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My Top Ten beauty buys when travelling.

So I’m not a beauty expert but I have been on many plane journeys and had many sun holidays, so I think I know a good travel product when I see one! Here are my top ten beauty buys when travelling. I hope you find them helpful when shopping for your summer holidays!

On the plane:

Lip Balm

Flying dries out your skin and for me, my lips and hands are the first place to feel it. I love Elizabeth Arden’s eight hour intensive lip balm. It hydrates better than any others I have tried and is one of my top beauty buys when travelling.

You can pick it up in most pharmacies and on most airplanes, for about €20. Watch out for the travel exclusives at the airport, as you may find hand cream and lip tins together for a lower price. 

My favourite beauty buys when travelling

Hand cream

It doesn’t take long before my hands start to go really dry on an airplane. I have actually bought hand cream on board when I realised it was in my checked luggage, for me it’s a must have! I guess most hand creams will help with dryness but my favourite is L’Occitane Shea butter. You can get it in The Loop before you fly, in a handy 30ml travel size, for only €6.80.

My favourite beauty buys when travelling

Mac prep and prime fix spray

This is a godsend on long flights. If like me, you don’t want to take off your make up and do the whole cleansing routine mid flight! You can spray this over your make up for an instant refreshing feel.  You can buy a 100 ml size at the Loop for €17.85

My favourite beauty buys when travelling


Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy Liquid Lip Potion

I love these travelling, well actually I love them anytime! Unlike a lip gloss that gets stuck to your hair when you try to snooze on a plane, these are matt when dry. Of course, they also last much longer and than lip gloss too. I love the travel exclusive set, you can get three glosses for €55 in The Loop or buy a single one for €20. My favourite is wicked sweet 💋

My favourite beauty buys when travelling


At the beach:


Clinique sun creams

I only got these recently and I must say I love them! This Summer essential kit includes a face cream ( spf 30) , a body cream (spf 30) and a delicious aftersun rescue balm 💛 all in a nice bright yellow waterproof wash bag. And you can buy them in duty free for €30, before you fly!

My favourite beauty buys when travelling

Piz Buin sun spray

This is my other ‘must have’ for the beach. I know I should use nothing less than factor 20…. but for the last few days when the legs are still white and you need a glow – try Piz buin’s tan and protect sun spray. It is available in factor 30, 15 and 6, in all boots stores.My favourite beauty buys when travelling


Cucumber wipes

I use these all the time on holidays, they are so refreshing! Particularly after a day at the beach or if I come home late at night, and am too lazy to take off my make up properly! At €1.25 for 25 wipes, I can afford to use them whenever I want!

My favourite beauty buys when travelling



Kérastase Lait Richesse treatment &  VO5 Give me texture oomph powder.

To repair your hair from sun exposure, there is nothing better than Kérastase Lait Richesse . It can be used daily and since I started using it my hair always feels soft and shiny on holidays. No more dry holiday hair! My favourite on the go hair product is VO5 give me texture oomph powder. You can buy a small travel size bottle in Boots for €5.99 . Its great for your handbag and ideal for a long plane journey. A small dusting in our hair gives you that much needed ‘oomph’ after travelling.

My favourite beauty buys when travelling



Bed time:


Estée Lauder advanced night repair serum.

I don’t leave home without my Estée Lauder advanced night repair serum. I actually use this all the time now but find it particularly effective on holidays to combat excessive sun exposure, or dry skin. It’s not cheap at €116 but I think it’s the best!

My favourite beauty buys when travelling


I hope you enjoyed my top ten beauty buys when travelling. Have you any favourites? I would love to hear from you, please comment in the box below.


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