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4 years ago

Travel Tips

How to change your ticket with Ryanair within 24 hours, without penalty!


We have all been there, hit the confirm button only to realise you have done something wrong. Sometimes you book the wrong date, or forget your passport is in a different name. Find out how to change a Ryanair ticket without penalty below.


Did you know that Ryanair have a 24 hour grace period?

You can change a Ryanair ticket free of charge if you contact them.  This is clearly stated on their website:

“Don’t worry, customers who have booked their flight directly on the website have a 24 hour grace period from the time of original booking, to correct any minor errors (i.e. incorrect routings/dates/times) free of charge. If you are changing your flight date, time or route, we will waive the flight change fee.


However you will be charged any price difference between the original fare paid and the lowest total price available on your new flight. Please note that if the fare/fees on the new flight is lower, no refund will be made.”

To find out more please contact their call centre or chat online to one of their team.

Source: Newstalk

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how to change a ryanair ticket




How to change a Ryanair flight that was made more than 24 hours ago:

If you wish to change your Ryanair flight more than 24 hours after the booking was made, charges will apply. These are calculated per one way flight/per person and vary season to season. Fees begin at €35, and vary depending on the route and travel dates selected. Higher flight change fees apply on all flights on the following routes: International Canary Islands (excl. Spanish domestic) and all international Greek routes. You can see a list or Ryanair fees here.




How to change your Ryanair flight:

If you need to change your flight – click ‘Manage my Booking’ and then ‘Manage your trip’ on the Ryanair website.  Select ‘Change your flight’ option and choose the flight you wish to change. You will the need to ‘Search new flight’ and select the new flight and then amend the flight date. If you are happy with the new flight price, click ‘Confirm change.’ Once you enter in your credit card details and select ‘Pay now’ you will receive an updated email itinerary with your revised flight details.



Are there any Ryanair flights that can not be changed online?

If you have booked a domestic flight and wish to change it to an international one, or if one person in your party wishes to change their flight, but the others do not, you will need to call the Ryanair helpdesk or use the online chat service to change this. If you have already checked-in and wish to change your Ryanair flight, you will need to contact Ryanair reservations.

Click here for more details on changing a Ryanair flight. 




So there you have it, there are many ways to change a Ryanair ticket. There is no longer any need for panic when you hit the confirm button!


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The Travel Expert Sarah Slattery




Holidays in Ireland

West Cork to Kerry along the Beara Peninsula


Whilst I do love a trip abroad, there is also something special about a ‘staycation’ in Ireland. When Chill Insurance asked me to write about my favourite #HiddenDrive, it was an easy task. From West Cork to Kerry along the Beara Peninsula is, in my opinion, one of Ireland’s best road trips.


After a recent stay in Bantry, county Cork, we decided to do a little exploring with the kids.  My husband and I had not taken a road trip from Bantry to Kenmare since before we were married, so it was about time we returned to one of Ireland’s best #HiddenDrives.

Taking the N71 from Bantry for a twenty minute spin will see you into Glengarriff, right in the heart of west Cork. Glengariff is known by locals as ‘the Natural Meeting Place’. On the Beara peninsula, a town of approximately 800 inhabitants, it can get very crowded in peak season. The popular Eccles hotel is a magnet for tourists, it is a great place for lunch with sea views. We took the short ferry ride to Garnish Island which I would highly recommend. Renowned for its beautiful gardens, it also boasts a Martello Tower which offers stunning views of the bay from the top. The kids loved it too.

Road Trip from West Cork to Kerry along the Beara Peninsula

Once back on the road, we left Glengarriff, turning onto the R572 and drove south west along the Beara Peninsula. An hour (and about 50 kilometres) later we reached the fishing village and sailors favourite, Castletown Berehaven. Also known as Castletownbere, it is the principle town along the Beara Peninsula, two and half hours from Cork city. A little known fact, Castletownbere is the second largest natural safe harbour in the world. If you have the time, you must visit MacCarthy’s Bar. Genuine and original with groceries on sale in the front of the premises and a bar to the rear. It also won Irish pub of the year in 2016, so that’s as good an excuse as any to pay a visit! Much to my husbands dismay, we did not stop and kept driving. We were only about seven kilometres from Allihies, Co. Cork. Pulling into Allihies, we were now as far away by road from home as we could be! Allihies is 394kms from Dublin making it the furthest village in Ireland from the capital. Just some more trivia for you! 🙂

Road Trip from West Cork to Kerry along the Beara Peninsula

It was time for lunch and we chose O’Neills Bar in Allihies, famous for its ‘warm atmosphere and delicious local food’. Once inside, you feel instantly welcome with an open fire, piano and old photographs, creating a homely atmosphere. The sun had decided to make an appearance so we ordered food and opted to sit outside. You are pretty much on the roadside as you sit on the wooden benches. We had soup and toasted sandwiches, crab salads and the kids tucked into fish and chips. If you have time, try the restaurant upstairs too. They will never admit to it but O’Neills is possibly one of the most iconic bars along the Wild Atlantic Way and has featured on posters worldwide promoting Ireland as a holiday destination.

Road Trip from West Cork to Kerry along the Beara Peninsula

Next stop Eyeries, a village renowned for the bright pastel paintwork of its terraced houses and the sweeping views of the Beara Peninsula. Eyeries is one of those places that demands you to stop, grab a camera and walk for a while. Overlooking Coulagh Bay and the Atlantic ocean beyond, Eyeries is a place where you can let the sound and smell of the ocean take your thoughts. Here we walked the beach and did a little beachcombing before the final push to Kenmare and our next overnight stop.

Road Trip from West Cork to Kerry along the Beara Peninsula

Most people might take the direct route from Eyeries to Kenmare along the R571 but we knew better. Driving north out of Eyeries, past the post office, take the coastal road to Kilcatherine for the most breathtaking scenery. You will drive through Ballycrovane. This small fishing harbour also offers spectacular views of Coulagh Bay. Continuing on the road you will arrive at Kilcatherine and then head back towards the R571 to Kenmare. As you drive, look left out to sea were you will see the world heritage and monastic site of Skellig Michael and Little Skellig Rock in the distance. Perhaps more famous of late for being the reclusive home of Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Road Trip from West Cork to Kerry along the Beara Peninsula


Leaving the Kilcatherine coastal road behind us we rejoined the R571 and made our way to Kenmare in Co Kerry, crossing the county border between Cork and Kerry, just north of Ardgroom. The road is mostly along the coast and can be precarious in places but breathtaking at the same time. It was only about 40 kilometers to Kenmare but the last leg of our Beara Peninsula adventure took a little over an hour to complete before we made it to our hotel.

Road Trip from West Cork to Kerry along the Beara Peninsula

The total journey from Bantry to Kenmare via this amazing drive is about 175 kilometers and should only take you about three and half hours to do without stopping. However in my opinion, you will need a full day to do it properly. Stop for coffee, stop for lunch, tour the villages, listen to the ocean and give your head peace.

So there you have it, my favourite #HiddenDrive is from west Cork into south Kerry along the Beara Peninsula. Whatever you do, don’t rush it, take your time and 😉


This post was sponsored by Chill Insurance.


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The Travel Expert Sarah Slattery

DESTINATIONSEuropeFamily Holidays

Top Tips for Disneyland Paris at Christmas time

Disneyland Paris

“Just hear those sleigh bells jingle-ing, ring-ting tingle-ing, too, come on, it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you…” Walking into Disneyland Paris at Christmas time, the first thing we noticed was Christmas songs bellowing from overhead…


We were mesmerised by the enormous Christmas tree and fairy lights as far as the eye could see. The attention to detail was incredible, even the Christmas wreaths were in the shape of Mickey Mouse. Looking down at my kids faces, I knew this was going to be a weekend to remember. Getting the opportunity to visit Disneyland Paris at Christmas time was a bit like sensory overload for me. Christmas time is one of my favourite times of the year. Even before I had kids, I loved everything about it, the lights, carols, fun times and even the crisp cold air. I contemplated bringing the kids before Christmas to meet Santa, but time was against me. I settled for the next best thing and went for New Year.

Walking down Main Street set the tone. Christmas songs playing, Christmas decorations everywhere and Disney characters were all around. We quickly spotted Sleeping Beauty’s castle in the distance and went straight there. My six year old daughter, Alex, was hyper. She couldn’t believe she as actually going to go inside the castle that was at the start of every Disney movie she had seen. The look on her face as we walked towards it was priceless. I could have gone home right there and it would have been worth the trip!

The Disneyland Park was easy to navigate, we ticked off ‘must see’ places on our maps and set off exploring. Alex, like most 6 year old girls loves Frozen, so to see the interactive sing-a-long Frozen show was at the top of our priority list. We planned our day around it only to discover when we got there that it was in French.

TOP TIP: It is stated on the map but not very clearly, so make sure if you are planning to visit a show, you pick the English version. Luckily for us we were able to come back the following day and catch it in English. We were glad we did. We were all singing-a-long happily and in typical Disney style, they even made it snow in the auditorium!

Speaking of snow, it was freezing and it did actually snow on a few occasions. While this added to the winter wonderland atmosphere, it wasn’t helpful when we were queuing for rides.

TOP TIP: When checking weather forecast check Marne la Vallee and not Paris – you probably find it is a few degrees colder. I noticed many French people were dressed in ski gear. They were obviously regular visitors to the Park. We, on the other hand, were Frozen (excuse the pun) the entire time.

The Disneyland Park is perfect for young children. There are rides suitable for children of all ages, but particularly for younger kids. The Mad Hatter’s tea cups, Buzz Lightyear’s laser blast and Peter Pan’s Flight are all excellent. My 9 year old Luke, loved Thunder Mountain, we went on it three times – it’s a roller coaster but thankfully doesn’t go upside down! There are rides for older kids and daredevils too, Space Mountain, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, to name but a few.

DIsneyland Paris at Christmas time

The Walt Disney Studios park is situated beside the Disneyland Park and your park tickets usually cover both. I would recommend a hopper pass so you can go in and out of either park at any time. There may be times when you miss a show, parade or there is a large queue, so it is handy to be able to go in and out of both. We went for two nights / three days and spent one day in the Disneyland Park and another in Walt Disney Studios and then used our last day to go back to rides we loved or ones we missed the first time around.

Our favourites in Walt Disney Studios were Ratatouille, a great simulator ride for all the family and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror which was terrifying, but thankfully over very fast! A ride in the Disney cars is a must and the Disney Junior live show is excellent for small children but remember to check the times for English shows. We loved the stunt show, even Lightening Mc Queen made an entrance! It lasts about 45 minutes so make sure you are well wrapped up.

Disneyland Paris at Christmas time

As good as the rides were, they were not the highlight of our visit. The parades and shows were fantastic. On our first day we watched the Royal Christmas Wishes show . This is an outdoor show on the stage beside Sleeping Beauty’s castle. The setting was perfect. Twice daily Disney’s Christmas Parade comes through the park, which is an incredible spectacle. Alex and Luke were constantly shouting out when they saw their favourite characters. It was definitely one off the bucket list and something I am sure we will all remember for many years to come.

We also saw Mickey’s magical Christmas lights show, where the giant Christmas tree’s lights get switched on – and I thought Grafton Street was good! The icing on the cake however was the New Year’s Eve fireworks and laser display – ‘Disney Dreams of Christmas’. The music and laser show reflected Disney characters on to Sleeping Beauty’s castle, followed by a fireworks display that I had never seen anything like before. Lasers beamed to Disney songs like ‘ let it go’ but the strange thing was, all the kids were silent. We were all silent. For thirty minutes our eyes were transfixed on to Sleeping Beauty’s castle, with each rendition of lasers and fireworks better than the last.

It is hard to express how incredible the fireworks display really was or how magical the weekend was overall, suffice to say Disneyland Paris at Christmas time is sensational. Go see it.




Time saving and queuing tips!

1. Measure your children’s height before you go and check online beforehand which rides your children are able to go on. This will save you time and allow you to prepare your kids for unsuitable rides.

2. Download the Disneyland Paris app so you can see the waiting times for all rides instantly.

3. Most people tend to go right when entering a theme park, go left and you may find shorter queues.

4. There is a Disneyland Railroad train which circulates the park. Don’t get on at the Main Street USA station, go to one of the other stations where queues are a lot shorter.

Disneyland Paris at Christmas time

5. Use the baby switch facility. If one parent needs to stay with a toddler, they can swap places with the other parent and go on the ride without having to queue again.

6. Use the fast pass system. Collect a ticket at the entrance to the ride and come back later that day and go straight to the fast pass queue. We had fast pass tickets and never spent longer than 30 minutes queuing for any ride, without them you could be queuing for 90 minutes for the most popular ones. These are valid at the Indiana Jones, Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain Rollercoasters, Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast and Peter Pan’s Flight. They are also available at some of the rides in Walt Disney Studios Park too.

Where to stay:

We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel, and while it was great being so close to the Park (literally at the entrance) there are many hotels which are less expensive that I would be as happy to stay in. I particularly like the 4* New York Hotel, it is only a few minutes walk to the Disney Village and a ten minute walk to the park, although they do have a free shuttle bus if you don’t fancy walking. It has a great atmosphere, a massive indoor pool and the Manhattan restaurant serves a great evening meal, albeit buffet style.

The great thing about staying in one of the Disney hotels (there are several) is you have access to the park before they open and after they close, times vary but it can be one to two hours additional to the general opening hours. This can be handy in peak season, although if I’m honest, we didn’t use it, we were never up that early! You can also enjoy character breakfasts, where you children can meet the characters and get pictures without having to queue in the parks.


Love #pluto and think he loves us too! @disneylandparis #disney #disneymagic #familytravel #disneylandparis #mumanddaughter

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Where to eat:

This is something that I am asked regularly about. The general perception is that food is not good in Disneyland Paris. Yes there are tons of fast food joints and many of the restaurants inside the parks have the same food but if you look a little closer there are some good finds. Inside the Walt Disney Studios Park, Bistro Chez Remy is a must for lunch. Based on the movie Ratatouille, the setting and food are great. You can even see the Ratatouille ride from the back of the restaurant. Disney Village has a wide selection.

Kids will love the Rainforest café in Disney Village, complete with fish tanks and stuffed animals as well as an indoor shop. You can not book this in advance so leave the park early if you want to get a table. If you fancy a good steak, the Steakhouse in Disney Village is excellent and you can pre book. It’s a little pricey but worth it, especially if you have had your fill of fast food. No matter where you want to dine, try to pre book restaurants in advance. Many can get booked out quickly or have long queues.

Disneyland Paris at Christmas time

How to get there:

Aer Lingus and Air France fly daily to Charles de Gaulle and there is a ten minute train service from Terminal 2, which brings you straight to the park. You will need to change terminals if flying Aer Lingus. Check the times beforehand as you could have a long wait. If taking the train back to the airport, book your tickets in advance as they can be sold out, something we found out about the hard way. Shuttle bus transfers are an easy option and will go directly from all terminals which takes approximately 45minutes. Price is €20 per adult and €16 per child, one way. Alternatively a taxi costs approx €90 one way and takes about 30 minutes.


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 The Travel Expert Sarah Slattery

When Romantic Holidays Go Wrong…

when romantic holidays go wrong

Every couple needs to go on holidays, its only then you find out what each other are really like! For some it’s a match made in heaven, for others it turns out they are world’s apart! When romantic holidays go wrong, the best thing we can do is laugh….



When one wants to spend hours driving to see the most romantic part of the island…


And the other – just wants food!




When you have high hopes for a romantic start to the evening…….



But instead – you get this!





That perfect romantic beach moment that you have always dreamed of


never turns out the way you want it to….




When his idea of a boat trip….


is completely different to yours!

via GIPHY<




A road trip sounds fab…


ok maybe not!


Have you any more to add? Comment below if you had a romantic holiday that went wrong!



The Travel Expert Sarah Slattery


Top 10 Holidays for Families with 2 adults and 3 children in July!


I have had many emails and messages from people asking me for a post on holidays for families with 2 adults and 3 children, so I teamed up with and searched their website to bring you my top 10!


All prices include flights, accommodation and transfers with a maximum deposit of €50 per person.  Holidays are priced from Dublin but in many cases they can be changed to fly from Cork or Shannon.



Algarve – 20th July, €2596

Albufeira is an ideal choice for a family holiday in the Algarve. The combination of the old and new town and its stunning beaches make it a firm favourite with Irish holidaymakers. Stay in the 4* Clube Albufeira Resort which is highly rated on tripadvisor and has plenty of large apartments set in spacious grounds. There are four swimming pools as well as tennis courts and mini golf on site. Fly from Dublin on the 20th of July and spend seven nights in a 3 bedroom apartment for only €2596. Price will show €2765 but when you input my promo code TRAVELEXP10 you will see the total changes to €2596!

Click here for more details

Holidays for Families with 2 adults and 3 children


Majorca – 26th July, €2574

The Nova apartments in Palma Nova are ranked number one on tripadvisor and are one of the most sought after apartments in Majorca. Situated across the road from the beach and with excellent facilities, they are an ideal choice for families who like to be in the heart of the resort.  There is an entertainment program for adults and children as well as a kids club on site. Fly from Dublin on the 26th of July and enjoy a seven night stay in a one bedroom apartment for only €2575. Price will show €2750 but when you input my promo code TRAVELEXP10 you will see the total changes to €2574!

Click here for more details:

Holidays for Families with 2 adults and 3 children


Marbella – 12th July, €3244

Marbella is another favourite with Irish holiday makers and the 4 star Sultan Club will not disappoint. Highly rated on tripadvisor and awarded a certificate of excellence, the Sultan Club is a excellent value for a family holiday in such an upmarket resort. They are ideally situated only a few minutes walk to the beach and a fifteen minute stroll to the old town of Marbella. Fly from Dublin on the 12th of July and enjoy a seven night stay in a two bedroom apartment for only €3244. Price will show €3477 but when you input my promo code TRAVELEXP10 you will see the total changes to €3244!

Click here for more details:

Holidays for Families with 2 adults and 3 children


Salou – 19th July, €2181

The opening of Ferrari Land at Port Aventura World in April has made Salou one of the top family destinations for 2017.  Salou is close to theme parks, water parks and Barcelona, so its a great choice for families looking for an action packed holiday. You will be staying at the popular Cye Holiday Centre, which is situated in the heart of the resort. Highly rated on tripadvisor and with a host of facilities for kids on site, this is a great choice for a lively family holiday. Fly from Dublin on the 19th of July and enjoy a seven night stay in a one bedroom apartment for only €2181. Price will show €2314 but when you input my promo code TRAVELEXP10 you will see the total changes to €2181!

Click here for more details:

Holidays for Families with 2 adults and 3 children


Lanzarote – 25th July, €2478

The 2 bedroom Casas del Sol bungalows in Lanzarote’s fashionable resort of Playa Blanca, are exceptional value.  Centrally located in the resort and close to the beach, they are ideally suited to families who are looking for a relaxing holiday. There is no entertainment or kids club on site but there is a swimming pool, tennis courts and spacious grounds. Fly from Dublin on the 25th of July and enjoy a seven night stay in a 2 bedroom apartment for only €2478. Price will show €2577 but when you input my promo code TRAVELEXP10 you will see the total changes to €2478!

Click here for more details:

Holidays for Families with 2 adults and 3 children


Crete – 31st July, €3086

Fancy trying somewhere different, mixing a beach holiday with some culture? Crete might just be the place. The Georgioulpolis beach hotel is very highly rated on tripadvisor and was awarded a certificate of excellence. It is situated right beside the beach and very close to the pretty town centre. The resort lies midway between the cosmopolitan towns of Chania and Rethymnon which are steeped in culture and history. This is a great choice for families looking for a more authentic holiday experience, without high rise blocks and disco bars. Fly from Dublin on the 31st of July and enjoy a seven night stay in a 2 bedroom apartment for only €3086 including breakfast. Price will show €3265 but when you input my promo code TRAVELEXP10 you will see the total changes to €3086!

Click here for more details:

Holidays for Families with 2 adults and 3 children


Gran Canaria – 12th July, €2648

Playa del Ingles is Gran Canaria’s largest resort. With miles of sandy beaches and a host of bars and restaurants, this is also one of Gran Canaria’s liveliest resorts. The four star Barbacan Sol however is somewhat of an oasis within the resort. Although centrally located, these large bunglows manage to attract mostly families. Highly rated on tripadvisor with excellent onsite facilities, including three swimming pools, extensive entertainment program, free WiFi, mini golf, tennis and a children’s club, they are a great choice for families looking for high quality accommodation in a lively resort. Fly from Dublin on the 12th of July and enjoy a seven night stay in a 2 bedroom bungalow for only €2648. Price will show €2770 but when you input my promo code TRAVELEXP10 you will see the total changes to €2648!

Click here for more details:

Holidays for Families with 2 adults and 3 children


Malta – 18th July, €2875

Situated in Qawra and close to the lively resort of Bugibba, the Sunny Coast Resort is ideal for families who are looking for a change from Spain and Portugal but still want access to a typical holiday resort with plenty of bars and restaurants. Situated beside the beach these spacious apartments are one of the most popular in the area for larger families. Fly from Dublin on the 18th of July and enjoy a seven night stay in a 2 bedroom apartment for only €2875. Price will show €3066 but when you input my promo code TRAVELEXP10 you will see the total changes to €2875!

Click here for more details:

Holidays for Families with 2 adults and 3 children


Fuerteventura – 11th July, €2810

For a relaxing family holiday with some of Europe’s best beaches, look no further than Fuerteventura. The Maxorata beach apartments are ideally located in a quiet area yet only 10 minutes walk to the centre of Correlejo, where you will find a large selection of shops, bars and restaurants. They are situated only five minutes walk to the beach and within walking distance of the National Park where the islands’ famous sand dunes are located. Fly from Dublin on the 11th of July and enjoy a seven night stay in a family suite for only €2810. Price will show €2892 but when you input my promo code TRAVELEXP10 you will see the total changes to €2810!

Click here for more details:

Holidays for Families with 2 adults and 3 children


Tenerife – 17th July, €2850

Tenerife has had a resurgence of late. There are luxury hotels opening constantly, including the new Hard Rock Hotel, only the second one of its kind in Europe. It is also home to one of the world’s best waterparks – Siam Park. Stay at the popular Aguamar apartments in Los Cristianos. Highly rated on tripadvisor, it is ideally located in the heart of  Los Cristianos and also close to the neighbouring resorts of Playa de las Americas and Costa Adeje. Fly from Dublin on the 17th of July and enjoy a seven night stay in a 2 bedroom apartment for only €2850. Price will show €3009 but when you input my promo code TRAVELEXP10 you will see the total changes to €2850!

Click here for more details:

holidays for families with 2 adults and 3 children


All prices include flights, accommodation and transfers with a maximum deposit of €50 per person.  Holidays are priced from Dublin but in many cases they can be changed to fly from Cork or Shannon. Search the website or call the dedicated sales team on 01-539 7716.  All prices are correct at time of issue but are subject to change. This post was sponsored by but all views, as always, are my own 🙂

01 5397716

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Product ReviewsTravel News and Reviews

Product Review: The FlexSafe by Aqua Vault


We all have that time when we are at the beach and want to go swimming. But what usually happens? Someone, usually the ‘worrier’, stays behind to keep an eye on the valuables. After all, who leaves wallets and phones in a bag unattended on a beach? Well, now you can with the FlexSafe from Aquavault.

The Aquavault from FlexSafe. Stores and secures your valuables at the beach or pool.

This handy little gadget allows you to lock small but expensive items like car keys, phones, wallets, Amazon Kindle and even jewellery inside and then securely lock it to a fixed object. The nice people in Aqua Vault sent me one to use on holidays, but when you look at the website it has plenty more uses. My husband took a shine to it too and now uses it when cycling to hold his keys, wallet and phone! When I think back to the days when my kids were in buggies – it would have been ideal. The flexsafe is pretty tough and its made of some kind of ‘slash’ proof material so when you have it locked down, opportunistic thieves would have a hard time cutting it loose. They would also look pretty conspicuous running down the beach with my sun lounger….

The flexsafe fits beach loungers and pool chairs, boat rails when fishing, golf carts when on the course and the handles of strollers and buggies. The guys who invented it are Rob, Jonathan, and Avin appeared on Shark Tank in September 2016. Shark Tank is the US equivalent to our Dragons Den, where businesses pitch for investment to wealthy entrepreneurs. The one of the sharks (or dragons!) was so impressed with the product he invested in Aquavault and the company has gone from strength to strength.

OK now for the ‘science‘ bit!

Its got…

  • Reinforced binding for added durability
  • It’s water resistant
  • Its got a zipper-reinforced cargo pouch
  • 3-digit combination lock that you can set in seconds
  • Mesh pockets for bottled water or sun creams

Anyway, I think the flexsafe is pretty cool and I love mine. If you want to get one, you can order them online from the Aquavault website for $39.95 and they ship to Ireland too!



The Travel Expert Sarah Slattery


Sunway’s 5 Day Holiday Sale!


Sunway Holidays have just launched a 5 day holiday sale with prices from €264! There are so many amazing deals available, so I thought I would pick some of my favourites and share them with you!


As usual, I only recommend places that I have personally been to or have received good feedback from guests. All the prices below include flights, transfers and checked baggage – with NO HIDDEN EXTRAS! Most sale prices are valid throughout the month of May including the May bank holiday weekend! Hopefully there will be something to suit you in Sunway’s 5 day holiday sale!

Sunway 5 day holiday sale


1. Lanzarote: 29th April & 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th May – €284!

With warm weather almost guaranteed, Lanzarote is always a good choice for a week in the sun. Enjoy a week in the popular Oasis apartments in Puerto del Carmen, the island’s largest resort. The apartments receive good reviews on tripadvisor and are ideally located close to the resort centre. And remember the price of €284 includes flights, checked baggage and transfers!

Click here for more details:

Sunway's 5 day holiday sale


2. Algarve: 29th April & 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th May – €284

Only a short flight from Dublin, with wide sandy beaches and towns full of character, it’s not surprising the Algarve is one of Ireland’s most popular holiday destinations. You will be staying at the highly rated Club Oceano apartments in Albufeira. They receive excellent reviews on tripadvisor and were awarded a certificate of excellence.

Click here for more details.

The Big holiday June Sale


3. Puerto Rico: 29th April & 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th May – €284

Puerto Rico is one of the Canary Islands most popular resorts and is perfect for anyone looking for lively holiday. Built into a cliff, this sheltered resort usually offers the warmest temperatures on the island. By day it is more relaxing with most apartments offering plenty of places to enjoy the spectacular sea-views. Stay at the popular Puerto Plata apartments which are very centrally located to enjoy all that the resort has to offer.

Click here for more details:

The Big June Holiday Sale


4. Fuerteventura : 29th April & 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th May – €304

Looking for some of Europe’s best beaches, great water-sports and warm temperatures? Go to Fuerteventura.  Stay in the highly rated Villa Florida apartments in the popular resort of Caleta de Fuste. Recently renovated and located in the heart of the resort, these are a perfect choice for relaxing week in the sun.

Click here for more details:

Sunway's 5 day holiday sale


5.  Costa del Sol: 29 April & 06, 13, 20, 27 May – €334

Short flights and short transfers is always a good way to start a holiday! The Costa del Sol is another firm favourite with Irish holiday makers and Benalmadena is one of the most popular resorts. You will be staying in the Flatotel apartments which are ideally situated close to the beach with stunning sea-views. Although basic, they are a great choice to explore the surrounding area and are close to Benalmadena’s modern marina which houses plenty of shops, bars and restaurants.

Click here for more details:

Sunway's 5 day holiday sale


6. Sicily: 29 April & 06, 13, 20, 27 May – €414

One of Italy’s most captivating islands, a week in Sicily is sure to please. Stay in the popular Villa Linda hotel in the resort of Giardini Naxos. This family run hotel is centrally located and although does not have it’s own swimming pool, it is located beside the beach. You can also pop into the upmarket resort of Taormina, which is only 20 minutes away by local bus.

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Sunway's 5 day holiday sale


7. Mogan, Gran Canaria: 29 April & 06, 13, 20, 27 May – €384

One of Gran Canaria’s prettiest resorts, Mogan is perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing holiday in beautiful surroundings. It’s sheltered location also makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for hot temperatures at this time of year. Once a small fishing village, Mogan has grown into an upmarket resort but still manages to keep its authenticity. Stay in the highly rated Marina Mogan apartments which receive excellent reviews on tripadvisor and are situated in the heart of the resort.

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Sunway's 5 day holiday sale


8. Menorca:  14th, 21st, 28th May – 2 adults & 2 children €1036

This is an ideal choice for a family holiday. Not only is the island of Menorca ideal for families but the Roc Lago apartments offer free access to the waterpark throughout your stay. Situated in the heart of Cala’n Bosch, close to the marina and minutes from the shops bars and restaurants, these low rise apartments are exceptional value for a great family holiday.

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Sunway's 5 day holiday sale

So there you have it, my best buys from Sunway’s 5 day holiday sale. I hope I have managed to find one that might suit you! If so, let me know, I would love to hear from you. Leave your comments in the box below.

All prices are correct at time of issue but are subject to change. This post was sponsored by Sunway Holidays but all views, as always, are my own 🙂




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Venice Lido, 19th July, Flights & Hotel, 1 week, €546!


Enjoy the best of both worlds with this seven night holiday to Venice Lido. Choose to relax on the beach in Venice or hop on the water bus and explore the magical canals. Of course you can always do both!

Did you know that Venice is made up of 118 islands? This unique floating city simply has to be visited at least once in a lifetime. It is romantic, captivating and will inspire you at every corner. There are so many iconic sights that I think this seven night break is just the ticket to experience the city properly. Sipping a latte on St Mark’s Square and taking a gondola ride through the canals, both cost a small fortune, but simply have to be done! There are plenty of things you can do for free though. Visit the Basilica di San Marco, cross the famous Rialto bridge or simply wander through the back streets and alleyways and see every day Venetian life.

Venice Lido

I found a great deal staying in Lido di Jesolo. It is an 11km sandbar where the Venice film festival is held each year. It is perfect for culture vultures and beach lovers!  You can enjoy a day at beach and hop on the vaporetto (water bus) and take the ten minute boat ride to Venice. The Atlanta Augustus hotel receives great reviews on tripadvisor and centrally located in Lido.

Venice Lido

Fly from Dublin to Venice Treviso on the 19th of July and enjoy a seven night stay at the Atlanta Augutus hotel for only €546 per person.


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Prices are correct at time of issue but are subject to change.



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In The MediaTravel Tips

Top tips for booking holidays as seen on TV3’s Sunday AM


Trying to book a holiday and wondering what websites to use? Think you don’t need travel insurance ? Wonder how to get the best value when checking in luggage? Check out my top tips for booking holidays as seen on TV3’s Sunday AM.


1. Compare like with like

Regardless of whether we book holidays online or go to a travel agent, most of us will at least do our research and search prices online. It is important when we do this that we compare like with like. Package holidays with tour operators like TUI or Sunway include transfers and checked baggage and rarely have any hidden extras. If you book flights and hotels separately you will always have to add on transfers, baggage and sometimes hotel taxes too.  Make sure the deal you think you are getting really is as good as it looks.

Top tips for booking holidays


2. Ensure the company you are booking with is licensed and bonded.

If you do decide to book online, make sure the company is bonded and licensed with the Commission for Aviation Regulation. ALL travel agents require a license and bond to trade, a website selling accommodation only, doesn’t. I know this might seem crazy but its true! We only have to recall the nightmare last summer when 15,000 Irish people were stranded when low cost holidays went bust.


3. Read the small print.

If something looks to good to be true, then it usually is. If you see flights to the States for €199 its probably via two or even three different airports and may take you a day to get there. Always check the duration of the flight so you will instantly know if there are stops involved. The stopovers are often hidden in the small print at the end of the booking.  Similarly with hotel rooms, if it states non refundable, they mean that. You will often see a hotel room cheaper on one website than an other but usually it is because the rate is non refundable. You will have to pay in full at the time of booking and under no circumstance will you be allowed change or cancel the room.

Top tips for booking holidays


4. Get Travel Insurance

No one imagines that the horror story they have read about in the papers, could happen to them – it can! The E111 form only covers you in a public hospital, it will not cover an air ambulance ( average cost €50K) or if you have to curtail your holiday and fly home to a sick family member. You will need insurance. Likewise holiday disruption due to flight cancellations or ash cloud are only covered with travel insurance. have annual policies from €15.95 so you really have no excuse…

Annual Travel Insurance


5. Invest in lightweight luggage.

Invest in the lightest checked and hand luggage you can find. And buy hand luggage for all the family. Kids love to wheel their own case and if you buy good lightweight cases it will save you a fortune in the long run on baggage charges. Check the hand luggage allowance as some charter airlines only allow 7kg. Remember if travelling with children, Aer Lingus and Ryanair give half price checked baggage for kids but this is only available at the time of booking. If you wait to add on baggage later you will pay the full price.


6. Check passport and visa requirements.

It may seem obvious to check your passport, but some countries require that it is valid for 6 months after your stay, so make sure you double check this. There is a handy passport reminder service on the website where you put in the date your passport is due to expire and you receive a reminder 6 months before the expiry date, by email. Apply for your passport early. The so called ‘2 week passport express’ is only a guideline and in many cases it can take up to 6 weeks in peak season. If travelling to the USA you need to ensure you have filled out an ESTA online and if travelling to Canada an ETA is required. If unsure about visa requirements always check with visafirst, they have an office in Stephens Green and are contactable via phone or email.

Top tips for booking holidays

7. Check out these travel websites.


To search for airfares & hotel separately:

Skyscanner combine all airlines in their searches. Although Aer Lingus and Ryanair are the main carriers to Europe there are many airlines flying to European and worldwide routes that you may not be aware of.  SAS and Norwegian fly to Copenhagen as well as other Northern European countries. Vueling fly to Barcelona and Iberia Express fly to Madrid, these carriers are often much cheaper than Ryanair or Aer Lingus. Check flying outbound with one airline and flying home with another, this might save you money and sometimes flight times might be more suitable too. If looking for the best value on hotels, Trivago and tripadvisor are aggregators and will search numerous hotel sites to bring you back the lowest prices.

To search for package deals:

Sunway and TUI offer great package deals which include flights, accommodation, transfers and checked baggage. are relatively new in Ireland but their searches are excellent. You can search by temperature, by slides in the pool, even disabled facilities.


To search for weather:

Wunderground, this has a historical weather tab so you can see what the weather was like at the same time last year, or for a few years. have a temperature bar so you can drag the temperature up to 25 degrees and avoid pages of holidays to the Algarve in December.


8. Call a travel agent.

In many cases they will find lower prices for you. Even if they can only match the price you already have, at least you will have an expert at the other end of the phone in case of an emergency. Remember, many websites don’t offer the same service.


Prices are correct at time of issue but are subject to change.


travel deals

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