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5 years ago


Barcelona, Easter Weekend, Flights & 3 Nights, 4* Hotel €395


Barcelona is one of those cities where you can almost taste the atmosphere…


The mixture of amazing architecture, mouthwatering cuisine, buzzing nightlife and excellent shopping will leave you wanting to come back for more. And of course, lets not forget its location – situated on the Mediterranean Sea, you can even enjoy a day at the beach, how many major cities can offer all of this? In fact although Barcelona is typically a city break destination, you could easily find yourself spending a week here, and still find you haven’t seen everything.

Sarah Slattery, The Travel Expert reviews BarcelonaTake a stroll along the famous Ramblas and watch the street artists perform before stopping at a tapas bar for lunch.  Take a tour of the famous Sagrada Familia Cathedral (Spain’s most visited monument) and walk through the narrow streets in the Gothic Quarter. Explore the Park Guell and see some of Gaudi’s spectacular architecture. Shop at some of Spain’s top high street stores such as Zara, Desigual and Custo at much lower prices than at home.

Of course Barcelona is home to one of the biggest football teams in the world. and for any football fans a trip to Camp Nou will be high on the priority list. You may even be lucky enough to take in a game? Alternatively a trip to Port Aventura, Spain’s largest theme park is just over an hour by train. Now can you see why I said you could easily spend a week here?

I found a great deal in the 4* Abba Rambla Hotel. This hotel is situated in the heart of Barcelona, close to the Ramblas and receives great reviews on tripadvisor. Fly from Dublin on Good Friday, the 25th of March and enjoy three nights at Easter for €395 per person including flights.



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Marbella Weekend Break, Flights & Hotel, 19th May, €354!


When it comes to a weekend away in the sun, Marbella is the perfect choice.


Marbella has been a firm favourite with Irish holidaymakers for many years and it’s not difficult to see why. It is the most up market of all the resorts on the Costa del Sol and many Irish families have holiday homes there.

It has a host of top night clubs as well as a marina full of luxury yachts. With short daily flights from Dublin, Cork and Shannon you can however, manag
e a few days away without breaking the bank. Marbella has great nightlife, shopping and beaches so it is probably the perfect choice for a girls weekend away. It’s not only about the bling though, the backdrop of the mountains and the beautiful old town, ensure it keeps some of it’s original charm. There are numerous great restaurant too, so it is safe to say Marbella caters for everyone.
Sarah Slattery, The Travel Expert offers a weekend in MarbellaI have chosen the 4* Princessa Playa hotel which is situated right in the heart of Marbella, and only five minutes walk to the beach. It receives excellent reviews on tripadvisor and was awarded a certificate of excellence last year. Fly from Dublin with Aer Lingus on the 18th of May and spend three nights at the Princessa Playa for only €354 per person! Go on, you deserve it 🙂

Click here to book flights: €138pp

Click here to book hotel: €216pp

Prices are correct at time of issue but are subject to availability.



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Travel Tips

Top 10 mistakes we make on holidays!


No matter how organised you think you are, when you are in holiday mode, barriers fall down and mistakes are made! Here are my top 10 classic mistakes we make on holidays!


1. Don’t know the exchange rates.

This is a very common mistake. If travelling outside the Euro zone make sure you know exactly what the local currency is worth. There are many stories of people hopping in a taxi from the airport and paying exorbitant taxi fares because they didn’t actually know what they were handing over. Likewise there have been many porters who received very handsome tips from the ‘newbies’ at the resort!


2. Have only large notes

We are all guilty of this one! We arrive at a nice hotel where the porters will expect to be tipped and all we have are €50 bills. When changing money ask for small notes or if travelling within Europe make sure you have some small notes or coins with you.


3. First day syndrome!

We are so relaxed on the first day, we see the sunshine and all we want to do is jump in the pool! This means we leave activating the safety deposit box until later and leave money and valuables unattended. The first day is prime time for thiefs in resorts so don’t say you haven’t been warned!


4. Get sunburnt.

This can happen on the first day too when all you want to do is get out in the sun. The other most likely time is your last day, when you HAVE to get the tan before you go home!


5. Eat bad food.

How many times do you walk into a restaurant because a local is asking you to come inside? Ask at reception in your hotel for recommendations or check tripadvisor for restaurant reviews before you go out.


6. Get sick.

Sickness on holiday is very common, the chemicals in the water or the sudden change in temperatures can cause a sick tummy. Wait for 10 minutes before turning on the air conditioning in your room and like wise turn it off 10 minutes before leaving. Drink bottled water and have a bottle beside the sink for brushing your teeth. Be careful where you eat and drink, many drinks will contain ice made from local water and salads may not be washed in bottled water. If you are unfortunate to have a tummy bug, the last thing you want to do is rush down to the local pharmacy. Bring small packs of immodium and motilium with you, they will take up no room in your suitcase – you will be really glad you brought them!


7. Try to cram everything in.

This happens to most of us, we read the top 10 things to do in a particular place and try our best to fit them all in. You will end up needing another holiday when you come home. Remember to relax on holidays and enjoy the rest. Choose one thing that will leave a lasting memory, and leave the rest to chance. If you get to see everywhere great, but don’t fret if you don’t – you can always come back!


8. Don’t check the weather

Remember although your iPhone may say that it is 20 degrees, you need to check what the ‘feels like’ temperature is! A cool breeze in the Canary Islands for instance can mean you will need cardigans during the day and even coats at nighttime! You may also experience some tropical storms so a lightweight waterproof jacket can be a Godsend.


9. Think you don’t need travel insurance

People always think the horror story wont happen to them! You never know when you will need travel insurance and it is so inexpensive,  it makes no sense to travel without it.


10. Don’t respect the local culture.

Remember you are the ‘intruder’! If the local custom means shoulders must be covered when entering a temple for instance, you need respect this. Likewise topless bathing may be forbidden – make sure you check the pool or beach rules before you strip off!


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Corfu, 2nd October, 1 week, Flight & Apartment, €365


Corfu is one of my favourite places for a quick break away. It is a beautiful island with stunning scenery, a laid back atmosphere and amazing food!


Each resort is better than the next, with many hideaways offering picture perfect cove beaches – it is an island that is just begging to be explored. The cost of living is so low, dining out is excellent value for money and the welcome you receive will have you wanting to come back for more.  The island is easy to navigate and it is worth hiring a car or taking some of the many excursions that are on offer. A trip to Corfu town is a must, this old town with an impressive fortress, has some excellent shopping and is a great place for an evening stroll. For more information on Corfu, read my blog by clicking here.

Chapel, Corfu, Sarah Slattery, The Travel ExpertSidari is one of the most popular resorts. It has a great selection of bars and restaurants without being too lively. The Sellas hotel and apartments are ideally situated beside the beach and the resort centre. Highly rated on tripadvisor and awarded a certificate of excellence, they are a great choice for a relaxing holiday.

The total cost including flights, accommodation on a bed & breakfast basis, transfers and 20kg checked baggage is only €365! This is based on a seven night holiday, departing on the 2nd of October from Dublin. And the best bit – there are NO hidden extras! TOP TIP: When you enter your search online, make sure you change the search results to ‘lowest price’ and these deals will show up clearly for you.


Click here to book:


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Travel Tips

Top 10 tips for booking holidays online.


Planning holidays but not sure what to watch out for? Read my top 10 tips for booking holidays online!


1. Compare like with like.

When comparing package holidays with holidays you design yourself make sure you include baggage charges, airport transfers and local taxes. Tour Operators like Sunway , Topflight and TUI Holidays will offer packages with no hidden extras so make sure the ‘deal’ you think you have is really as good as it seems. Bear in mind a 20kg checked bag can cost up to €110 to Europe in peak season and airport transfer costs can also be extremely high, so make sure you add these to the cost of the basic flight and accommodation before you compare with a package holiday. The same applies to long haul holidays. Sometimes specialists like Tropical Sky will be able to offer cheaper packages than if you bought a flight and hotel separately. Comparison websites such as Trivago or Tripadvisor are also useful as they search numerous websites for the same property and you may find significant savings.


2. Check weather reports.

You might see a special offer for the Caribbean in September but remember it is hurricane season! Likewise the Algarve is always fantastic value in the winter but remember to pack your umbrella! If you are looking for a sun holiday, make sure there will be sun! Weather sites such as wunderground have a historical tab so you can see what the weather was like in previous years, at the time you wish to travel.

tips for booking holidays online


3. Check reviews and locations!

Tripadvisor has reviews from consumers so you are not relying on a travel website’s recommendations. Check reviews before you book because a hotel may be a 4* standard but it could be in the middle of nowhere! Remember close to the beach on some websites may mean a five minute drive! This is also extremely important with city breaks as some hotels can be miles from the centre of town.


4.  Check one way and return airfares.

When booking a flight make sure you check both one way and return airfares. With Aer Lingus and Ryanair for instance, you may find it is cheaper to fly out with one airline and home with another. This can also be useful for good flight times, one airline may have better times on the outward journey and another on the return. Skycanner will combine all airlines so you can automatically find the best airfares and quite often the lowest priced journey will be with two different carriers.


5. Check that flights are direct

You may find a special offer on a particular website to Los Angeles but when you book it you will find that it takes you 24 hours to get there! Sometimes the lowest airfares have many stopovers and can take double the time of a direct flight – make sure you read the times!

tips for booking holidays online

6. Check passport and visa requirements.

It may seem obvious to check your passport but some countries require that it is valid for 6 months after your stay so make sure you double check this. Likewise with visas, if travelling to the USA you need to ensure you have filled out an ESTA online, some European countries like Turkey have online visa applications.


7. Check that the company you are booking with is reputable.

Some online companies are not adequately bonded so if they go into liquidation your money and booking is lost. Check that the company you are booking with is government licensed and bonded so your money and booking will be secure should a problem arise.

tips for booking holidays online

8. Check cancellation policy with hotels.

Many hotels have fantastic early booking offers but require you pay in advance and will not allow a refund under any circumstance. If there is even a remote chance you have to change or cancel your holiday, don’t book a non refundable room.


9.  Get Travel Insurance

If I had a cent for every time I heard from a customer say that they ‘didn’t need insurance’ I would be a wealthy woman! No one imagines that the horror story they have read about in the papers, could happen to them – it can! The European health Insurance card only covers you in a public hospital, it will not cover an air ambulance ( average cost €30-50K) or if you have to curtail your holiday and fly home to a sick family member. Likewise holiday disruption due to flight cancellations or theft of property or cash, the list is endless – suffice to say, make sure you are adequately covered. have annual policies from €15.95 so you really have no excuse!



10. Before you book, call a travel agent.

This may defeat the purpose of doing the whole thing yourself but in many cases they will actually find lower prices for you. Even if they can only match the price you already have, at least you will have an expert at the other end of the phone in case of an emergency. Remember, many online websites don’t offer the same service!


Note some of the links in this post contain affiliate links where I receive a small commission if  a booking is made.


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Travel Tips

Top tips for travelling with the Elderly


I have brought my ninety year old Mum on many holidays and I learned a few tips along the way! Here are my top tips for travelling with the elderly.


1. Choose your destination wisely.

For many elderly people, travelling is a huge ordeal. Choose somewhere that they would like to see, not necessarily where you would like to go. Scenic destinations with nice views, plenty of sightseeing and most importantly not too many hills or noisy bars! Heat is also a big factor so choose somewhere that is not normally 40 degrees at the time you are going. If there is a nice breeze like in the Canary Islands or the Algarve, that’s a bonus. If they like the beach make sure the water is shallow with no sudden drops or large waves, a travel agent or websites like tripadvisor should be able to advise you of this.

travelling with the elderly

2. Where possible choose short flights.

Long haul flights can be uncomfortable for them and the risk of DVT is slightly higher in flights over five hours. If you are in the fortunate position to be able to travel business class, go for it!  Failing that, make sure they move about on the flight, walk regularly up and down the aisles and stay hydrated. Mind you this applies to all of us!


3. Take your time and arrive at the airport early.

Take advantage of the excellent facilities at the airport. If they are unsteady on their feet or simply find the walk from check in to the departure gate too long, book a wheelchair to bring them to the gate. Check in early and have a nice relaxed meal before you go, as the airplane food may not suit them.

travelling with the elderly

4. Email the hotel or discuss requirements with your travel agent before you leave.

If booking with a travel agent request a low floor or a room beside the lift or reception. Some hotels are so big now that the rooms can be quite a distance from the reception or swimming pool. If booking independently, email the hotel before you go and let them know you have an elderly person with you.


5. Transfers

Unless your hotel is a long distance from the airport, try to book private transfers or take a taxi from the airport to the Hotel. Some shuttle transfers can be extremely long and the price difference is normally minimal.

travelling with the elderly

6.  Travel Insurance

This may sound obvious but make sure they have adequate travel insurance. The E111 form only covers them in a public hospital. If they have a major injury and require an air ambulance for instance, only an official travel insurance policy will cover that. Make sure they declare any pre existing illnesses to the Insurance provider before they go, otherwise they may not be covered.


7. Stock up!

It should go without saying but bring plenty of sunscreen, a sun hat and insect repellent. Their skin is very sensitive and the last thing you or they need is to get bitten or sunburned.

travelling with the elderly

8. Take it easy!

Don’t pressure them to go with you to the beach every day or to visit that ‘must see’ cathedral. They are used to quiet time and would probably be quite happy to chill out and read a book in their room. You may want to trek off sightseeing for the day or go out during the mid day sun, but don’t feel you have to bring them with you each time. Remember holidays are for relaxing too, if they want to take it easy – let them.


I still recall the tear in my Mum’s eye when she saw the Vatican for the first time, that memory will always stay with me. Taking an elderly person away with you may not seem like a big deal, but it could mean the world to them.


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DESTINATIONSRest of the World

Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt


Sharm el Sheikh has something to offer every type of traveller. It has year round sunshine, top class excursions, buzzing nightlife, excellent shopping and it has an underwater paradise!

Temperatures rarely get below 20 degrees, even in the winter and it almost never rains, so it is one of the few places that you really can get ‘guaranteed’ sunshine! I travelled in May and although temperatures were higher than normal for this time of year there was a nice cool breeze and virtually no humidity, it never felt too hot at around 36˚C. The other perception by some is that it is quite a long flight from Ireland, in fact flying time is only 5 hours 15 minutes. When you combine this with the short transfer from the airport to your hotel (approx 15 – 20 minutes) you will find that the overall the journey time is not much longer than many of the Canary Island resorts.

Sarah Slattery, The Travel Expert, goes camel riding in Sharm el Sheikh

I found Sharm el Sheikh had more to offer than many sun holiday resorts elsewhere. Although renowned for its world class snorkelling and diving, there are plenty of other fantastic excursions available if you are looking to try something a little bit different. Sharm is built around the Sinai desert so it would really be a shame not to explore it. I booked a Bedouin night trip with Red Sea Holidays where we took a camel ride through the desert, followed by a BBQ and star gazing around a camp fire. It was a great experience and I would highly recommend it.

The Travel Expert, Sarah Slattery, enjoys a Bedouin night in Sharm el Sheikh

My kids loved the camel ride and finding out how to tell the differences between planets and stars. This was the story that they were dying to tell their teachers about when they got home!  We also opted for a full day VIP cruise with Red Sea Holidays where we visited different snorkelling sites. Our guide Samir was excellent and he held my little boy’s hand in the water until he was happy to swim on his own. We saw stingrays, pufferfish and plenty of amazing tropical fish – overall it was a fantastic experience. There are three snorkelling stops so if you have a young child that is not comfortable with being in the water, parents can choose to stay on board on alternative stops. Everyone can have a chance to enjoy the amazing underwater scenery at least once! There are plenty of other excursions available too, the day trip to Cairo is an amazing experience which I did on my previous visit to Sharm el Sheikh. You can also visit Luxor, go on jeep safaris and you can even swim with dolphins!

Sarah Slattery, The Travel Expert, goes snorkelling in Sharm el Sheikh

Unlike other holiday resorts most of the hotels here are on an all inclusive basis. This is very handy for snacks, alcoholic drinks and lunch and means you will not need much spending money. If you plan to eat in your hotel every night make sure you choose a good hotel with a large choice of restaurants. Personally I don’t think buffets for dinner are ideal with kids because it is difficult for everyone to eat together and they are not exactly conducive to a nice leisurely evening meal! Some hotels have a selection of a la carte restaurants though so makes sure you check that the hotel you are booking has plenty of dining options. One thing to point out when choosing a hotel is that  the Red Sea Holidays Hotels allow you keep your room until you are ready to be collected for the airport. Not only that, but you can avail of the all inclusive facilities in the hotel too. It was great being able to have a full day at the pool knowing we could pop back to our room to get changed. Our flight didn’t depart until 2145 so we even managed to get dinner before we left the hotel that evening, and avoided having to eat on the plane. Red Sea Holidays call it a late check out but actually it felt like we had an extra day’s holiday!

Sarah Slattery, The Travel Expert visits Sharm el Sheikh

There are plenty of great restaurant choices in the resorts outside the hotels. It makes for a nice change to venture out a couple of times a week for evening meals and soak up the local atmosphere. Na’ama Bay is one of the older resorts in Sharm el Sheikh and is probably the most authentic. Although it does have an Egyptian feel you will find chill out bars with shisha pipes mixed with the Hard Rock Cafe and lots of other american eateries. There is a huge selection of bars and nightclubs with Pacha and all the top Ibiza style clubs all located in Na’ama Bay and open until sunrise! Shopping is great here and the Egyptians love to haggle. My advice is whatever price they tell you it is, offer half and start from there! The Egyptians are very friendly though, I never felt intimidated or hassled in any way, it was friendly haggling and good banter at all times in Na’ama Bay. In saying that we always booked the hotel taxis to drop and collect us at a given time. From what I understand, the regular taxi men will tell you that their mothers, brothers, cousin lives beside you and will offer you a great deal, then before you know whats happening you will end up paying double what you expected to pay!Sarah Slattery, The Travel Expert visita Na'ama Bay, Sharm el Sheikh

If you like dining out and shopping The Ghazala Gardens is a good choice to stay, right beside Na’ama Bay. You can literally walk to the centre in five minutes and the hotel is very reasonably priced. This saves on taxi fares and with a great beach across the road in it’s sister property, it offers the best of both worlds. They have junior suite rooms with direct pool access for a small supplement. What a nice way to wake up, relax on your sun lounger and have a quick dip before breakfast!

sharm el sheikh

The other great choice for an evening out is the dynamic SOHO Square. Built only 6 years ago, this is completely different to any of the other areas in Sharm el Sheikh. Owned by the Savoy Hotel it is more like Vegas than Egypt! Although very compact it offers a vast array of modern shops, bars and restaurants all situated around a large square. In the centre you will find a massive fountain which has a display to music every hour that adults and kids will love. There is a child area at the end with small fairground rides and there is an ice skating rink and a bowling alley if you are looking for some family fun. For adults, there are contemporary bars sunken into artificial lakes and some great dining options. We tried the L’entrecote steak house where the menus are displayed on iPads! We had a table on the balcony with a great view over SOHO Square while listening to a pianist playing in the background.Sarah Slattery, The Travel Expert visits SOHO Square, Sharm el Sheikh

There is an ice bar which you have to pay in to (approx €20) and you get one free drink. Its expensive but worth it for the obligatory picture and the kids ( free in) found it quite a novelty too! Although the whole experience in SOHO Square is quite sophisticated the ‘designer’ shops stock all fake goods! The shops look really impressive and the quality of the fakes are generally good so I picked up a nice Stella Mc Cartney bag for €30 and a Bvlgari necklace for €15! Hassling in the shops is against the tenant law in SOHO Square so although a little more expensive than Na’ama Bay it is a very pleasant shopping experience and you don’t necessarily have to haggle.

Sarah Slattery visits the Ice Bar in SOHO Square, Sharm el Sheikh


Overall we had a fantastic time and it is a place I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a sun holiday. Don’t stay in your hotel for a week though and miss out on all that Egypt has to offer. Book some excursions, experience the contrast at night time of SOHO Square and Na’ama Bay and make the most of Sharm el Sheikh – you won’t be disappointed!


The Travel Expert


The Travel Expert Reviews The Top Mosquito Repellents.


For many people, getting bitten by mosquitoes can ruin a holiday. I’m often asked what are the best products to buy. I decided to test the leading mosquito repellents while on holiday in Egypt – here are my results!


 1. Boots Repel Once Spray Tropical Strength – €13.99 Boots stores nationwide

Boots Repel once mosquito sprayI found this very effective and I used it for most of my holiday. Although it did work, I did find it a nuisance having to spray myself regularly and the smell was very strong. Although it states it provides 8 hours protection and you only need to spray once per day, I felt if I was in and out of the swimming pool or sea that surely this must wear off? I found myself spraying more than once and with a long list of cautions and hazards on the back of the can – I am not sure how wise that really was!

My rating ***



2. Boots Repel Once Cream, Light Fragrance – €9.99 Boots stores nationwide

Boots Repel once light fragrance creamI preferred this to the spray, the smell was not as strong and was a nice texture on your skin. You also got the feeling that it stayed for longer than the spray, although I have no proof of that! You need to allow it to dry before applying sunscreen. The whole sunscreen and insect repellent application can take quite a lot of time each day! You also feel it needs to be re applied after swimming, yet it states on the bottle not to apply to kids more than twice per day.

My rating ***



3. Buggabandz – €9.99 McCabes Pharmacy Stores nationwide

Buggabandz, Mosquito RepellentThese were a bit hit with my kids, they are very comfortable to wear and come in various colours (even pink for girls). They can be worn on wrists or ankles and suit adults and children.  They look like a surf anklets so my son thought they were quite cool to wear! They come in a reusable pouch so if returned to this each night they should last for seven days. Most importantly they worked, not one bite.

My rating *****



4. Bugband Insect Repellent Band  – McCabes Pharmacy Nationwide €6.99

Mosquito Repellent BandAlthough the cheapest of all the bands it was also the poorest in quality. It didn’t tie very well around my wrist and I lost it within 24 hours. Luckily I had brought some spray and cream with me so I used both of those instead for the rest of the week.

My rating *




5. THEYE Mosquito Repellent Band.  Pack of three £9.99 on

Theye Mosquito Repellent Bands, Sarah Slattery, The Travel ExpertThese worked very well, they looked like a watch so personally I felt they looked odd around your ankle, although they could be worn there. We wore them on our wrists and although they come in small and large sizes, the smaller size were still a little big on my kids wrists. They are supposed to last up to 2 weeks if placed in the resealable bag after use and they come in five different colours. These were very effective, not one bite while they were worn.

My rating ****



Buggabandz were my personal favourite and were a big hit with all the family. I would also bring some of the Boots spray or cream too as a back up, they were very effective, just not as handy to use. Alex wearing Buggabandz, Sarah Slattery, The Travel ExpertYou never know, you may loose a band or one could break – better be safe than sorry! If you want to keep them on at all times, even at bed time, buy a second pair and replace them after 4-5 days and hopefully stay bite free for your entire holiday!


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4* Family Holiday in the Algarve with flights, 2ad&2ch €1516

The travel expert 2

The Algarve has been a firm favourite with Irish holidaymakers for many years. It’s stunning beaches, low cost of living and relaxed pace has made it particularly popular with families.

Sunway have added an extra flight every Friday to the Algarve for the summer months and their package deals are particularly good value. Bear in mind with a package holiday there are no hidden extras, each person has a 20kg baggage allowance and airport transfers and local taxes are included in the price. Ive chosen the pretty resort of Carvoeiro from their selection of resorts as it is the perfect spot for those looking for a quiet family holiday, but with easy access to enjoy what the Algarve has to offer. Situated almost half way between Faro airport and the far west coast you can travel easily to Alvor or Albufeira and explore both sides, only 15 minutes away. There are two waterparks close by as well as the popular ZOO marine theme park, suffice to say there is plenty to keep the little ones happy.

Sarah Slattery, The Travel Expert on family holidays in the Algarve

The resort itself is very pretty, once an old fishing village, it still retains authenticity yet has developed to a top Algarve destination. This compact resort has picture perfect white washed houses dotted along the coastline and is relatively unspoilt. There are numerous great restaurants here, and enough bars and shops to explore too. The small sheltered beach is perfectly situated beside the small town and there are some great bars and restaurants around the town square, perfect to relax in after your days sunbathing. If you want to venture outside the town ( I would recommend a car) there are some of the best beaches on the Algarve with dramatic cliff walks, only a short drive away.

Stay at the Colina da Lapa family apartments  which are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a relaxing family holiday in nice surroundings. These spacious, air conditioned apartments are very well equipped and are pleasantly situated amongst spectacular gardens. The service is excellent with many enjoying the on site bar and restaurant, there is also a local shop and restaurant only five minutes walk from the complex. A free shuttle bus operates daily to the local beach and town centre. The Colina da Lapa receive excellent reviews on tripadvisor as well as a certificate of excellence.

Prices for flights and seven nights accommodation start at €1516 for 2 adults and 2 children on the 19th of June, and many more dates are available throughout the summer months.

Click here to book:

 Sarah Slattery, The Travel Expert on family holidays in the Algarve


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