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Top 5 reasons to book your holiday early

With the busy booking period fast approaching for holiday bookings, here are my top five reasons to book your holiday early.


1. Travelling during school holidays.

If travelling during peak time, i.e when the kids are off school, the earlier you book the better. Special offers are very limited during these periods so usually the earlier you book the better value you receive.


2.  Have specific requirements.

Are you looking for something in particular, a 3 bedroom apartment, a good hotel on the beach or one of the top family properties with excellent kids facilities? Then remember these will get booked well in advance so make sure you do the same if you have specific requirements.


3. Get the best choice

Take advantage of the choices available. With most airlines on sale eleven months in advance you may find that you can get ten days for the price of seven or better flight times without paying large supplements. Many hotels offer early booking offers too with savings of between 10-20% if booking early.


4. Makes budgeting easier.

Use your holiday as a savings plan. When booking just pay an initial deposit and pay the balance off monthly. It will be easier to budget throughout the year and avoids one large payment eight weeks before departure.


5. Have something to look forward to.

It’s nice to have your holiday booked in advance and have something to look forward to. It makes it easier to plan other things and takes away the stress of worrying that you might not find a holiday at the last minute.


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