Europe’s Top 10 Food Destinations

Europe's Top 10 Food Destinations by The Travel Expert

Check out my top 10 food destinations in Europe and get planning your next holiday.


1. San Sebastian, Spain

The small city of San Sebastian is a food lovers paradise and is probably the food capital of Europe. There are 13 Michelin-starred restaurants here, the most in the world per head of population. It is not just about the michelin star restaurants though, make sure you try the local pubs offerings ‘pinxtos.’ These are tasty bite size tapas. These showcase all of the regions top quality food, without the hefty price tag.

San Sebastian, one of Europe's top food destinations by The Travel Expert

2. Barcelona, Spain

The best place to take a walking food tour has to be Barcelona. Wander through the historic centre and sample some tasty tapas. Make sure you visit one of Europe’s best food markets, the famous La Boqueria,

La Boqueria in Barcelona, one of Europe's top food destinations by The Travel Expert

3. Bologna, Italy

Locals will tell you Bologna is Italy’s food capital but not many outsiders have figured it out yet! Home of spaghetti bolognese, it is the best place to taste it. The neighbouring town of Parma is home of Parmigiano Reggiano and of course parma ham. Sit on the town’s piazza and enjoy some local prosciutto or better still visit the Museo del Prosciutto in Langhirano and watch it being made.

Parma ham in Parma, one of Europe's top food destinations, by The Travel Expert

4. Florence, Italy

The spectacular city of Florence is not only a food lovers paradise but it is the top choice for romance too. Marvel at the Duomo, pick up a souvenir on the Ponte Vecchio, before enjoying some nice Italian cuisine on the Piazza del Signoria – bellisimo!

Florence by The Travel Expert

5. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Not only is the walled city a stunning place to explore but it is teaming with pavement cafe’s and tasty eateries. If you like dining al fresco with the buzz of  happy holidaymakers then Dubrovnik is for you. Lets not forget that Croatia is renowned for it’s truffles and Dubrovnik is truffle heaven!

Some of the many eateries in Dubriovnik's old town

6. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is renowned as one of Europe’s best foodie towns, there are 15 michelin star restaurants here and one of the top things to do in the city is a ‘foodie tour’.Voted the best restaurant in the world, three years in a row, Noma, is here. But it’s not all about the fancy restaurants, the newly opened Street Food Market offers everything from Cuban street food to pizza. Situated right on the harbour, it is the perfect spot for a tasty lunch.

Copenhagen, one of Europe's top food destinations by The Travel Expert

7. Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is full of bistros and brasseries offering fantastic lunch and dinner menus. And of course there is no where better to pair fine wines with the local french cuisine. Explore the small village of Saint Emillion and take a tour of some of the surrounding Chateaux. Bordeaux is the perfect destination to sample local French produce.

Bordeaux one of Europe's top food destinations by The Travel Expert

8. Paris, France

Paris offers French cuisine at it’s finest. Specialities from all of the french regions are served in Paris. There are bustling brasseries and trendy bistros mixed with michelin starred restaurants with celebrity chefs. For a major European capital, Paris will still surprise you with how many local shops are still prevalent on every street corner. The bakeries, pastry shops and cheese shops are still there because they are so good – make sure you try them!

Paris, one of Europe's top food destinations by The Travel Expert

9. Porto, Portugal

One of the oldest cities in Europe, Porto is emerging as one of Europe’s top food destinations. Originally known for it’s Port, Porto offers much more. Unlike many of the other destinations Porto’s restaurants are not fashionable per sé, there are no celebrity chefs or swanky restaurants. The beauty is lies in the traditional restaurants, serving traditional Portuguese cuisine.

Porto, one of Europe's top food destinations by The Travel Expert

10. London, England

London is home to some of the world’s best restaurants. Celebrity chefs are falling over each other to win the best restaurant and best chef awards. From Michel Roux Jnr to Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, they are all in London. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is one of the best dining experiences in the World. London is another city that is full of great markets, Covent Garden being the most popular.

London, one of Europe's best food destinations by The Travel Expert


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