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My Review of Turkish Airlines Economy Service

Turkish Airlines

I travelled to Sri Lanka recently with Turkish Airlines so I was fortunate to experience their service on a short haul and long haul flight. Check out my review of Turkish Airlines economy service below.


We have all seen their award-winning ads, Lionel Messi with Kobe Bryant competing for a little boys affection, Messi outshining Drogba to find the best food around the world, and the latest ad from Morgan Freeman, reminding us to ‘Widen Your World’. They make it look cool to fly with Turkish Airlines, yet despite flying from Dublin Airport 14 times each week, I only flew with Turkish Airlines for the first time last month.  


Turkish Airlines have been voted the best airline in Europe for six consecutive years by Skytrax World Airline Awards and even the Irish travel trade voted them best airline in Europe this year. So what makes them so special, I hear you say? Hopefully my review of Turkish Airlines service will tell.

my review of turkish airlines



No hidden extras!

When you book a flight with Turkish Airlines, everything is included in the price and I mean EVERYTHING! Checked baggage, seat selection, meals and even alcoholic drinks are included. Not only are all of these included in the price of your ticket but the allowances are very generous too. You have a whopping 30kg checked baggage allowance in economy class as well as an 8 kg cabin baggage allowance.


You also don’t have to worry about seat selection, you can pre book seats free of charge, or pay a small supplement if you want to secure seats with extra legroom, see full details here. Meals are also included on board as well as complimentary drinks. Now I am all for drinking alcohol in moderation, but if you fancied it, you can have as many drinks as you like!

my review of turkish airlines
So much room at the exit seats.




Good food

The food on board is quite good, well as good as airplane food can be! In fact Turkish airlines have won numerous awards for their inflight catering and even have their own flying chef. Although the flying chefs don’t actually cook the food on board, they do help prepare it before it is served. It certainly gives the impression that even in economy class, Turkish airlines care how their food is presented. I had meatballs on the way out and a chicken pasta dish on the return, both were nicely cooked with plenty of flavour. They were accompanied by a salad, delicious chocolate mousse and a nice glass of Bordeaux.

Breakfast was good too, a nice portion of scrambled eggs with bread, cheese and yogurt, although it wasn’t served at breakfast time, which was a little strange!  There were plenty of small snacks throughout the flight too, so I never felt hungry.

my review of turkish airlines
The Flying Chef





I was lucky enough to have an exit seat from Dublin to Istanbul which was great. Unfortunately they were unavailable on the Istanbul Sri Lanka flight but the standard economy seat was very comfortable. Turkish Airlines have wide spaces between seats and a comfortable 32 inch seat pitch with a foot rest, making them more comfortable than an average economy class seat. The seats reclined 7 and a half inches and the movable head rest was so handy. I slotted my travel pillow between the bars which meant I wasn’t leaning forward when I fell asleep.

my review of turkish airlines


There are also usb ports so I was able charge my phone and powerbank when I needed to. The individual inflight entertainment screens have wide selection of movies to choose from, so as soon as I was fed and watered, I reclined my seat and enjoyed two new releases, Gifted and Our Brand is Crisis.

my review of turkish airlines



Extra touches

As well as the nice blanket and travel pillow, I was pleasantly surprised with the Chopard amenity kit. I expected the tooth brush, paste and some socks, but the slippers, earplugs, eye mask and lip balm, inside a silver wash bag was certainly above average.

my review of turkish airlines



Free tour of Istanbul

On this occasion I only had a short layover in Istanbul, but if you happen to have a layover of more than 6 hours, you can avail of a FREE tour of Istanbul. You don’t need to make a reservation, just go to the TourIstanbul desk in the arrivals hall in Istanbul. This is not only a fab thing to do, but it is great if you are struggling to get connecting flights at a good price. I regularly find that the lower priced airfares tend to have longer layovers so if you are on a budget – this is an excellent option. You can visit Tour Istanbul website for more details.

my review of turkish airlines



Turkish Airlines fly from Dublin to Istanbul 14 times a week with onward connections to more than 300 destinations in the  Middle East, Far East, Asia, Africa, Europe and America. Be sure to check their website before booking your next trip away.

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A Review Of Ethiopian Airlines Direct Dublin – Los Angeles Service


Lonely Planet listed LA as one of the top cities to visit in 2017 and lucky for us, it is now more accessible than ever. Ethiopian Airlines fly direct from Dublin, three times a week on a state of the art Dreamliner aircraft.


While LA is the city that’s on trend at the moment, you can of course fly onwards to many US cities. Any flight to the US that avoids a connection in Heathrow is a massive bonus for me, but on top of that Ethiopian Airlines offer some of the best airfares on the market to America’s West Coast. At the time of publication, there are return flights available from Dublin to Los Angeles from €449 return, including taxes! Business class upgrades are exceptionally good value. If you have purchased an economy ticket and there is space available, you can upgrade to business class at the airport for €593 from Dublin to LA or  $645 from LA to Dublin. Ok so business class may not be for everyone but prices are a lot lower than other airlines.


Dreamliner highlights include 8.9 inch tv screens in economy class with 80 different channels, higher humidity for a better cabin pressure, adaptable lighting and the biggest windows in the sky. Another bonus when you fly Ethiopian airlines is 2 x 23kg checked bags are included in the price of your airfare.  Although I have been on a Dreamliner before and loved it, I haven’t yet had the pleasure of flying with Ethiopian Airlines. However, fellow travel blogger, The Fabulous Traveller recently had the pleasure and very kindly wrote a review for me. Interestingly he was flying to Las Vegas and found flying direct to LA with an onward connection to Vegas a better option than flying via the UK. Find out what he thought below…

Ethiopian Airlines – Reviewed by The Fabulous Traveller.

It was my first time to fly with an African airline and I will be honest and say I was a little bit hesitant about what the service would be like, the quality of the food and the comfort. We checked into Ethiopian airlines for our flight to Los Angeles which was super early at 4am. It is one of the first flights out of Ireland or the UK to cross the Atlantic, with a departure time of 5.55am. The good news is you arrive at 8.30am into LA!

I was super excited to be on the Dreamliner Boeing 787 for the first time. When I visited the Boeing factory in 2014 with the Entrepreneur programme the staff in Boeing were super excited about this new aircraft. Obviously the Fabulous Traveller only turns left and the business class configuration of 24 seats leaves plenty of space and comfort. We were offered the usual pre-departure champagne with a menu to select our breakfast and lunch for later in the flight. Breakfast on the flight consisted of grilled beef sausage and homemade baked beans or lemon pancake with maple syrup and blueberries. Lunch offered a choice of two starters and North African Lamb Stew, stuffed chicken with seasoned vegetables and couscous or a choice of Ethiopian National dishes. I selected a nice Spanish Rioja to go with my lunch. Dessert was a choice of carrot cake, fruit basket or cheese board.

Ethiopian airlines

The entertainment on the flight was more limited than normal with one or two new releases and a selection of other movies. Ethiopian Airlines could certainly improve the selection of new releases for the flights. Our seats in business class allowed us to get some sleep and the lighting is more ambient and the air quality is much better. You definitely don’t come off the flight congested as you do on other airlines after a long haul flight.

So how would I rate Ethiopian airlines?

I have to say for the price you are paying, which starts as low as €449 including taxes for a return flight in economy and €1450 in business then you definitely get value for money.

Again the friendly service on the flight was exceptional and it was nice to see staff dressed in both western and local African dress. The food will differ a little from European airlines and don’t expect the normal European snacks on the flight just yet, I hear they will be coming soon. Business class passengers need to note that the beds are not 100% lie flat but that may differ according to aircraft. Finally unlike some airlines departing from Dublin, immigration with Ethiopian airlines is in LAX airport. Expect to queue for up to an hour when you arrive. I would suggest a minimum connection time of 2 hours after your arrival time if you are connecting on elsewhere which we did.

Overall the fabulous traveller would give Ethiopian Airlines 4 stars out of 5. A Fabulous rating. The friendly amazing staff, modern aircraft and direct service made Ethiopian Airlines a pleasure to fly with.

For more details on flights and prices with Ethiopian Airlines, click here.


The Fabulous Traveller.


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