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New Destinations from Dublin Airport for 2019


Every year there seems to be a host of new travel hot spots to choose from. I have compiled a little run through of some of the new destinations from Dublin Airport for summer 2019. Hopefully it will light a little spark of inspiration for you to go explore…


There is plenty to sink your teeth into in the list below. With people travelling more than ever, it is great to see some of lesser known gems receive the attention and appreciation they deserve. If you’re looking for something brimming with culture then Bordeaux and Thessaloniki could be right up your street. Frankfurt is a city that is extremely modern and a lot of fun for a weekend away. If you’re the spiritual type, an excursion to Lourdes is something that is might be high on your list. I also have super long haul options as well as UK destinations if you’re looking for something a bit closer to home.


1. Bordeaux – France

If you’re wine lover, a trip to Bordeaux should tickle your fancy. This beautiful city is a hub for wine growing and it really does ooze class. The Place de la Bourse is the main landmark square and if you’re lucky with the weather, you can see a really cool reflection in the square’s pool on a clear evening. The city’s architecture is influenced by a couple of different styles such as Gothic and Romanesque which makes for a beautiful mix. The Cité du Vin is a fantastic wine museum that offers the chance to enjoy some tasting at certain parts of the tour so be sure to check that out too. Why not hire a car and discover some of the vineyards in the surrounding countryside? The stunning town of Saint-Emilion is only an hour away……

New Destinations from Dublin Airport - Bordeaux

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2. Bournemouth – England

Bournemouth is a beautiful little seaside resort along the English south coast. It has plenty of appeal for both young and old alike as there are some fantastic family activities at Bournemouth Pier and in Splashdown Waterpark. If you’re looking for a thriving nightlife, The Triangle has loads of options for dining, culture and a fun night out. The standout features of Bournemouth would have to be the area’s unquestionable natural beauty. Brownsea Island is an incredibly peaceful area and ideal for hikers looking to escape for a day of exploring.

New Destinations from Dublin Airport - Bournemouth

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3. Cagliari – Italy

If you’ve never heard of the city of Cagliari before, you definitely would have heard of the island of Sardinia, Cagliari is the island’s capital and has all the hallmarks of a charming Italian holiday. There are multiple fine examples of how the Italian people proudly preserve their heritage.

The Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Cagliari (don’t think I’ll need to translate that one) has loads of cool artefacts from the Roman and Byzantine periods. The Torre del’Elefante is worth visiting too. The 14th century tower fortification offers you a picturesque view of the city and it’s lovely coastline. Aside from what I’ve already mentioned, Sardinia is traditionally a destination for beach holidays so a direct flight to Cagliari from Dublin airport opens up the chance for a beach holiday also. 🙂

New Destinations from Dublin Airport - Cagliari

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4. Frankfurt – Germany

Frankfurt is a hub of another description. Sitting on the banks of the river Main, the city itself is often known as Mainhattan due to its thriving financial industries and skyline. The city itself is a lot of fun for visitors too. As much as I love modernity, my favourite part of the city though has to be Bornheim. There are so many trendy streets that are a bit more traditional with a timber exterior. These streets are packed with cosy and stylish restaurants or bars.

Another thing I love is an area within a city where you can enjoy some greenery to escape the hustle and bustle. The Palmengarten hits the nail on the head for exactly this reason. Also German people are incredibly fond of flea markets so if you head down to Kleinmarkthalle you’ll be able to pick up some brilliant bargains.

New Destinations from Dublin Airport - Frankfurt

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5. Gothenburg – Sweden

Gothenburg, like most other Scandinavian cities possesses the perfect balance of urban and natural beauty. In the peak summer months you can expect up to eighteen hours of sunlight. If you like your seafood, Feskekôrka is a well known seafood market where you can sample the local produce in one of two fabulous restaurants.

If you like your nightlife, you will have to visit Haga as it has loads of great bars. Also the Gothenburg Botanical Garden is a beautifully maintained area that will help clear the head. My favourite thing about Gothenburg though is Universeum. It is an extremely large science centre with an indoor rainforest for you to enjoy. How cool is that?!

New Destinations from Dublin Airport - Gothenburg

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6. Lourdes – France

Lourdes serves quite a specific purpose in the lives of most Irish people. An area widely known in Catholic circles for being a famous pilgrimage, the decision to open up a direct route between Dublin and Lourdes will surely see huge demand. The city attracts millions of people on an annual basis to the Grotto of the Apparitions, where the Virgin Mary was said to have appeared to a local woman in 1858.

Aside from a religious element, Lourdes and it’s surrounding countryside is stunning. Foothills and and cycling trails make for fantastic outdoor options with the Pic du Jer offering you an expansive vantage point over the Pyrenees.

New Destinations from Dublin Airport - Lourdes

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7. Luxembourg

The country of Luxembourg looks like it was built for the purpose of fitting inside of a snowglobe. It’s compact nature make it a perfect place to head off for a couple of days. It’s a beautiful summer destination also an you can cover most of Luxembourg city by foot in a few days. Vianden Castle is well worth visiting and walking through the charming streets will expose you to a brilliant mix of architecture and cuisines. As it shares a border with Belgium, France and Germany, it’s fair to say that each country’s influence on Luxembourg can be felt for one reason or another (all good though thankfully).

New Destinations from Dublin Airport - Luxembourg

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8. London Southend – England

Ryanair’s new route between Dublin and London Southend gives you yet another flight option to visit the magnificent city of London. Whatever you might look for in a city break, London will hit the spot. My favourite experience of London where the Emirates Cable Car which is a nice alternative to the London Eye. Taking a boat tour along the Thames allows you to see a lot of the city and get a bit of backstory too.

St. James Park and Hyde Park are brilliant for a stroll and there are so many cool and trendy neighbourhoods where something new can be discovered. Stratford is an area that is brilliant for shopping and you’re also directly across from the Olympic Stadium and old Olympic Park too.

New Destinations from Dublin Airport - London Southend

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9. Thessaloniki – Greece

Thessaloniki is probably not the first place you would think of when it comes to possibilities for city breaks. This should definitely change next year as it is easier than ever to reach this Greek destination. This is thanks to Ryanair adding it to their list of routes from Dublin in summer of 2019. Now you’ll be able to enjoy this beautiful port city that sits along the Aegean Sea. The premier places to check out in Thessaloniki would be the Aristotelous Square where you can enjoy some fabulous Greek cuisine and the White Tower of Thessaloniki which is the city’s most iconic landmark.

New Destinations from Dublin Airport - Thessaloniki

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10. Zagreb – Croatia

The Croatian capital offers visitors a fantastically diverse city break experience. Ban Josip Jelačić Square is the city’s beating heart and is a great place to stop for a coffee and some people watching. Dolac Market will allow you to sample some fresh local produce and see how the locals live. If you’re fond of an outdoors adventure, Medvenica is a forested peak that stands over 1000m tall and offers you a beautiful view of the surrounding area. This city has been influenced by many different architectural styles over the years and that only adds to its appeal. Flying here is easier than ever as there are direct flights to Zagreb with Croatia Airlines.

New Desintations from Dublin Airport - Zagreb

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11. Calgary – Canada

A flight to Calgary unlocks so many possibilities for a dream holiday. In the surrounding areas you can find the stunning Banff National Park, enjoy the stunning landscapes of the Rocky Mountains, have a road trip to Vancouver or even just take in the city of Calgary itself.  WestJet have recently announced that they will be running direct flights from Dublin to Calgary from April in 2019. This means that one of the most beautiful parts of the world is now more easily accessible than ever. If that’s not enough motivation to go exploring then I don’t know what is. 🙂

new destinations from dublin airport calgary

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12. Minneapolis – USA

The city of Minneapolis is an art lover’s dream.The world famous Walker Art Center offers a fascinating collection of contemporary art and just a stone’s throw away, you will also find the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. There are also plenty of activities for lovers of the great outdoors. Minnehaha Park is a brilliant city park that offers biking and even waterfalls too. Lake Harriet is a great place for sailing in the summer months and also the Stone Arch Bridge is the perfect place for a photo op.

New Destinations from Dublin Airport - Minneapolis

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13. Montreal – Canada

Montréal is simply a stunning city. Named after Mt. Royal, a mountain whose peak sits right in the heart of the city, Montréal offers the perfect balance of urban and natural beauty. Visiting the peak offers you a brilliant view of the cityscapes. Visiting the Montréal Botanic Gardens is well worth your time also. Notre-Dame Basilica is an architectural marvel and Downtown Montréal is an urban metropolis its own right. You should be prepared that this is a predominantly French speaking region. It is definitely worth your consideration since Aer Lingus announced direct flights to commence next Summer.

New Destinations from Dublin Airport - Montreal

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14. Split – Croatia

Situated along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, this gorgeous city is the perfect place for a summer holiday. The Marjan Forest Park is an elevated peak on the outskirts of the city that offers you some phenomenal views of the city and wider landscape. Beach Bene offers you the picturesque beach that every sun holiday needs. There are also loads of well preserved examples of Roman Architecture such as Diocletian’s Palace; a former residence and fortress of a Roman Emperor.

New Destinations from Dublin - Split

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15. Bodrum – Turkey

There are few things more beautiful in this world than the various coastlines that surround the Aegean Sea. One of the prime examples of this would be the destination of Bodrum in Turkey. There are lots of stunning luxurious resorts in Bodrum that are suited to all travelling parties. If you’re travelling with children then you should check out Bodrum Aquapark. The dibeklih Culture and Art Village is an extremely trendy spot for some shopping and dining. The city as a whole excellently preserves its rich heritage that only contributes to the chilled out atmosphere of the area.

New Destinations from Dublin - Bodrum

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16. Dubrovnik – Croatia

This may not necessarily be a new route as Aer Lingus already flew here, but with Ryanair adding this route to their summer schedule for 2019, it is definitely worth inclusion. The extra plane seats will mean that more Irish holidaymakers will be able to enjoy this beautiful city than ever before. The city has had a bit of spotlight on it since Game of Thrones used it as one of their primary shooting locations and it is just as beautiful in person. Summers in Dubrovnik are an absolute enjoy as it’s Old Town is filled with open air performers of music and theatre. There is an infectious atmosphere as visitors all over the world enjoy this Croatian gem.

New Destinations from Dublin - Dubrovnik

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If 2018 passed you by, don’t let 2019 suffer the same fate. I’m very much of the opinion that there is so much to be discovered on this planet. Hopefully something within this article has convinced of you the same. Happy Travels!


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