tips to keep babies safe in the sun

Top Tips to Keep Babies Safe In The Sun

For families with new babies, hot temperatures can be a worry. Read my top tips to keep babies safe in the sun and get planning that next holiday!


I remember that anxious feeling when I was travelling abroad with my son for the first time. I think the poor child was covered from head to toe in full body swimsuits for the first few days! I’m pretty sure most first time parents are the same, we want to make sure we protect our kids in the best way possible. Over the years I have found that applying high factor sunscreen regularly, taking advantage of the free apps which will give UV forecasts as well as some other top tips mean I am no longer worried about going on holidays when temperatures are very high. In fact if this year is anything to go by, it is impossible to predict what the weather will be like when you are booking your holiday. We have just seen temperatures soar above 40 degrees in Spain and Portugal recently so if you are planning on avoiding the Middle East or even Greece because you think they may be too hot, think again. My motto is Always Be Prepared! Check out my top tips on how to keep babies safe in the sun that I wrote for the Falcon Holidays blog 🙂

tips to keep babies safe in the sun

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