Club Med da Balaia, Algarve

One of the massive differences is the food. The clients are mostly French and we all know how they love their food so I guess, it had to be good. There is an a la carte restaurant to choose from but we ate mostly in the buffet restaurant. Buffets are not normally my thing either, but the word ‘buffet’ doesn’t adequately describe what is on offer. Club Med da Balaia is a 4 star or actually a 4 trident resort (Club Med have their own unique star rating system). The buffet here was better than any I have even seen, even in a five star deluxe hotel. Fois gras, beef tartare, oysters are just some of the delicacies on offer and each cooked and plated for you. I had the most succulent beef wellington and if I had paid for it in good restaurant, I would have been delighted.

Club Med da Balaia, Algarve review by Sarah Slattery, The Travel Expert
Beef Wellington at Club Med da Balaia, Algarve

If you want plain food, there are plenty of self serve stations serving fresh pasta and pizza, chicken & chips, all home cooked. They also have a corner for babies with suitable foods and even a blender if you want to make your own. Everything was hot too, which lets face it doesn’t happen in most all inclusive resorts! There was no queuing and no one hanging around for the chefs to bring out more because it is all cooked in front of you. Likewise no need for plates piled high with food – a pet hate of mine! The whole dining experience was quiet and relaxed, no noisy chairs scraping across the floor and plenty of staff to attend you. Wine is served by the bottle at your table and it was good! Too often the wine at all inclusive resorts is not easy to drink, not in Club Med, I had no problem 🙂

Club Med da Balaia, Algarve review by Sarah Slattery, The Travel Expert
The fish chef happily posing for the camera at Club Med da Balaia, Algarve

The other main reason for booking a Club Med holiday is the facilities on offer. Club Med invented kids clubs and they offer some of the best you are likely to find. They cater for children from 4 months – 17 years, all free of charge with the exception of the baby club, which needs to be pre-booked.

Club Med da Balaia, Algarve review by Sarah Slattery, The Travel Expert
Kids Club at Club Med da Balaia, Algarve

The bright airy clubs with excellent facilities is just one of the reasons that kids are delighted to come here. The sports facilities are the other. They have free tennis and golf lessons, a flying trapese school, archery, kayaking, mini golf, football, volleyball, the list goes on! They also offer great facilities for adults, with lots of fitness classes each day, from pilates to zumba, you name it, its here. They have a large swimming pool and are currently building an adults only infinity pool during the winter. Although all rooms are very spacious they vary in style and standard, depending on which block you choose. They are however, currently renovating all rooms this winter making them more modern with bright colourful furnishings.

Sarah Slatter, The Travel Expert reviews Club Med da Balaia in the Algarve
Archery at Club Med da Balaia, Algarve

Another surprise for me was the number of adults here without children. I initially thought it was mainly geared towards families but in fact there were lots of couples there who love the food, sports facilities and the spa. The resort is situated on a stunning sandy beach too, perfect for a swim for a stroll. Club Med have 66 resorts worldwide including cruises and adults only resorts. Although the name suggests the Mediterranean, they even have resorts in the US, China and the Maldives. They offer the only all inclusive resort in Florida and offer ski resorts which open for 6 months each year! Maybe it’s time for a Club Med World sub brand?

Club Med Val Thorens Sensations, Ski Resort
Club Med Val Thorens Sensations. Ski Resort
Club Med Punta Cana Creactive
Club Med Punta Cana Creactive
Club Med Kani, Maldives
Club Med Kani, Maldives

Evening entertainment varies from parties in the bar area to theatre shows. The white party which is common throughout Club Med resorts is a great night, where most guests wear all white (not compulsory) and champagne is served on arrival. White drapes are scattered all through the resort and it has an ocean club feel. They also have dancing competitions and even a fire show. Although on certain they have theatre style shows, sometimes these are in French. They do offer multilingual shows and circus style or singing where language isn’t an issue, but not every night.

Club Med da Balaia, Algarve review by Sarah Slattery, The Travel Expert
The White Party at Club Med da Balaia, Algarve

Overall entertainment is low key, if  ‘Chocolata’ or Karaoke is your thing, look elsewhere! If on the other hand, top class food and sports facilities is what you seek, then look no further than Club Med.


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