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10 Staycation Essentials That You Should Be Buying Now

Paddle boards, pet accessories, bike racks and camping gear – get your staycation essentials early this year to make the most of your summer holidays.

The demand for outdoor experiences has never been greater. We’ve swapped overseas travel for staycations, and gyms and leisure centres for outdoor exercise. The result has been a massive demand for outdoor equipment, such as bicycles, SUP boards, kayaks and even camping equipment. Last summer it was virtually impossible to get your hands on a SUP board or a wetsuit – so my advice is get your staycation essentials early this year, so you won’t be disappointed when the fine summer weather rolls in. 

travel accessories and staycation essentials

I have teamed up with Irish owned, who are Ireland’s number one online store for all your car and travel essentials. They have a wide selection of SUP boards, camping equipment, bike racks and roof racks, many of which are available to order with next day delivery. It is important to note that many staycation essentials sold out early last year, it wasn’t only SUP boards and wetsuits that were like hens teeth, bike racks and portable barbecues were also highly sought after.

I have listed my top 10 staycation essentials below that you should be buying now to avoid disappointment.


1. Car organisers

staycation essentials - car organsiers

Car organisers are something we all need. I love the organisers that hang on your back seat – they now come with drink and tablet holders so kids can watch movies on the go!  Space savers for the boot are also a good idea, especially if you are travelling on a long journey.
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2. Roof Racks and roof boxes

how to choose a roof rack

If you are thinking of investing in paddle boards or camping gear, or are concerned about the lack of boot space for your staycation this year, then you should invest in a roof rack. There are many different types to choose from, with prices from as little as €69. MicksGarage’s easy to use roof rack tool will show you how to choose a roof rack in minutes. They have a wide selection of roof boxes to choose from too.


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2. Paddle Boards

Stand up paddleboarding, or SUP as it is more widely known, is now one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. It is a relatively easy sport to master, and they can be used on sea, lakes or rivers. Inflatable paddle boards can be easily stored in the back pack that is provided with each purchase. This means you can go hiking off the beaten track, and find a secluded beach or lake to paddle in peace. There are paddle boards for couples, families, fishing, surfing and lots more specialist activities. 

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3. Pet travel accessories

travel accessories for dogs

One of the benefits of staycations over foreign holidays is that you can bring your pet along with you. In order to make your staycation as comfortable as possible for passengers and pets, you can purchase specialist pet travel accessories. There are seat belts and harnesses, travel dog beds, water bottles, seat covers, and even bicycle baskets available! There are so many more pet accessories to choose from, find your favourites here.
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4. Bike racks

bike racks - staycation essentials

Cycling has become more popular than ever, and Ireland has many gorgeous greenways that are just waiting to be explored. However, renting bikes for all the family is not cheap, and many kids or keen cyclists feel more comfortable using their own bikes. Bike racks are an efficient and economical way of transporting your bikes, both on holidays, or for days out at home. See the selection of bike racks here, with prices from €49.99.

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6. Camping equipment

Planning on trying camping this summer? From tents to tow bars, sleeping bags to seats, MicksGarage has all your camping needs covered. As well as two man and large family tents, they also have cool pop-up play tents for kids.

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7. Baby travel accessories

car accessories for kids are staycation essentials

In order to avoid the cries from the back seat, think about purchasing some children’s travel accessories before you set off. From travel potties to lap tables, seat belt alarms to sun shades, there are plenty of travel accessories for short or longer journeys available.
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8. Portable barbecues and stoves

portable barbecue for travelling

Whether you are camping and want a portable stove, or fancy bringing a portable barbecue to the beach – there is a wide selection available to suit all tastes and budgets.

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6. Powerbanks and Jumpstarters

a powerbank is a staycation essential

A jumpstarter is one of those things we all mean to buy, but often don’t. As well as jump starting a dead battery, they also double up as a powerbank and can recharge multiple devices on the go, such as phones and tablets. Many also feature an LED light for use at night or low light conditions – this can be particularly useful if camping in Ireland.

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10. Cooler boxes

cooler box for travel

Cooler boxes are not only staycation essentials, but they are something that every home should have. There is nothing better than reaching for a cool drink on a hot day, or after a long walk on a cool day. There are many different cooler boxes to choose from, including personal coolers for short excursions and extreme coolers for longer trips.
See more here are Ireland’s number one online store for all your car and travel essentials. They have a wide selection of SUP boards, camping equipment, bike racks and roof racks, many of which are available to order with next day delivery. Rated 4.7 on Trustpilot, should be your first port of call for staycation essentials this summer.
This post on staycation essentials was sponsored by I hope it helps you plan a trip away soon. 


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