10 Camping Essentials For Your Staycation In Ireland

Planning on going camping this summer? From tents to tennis rackets, sleeping bags to seats, bike racks to barbecues, I’ve got all your camping essentials covered.

Whether you are a first time camper or a camping expert, it is vital you have the right camping essentials with you when camping in Ireland. A good quality tent is a given, but so is a sleeping bag and insulation mat, to cope with our ever changing weather conditions.

Roof boxes can be a handy way to double your boot space, but a powerbank to charge multiple devices in one go is probably at the top of your kids priority list! Unfortunately in Ireland we don’t have the luxury of campsites with swimming pools and restaurants that you find overseas, so you need to bring cooking equipment and cooler boxes, and of course no camping holiday is complete without games!

family camping holidays in Ireland

With this in mind I have teamed up with Irish owned MicksGarage.com, who are Ireland’s number one online store for all your car and camping essentials. They have a wide selection of camping equipment online, many of which are available with next day delivery. 


1. Tents

High quality tents are the ultimate camping essenitals

There is a wide selection of tents available, including small tents for couples, luxury tunnel tents that can sleep up to six, and cool pop-up play tents for kids. Choosing the right tent really depends on how much camping you plan on doing. Luxury brands like Husky and High Peak produce high quality tents which are ideal for camping holidays in Ireland.

The High Peak Leesburg six man tent is like an outdoor home! It comes with a 11-15m2 of living space, a sewn-in floor to keep moisture, dirt and creepy crawlies out, transparent windows which can also be opened, and a large canopy to provide shade and protection against the wind. 

But if you are camping for the first time and are looking for a smaller, basic tent, Micks Garage have those too. Search the full range here:

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2.  Sleeping bags and Air mattresses

Husky sleeping bags are ideal for camping holidays in Ireland

The best tent in the world won’t feel like it if you don’t have a good sleeping bag to go with it. The high quality Husky sleeping bags are available for both adults and kids, and they cope with extreme conditions as well as warmer temperatures.

Make sure you pick up a camping mat too. The self inflating ultralight mats provide insulation, and their compact size are ideal for backpacking.  

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3. Portable camping furniture

camping essentials - inflatable seats.

From camping holidays to festivals, every home should have inflatable chairs. Micks Garage have a great selection with prices from just €15.90. You will also find portable dining tables and popup hammocks – the ultimate camping essentials!

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4. Roof racks

how to choose a roof rack

If you are worried about being short on boot space for your camping holiday, then you should invest in a roof rack. There are many different types to choose from, with prices from as little as €69.

Micks Garage’s easy to use roof rack tool will show you how to choose a roof rack in minutes. They have a wide selection of roof boxes to choose from too.

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5. Bike racks

bike racks.

Cycling has become more popular than ever, and Ireland has many gorgeous greenways that are just waiting to be explored. However, renting bikes for all the family is not cheap, and many kids and keen cyclists feel more comfortable using their own bikes. Bike racks are an efficient and economical way of transporting your bikes, both on holidays, or for days out at home.

MicksGarage have a wide selection to choose from – you carry bikes on the roof, towbar or rear door of your car, with prices from €49.99. They also have a new electric bike carrier in stock too.

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6. Portable barbecues and stoves

portable barbecue for camping.

Cooking on a portable stove or barbecue is part and parcel of camping holidays, and there is nothing better than barbecued burgers on the beach! Micks Garage have a wide selection of cooking equiment available as well as Chilly Bottles and camping cutlery.

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7. Powerbanks and Jumpstarters

a good quality powerbank is a camping essential


A jumpstarter is one of those things we all mean to buy, but often don’t. As well as jump starting a dead battery, they also double up as a powerbank and can recharge multiple devices on the go, including phones and tablets. Many also feature an LED light for use at night or low light conditions. These can be particularly useful if camping in Ireland and are one of those camping essentials that you will be glad to have with you.

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8. Roof boxes and tow boxes

roof racks can be handy for camping holidays

Double your boot space for your staycation this year but adding a roof box or tow box to your car. Store bulky items in the roof box, and allow plenty of room in your boot to bring a selection of clothes for all weather eventualities – remember you may get four seasons in one day in Ireland.

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9. Games and activities:

Games are camping essentials for family camping holidays.

Is a camping holiday even a camping holiday without fireside games and activities? From Swing Ball to Limbo, tennis rackets to darts, there is a wide selection to choose from, as well as kids crab nets, fishing rods and inflatable swimming pools.

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10. Cooler boxes

cooler boxes are vital camping esentials

Did you know that Coleman cooler boxes can retain ice for up to 3 days? Cooler boxes are not only camping essentials, but they are something that every home should have. There is nothing better than reaching for a cool drink on a hot day! There are many different cooler boxes to choose from, including personal coolers for short excursions and extreme coolers for longer trips. 

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MicksGarage.com are Ireland’s number one online store for all your car and travel essentials. They have a wide selection of camping equipment, SUP boards, bike racks and roof racks, many of which are available to order with next day delivery. Rated 4.7 on Trustpilot, MicksGarage.com should be your first port of call for staycation essentials this summer.

This post on camping essentials was sponsored by MicksGarage.com. I hope it helps you plan a trip away soon. 


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